Authorised Digital Lock Vs Parallel Lock

    In this digital age that we are in, most consumers research for products online before making the final purchase. Being a savvy online shopper, you are bound to come across Digital Locks of the same model priced differently on the websites of various shops. Why is that so? This all boils down to whether it is brought in by an authorised distributor or a parallel importer.

    The trade-offs of having a cheaper Digital Lock purchased from a parallel importer:

    1) Lack of Warranty Support

    In the event that your newly-purchased Digital Lock malfunctions, there is no support channel for you to seek help from. With your Digital Lock being the gateway to your house where you live with your loved ones, it is definitely one place where you should not scrimp on! Do not try to budget and save by going for cheaper option and end up forgoing peace of mind should anything go wrong with your Digital Lock

    2) Sub-par Workmanship

    Local Authorised Digital Lock distributors are well-trained to help with the installation of Digital Locks, ensuring that your Digital Lock works. When getting a Digital Lock from a parallel importer, there is uncertainty regarding the workmanship of the installer too. If anything goes wrong with the installation, you technically would not be able to hold anyone responsible for it.

    For most people, having a house is one of the biggest investments they will make in their lives. Do you really want to come home to see that your Digital Lock has been poorly installed, thus jeopardising the security of your house that is worth hundreds of thousands in dollars? Think about it this way: you may have saved a couple of hundred dollars by getting a parallel import Digital Lock but is that a secure method to protect your house that you have invested so much on?

    3) Advent of Internet of Things (IoT)

    With IoT products becoming more and more popular, a Digital Lock should be your gateway towards a Smart Home. With a parallel import Digital Lock, most of its software would not be available for use in Singapore as it is restricted for usage in the region it is meant for, hence rendering it useless. So it is like moving one step forward, but taking two steps backwards. You might have installed a cheaper Digital Lock (a parallel import model) to make your house smart. However, it really is the other way round instead as your house not being able to be “smart” due to software incompatibility issues of your Digital Lock. Eventually when you are fed up with its limitations, you would then have to make your Digital Lock “smart” by replacing it with an authorised model.

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