Constant advancement in Technology has brought vast improvement in our lives today.

At HOZ, we are strong advocates of Smart Living. We strive to give our clients the Best experience. Providing a series of services from the Recommendation & Installation of Digital Locks, IP Cams and Digital Door Viewers etc, to the Aftersales Services and Maintenance.

HOZ is the One Stop Solution in building the Smart Lifestyle.

We are the Authorised Dealer of

Hoz.sg Samsung digital lock authorised reseller
Samsung has been recogised globally as one of the biggest brand and industry leader in technology, today Samsung continue to deliver world best products like mobile, tv and SmartHome DigitalLock appliances.






From USA since 1920, Schlage has been creating the strong and advanced security products for homes and commercial buildings. They have been meticulous designers, painstaking engineers, and proud craftsmen. From durable mechanical locks to comprehensive electronic access control solutions and biometrics, Schlage has it all.






Irisys is a South Korea based company that has now expanded to Singapore. Irisys’s vision is to lead the advancement of smart tech by using the most refined and sophisticated iris and facial recognition technology.

Kaadas brand was born in Germany, synonymous with precision, quality and stylish design led by consultants including BMW Senior Designer George Allmendinger, Kaadas products are built on rigour, reliability and security at a world class standard. Kaadas is driven by R&D centres in Germany and Shenzhen, and a design research centre in South Korea.

Difference Between

Authorised Dealer (AD)
Parallel Importer (PI)


AD – Recognised by official brand. All repairing services carried out by qualified technician

PI – Not recognised. Warranty usually issued in-house for a year. Lack skills and official replacement parts for repairs and servicing

Software/Technical Support

AD – 100% compatibility within local singapore system and lifetime technical support from official brand

PI – Imported sets are usually configured in foreign language and the interface might not suit our local setting. No technical support from official brand.


AD – Officially trained for installation