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13 Types of Sliding Glass Door Locks to Secure Your Home

13 Types of Sliding Glass Door Locks to Secure Your Home
calendarOctober 30, 2023

Digital Lock - Sliding doors are the bee’s knees for so many homes, right? They look great and save space, but we must also talk about safety. 

So, it’s recommended to check out the many types of sliding glass door locks out there. 

In our trusty guide, we will dig into all of them and break them down for homeowners like you.

Whether you’re rocking a classic sliding glass door, a sleek modern patio one, or anything in between, you need to know your stuff when it comes to these locks. 

They’re like the gatekeepers of your castle. You have to figure out which one’s your knight in shining armor, here to keep your home safe and sound.

Without further ado, let’s dive into our comprehensive guide to the different types of sliding door locks!


13 Types of Locks for Sliding Doors from Traditional to Smart


In this section, we’ll explore the diverse types of sliding door locks, each designed to cater to specific needs and security requirements.

From traditional locks offering simplicity and reliability to cutting-edge smart locks providing remote access and advanced features, you’ll gain an in-depth understanding of the options at your disposal.

1. Keyed Lock

If you’re just exploring home security, keyed lock is a great entry point. It’s like your everyday door lock – you have a key, you insert it into the cylinder, give it a twist, and bam, the door is locked or unlocked.

Keyed locks are user-friendly and provide a fundamental level of security, which is fantastic. Nevertheless, you have to be a responsible keyholder. Losing the key might lead to a bit of a lockout situation, and that’s not the best surprise.

These locks are your go-to for traditional sliding doors. They won’t break the bank, and they get the job done. It’s like having a reliable old friend watching over your home.

2. Mortise and Hook Lock

This lock is a two-part deal. 

You have the mortise lock tucked neatly into the door frame and the hook-shaped bolt attached to the sliding door. The nifty part is that most of the lock wizardry is concealed within the door and frame, keeping things sleek and unobtrusive.

Yet, setting these up might need a professional’s touch. Installation can be a tad more intricate than other locks, so the experts often step in for this job. These locks are like the security ninja that silently guards your home, but it’s all about pro-level stealth.

3. Double Bolt Lock

These are the heavyweights of door security. 

Picture this: you have two key-operated cylinders, one on each side of the door. Locking or unlocking the door requires turning both cylinders simultaneously. 

It is like a double-layered fortress against potential intruders.

With a key needed on both sides, it is an added shield against unauthorized entry. But, and this is a big but, here’s where the safety puzzle gets tricky. In emergencies, like fires or quick getaways, this lock can slow you down. 

It is a trade-off: extra security at the cost of potentially delaying your exit.
So, it’s all about balancing your priorities when considering this lock for your home.

4. Offset Thumb Turn Lock

Offset thumb-turn locks are like the Goldilocks of sliding door locks. They are perfect when you’re juggling groceries or just want a quick exit to the patio.

Yet, they’re not the Fort Knox of locks. They strike a balance between security and convenience. If you’re in a super high-security zone, maybe consider something beefier, like double bolt or mortise locks.

The thing with these thumb-turn locks is that if someone breaks the glass, they might just reach in and pop the lock.

Luckily, for most of us, they offer a solid, user-friendly solution. They’re the “just right” for those areas where security isn’t the top dog and you’d rather have that seamless ease of use.

5. Loop Lock

Loop locks are designed with precision, featuring a sturdy metal loop or bar affixed to the door frame and a corresponding strike plate on the door itself. When activated, the loop or bar securely fits into the strike plate, effectively halting any unauthorized door opening.

However, it’s important to note that while loop locks offer commendable security, they may not be as quick and user-friendly as other sliding locks. When speed and ease of use are paramount, locks equipped with thumb turns or key-operated cylinders might take the lead.

6. Security Bar

A security bar, in essence, is a robust piece of either metal or wood. It is designed to extend horizontally across your door frame and is conveniently adjustable to accommodate various door widths.

However, this security measure comes with a manual touch. To open your door, you’ll need to remove the bar. It is a slight inconvenience, especially in emergencies when every second counts. 

In high-stress situations, quickly locating and disengaging the bar may prove challenging.

Still, for the added layer of security it provides, a security bar is a solid choice for safeguarding your home.

7. Door Pin Lock



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A door pin lock is a straightforward yet effective device. Here’s how it works: one end goes into a snug little hole in the door frame, and the other neatly finds its place in a matching hole in the sliding door panel. 

Once that pin is in, it means business – your sliding door isn’t going anywhere.

Unfortunately, door pin locks are like the supporting actors in the security theater. They’re essential but not quite ready to take center stage in high-security areas. Determined intruders might find their way around them because they lack the complexity of more advanced locks.

Even so, don’t count them out just yet. Door pin locks are fantastic when you need straightforward, temporary security or a little extra peace of mind alongside your primary lock. It’s the reliable sidekick you didn’t know you needed.

8. Surface-Mounted Hook Bolt

These locks wear their name well, as they are mounted right on the surface of your door and frame. You have a sturdy, hook-shaped bolt, and when you lock up, that bolt extends and hooks up with the strike plate on the door frame. No more sliding doors here.

But keep in mind that these hook bolts are a bit of an open secret, sitting right on the surface of your door. That might not be your thing if you’re after a super sleek, unobtrusive look for your sliding glass door. 

It is the trade-off between visible security and aesthetics. Your choice, your style.

9. Sliding Door Barricade

This lock is a straightforward setup. It is usually a solid metal bar that slides horizontally right into the door track. With adjustable width, a barricade is like a gatekeeper, firmly blocking any attempt to open the door.

Is the ace up its sleeve? Robust security. It stands as a formidable barrier, making potential intruders think twice.

However, like other physical security measures, it requires a hands-on approach. Manual installation and removal are part of the game. In simpler terms, it might not be your go-to in those hair-raising emergencies when a swift exit is a top priority.

10. Electromagnetic Lock

These locks, powered by electromagnetic force, are the stalwarts of door security, particularly in commercial and industrial settings where fortifying access control is paramount. 

Think office buildings, airports, and secure facilities.

Electromagnetic locks are incredibly resistant to tampering. They are often called “fail-safe” because they automatically unlock during a power outage or an emergency, ensuring a swift exit.

But, and it’s a significant “but,” they’re like the life of the party that needs constant music. Electromagnetic locks demand a continuous electrical supply to stay locked. A power hiccup, and they’ll graciously release the door.

11. Window Lock

Window locks come in various styles to match different types of windows, like sliders, sashes, and casements. You’ll find some that need a key to work, while others simply require a push or a twist.

The best thing about window locks? 

They give your home extra security, making it tough for unwanted visitors to sneak in through a window.

However, you need to be cautious about how your window lock operates. Depending on the type, it might limit how wide you can open the window. 

That’s something to consider, especially during emergencies when a quick exit through the window could be a lifesaver.

12. Rim Lock

Rim locks have earned their popularity through simplicity. A rim lock is a straightforward setup comprising a lock case that attaches to the inner surface of the door and a latch bolt that extends into the strike plate on the door frame.

The magic here? They are easy to install and do not require major door modifications. Whether you’re outfitting a new door or giving an existing one an upgrade, they fit the bill.

That’s not all – they’re budget-friendly, making them an economical choice for boosting door security.

However, the exposed nature of these locks on the door surface makes them susceptible to tampering or forced entry. 

Still, they play beautifully as a supporting act on exterior doors, working harmoniously with other locks to enhance your overall security.

13. Smart Lock

Let’s wrap up our list with a look at smart locks, the contemporary answer for those seeking advanced features beyond traditional mechanical locks. These locks bring a world of convenience to your doorstep.

They link up with your home automation system or a dedicated app. With your smartphone or other smart devices, you’re the maestro of access control. 

You can grant or revoke access, stay in the loop with real-time alerts, and keep an eagle eye on door activity, all through the app.

You can lock or unlock your door, welcome guests, and stay updated on who's coming and going from anywhere with an internet connection. There’s always a “but,” though. 

These locks are tech aficionados. They thrive on connectivity, so any errors in that department or a power outage could slow them down.

Cybersecurity is the other watchword. If not properly safeguarded, smart locks could become a potential target for hackers. 

So, when it comes to smart locks, it’s all about embracing modernity while ensuring the right protective measures are in place. Let’s say it is the marriage of convenience and vigilance.


How to Pick a Sliding Glass Door Lock?

While different types of sliding glass door locks serve different purposes, when it comes to securing your sliding doors, the best choice is undoubtedly a smart lock.

At Hoz, we’re your go-to destination for top-tier home security solutions. We recognize that convenience, control, and security are paramount for your peace of mind.

That is precisely why we have meticulously curated a selection of smart locks from esteemed brands such as Bosch, Philips, and Samsung, catering to your unique needs.

When you opt for Hoz, you’re not just acquiring a smart lock – you’re embracing a lifestyle of safety and convenience. We’re dedicated to delivering the very best that the market has to offer.

Your sliding doors deserve nothing less than the most intelligent protection; with Hoz, that’s precisely what you’ll receive. Trust us to be your partners in securing your home. Your security, your way.


Final Words

In conclusion, choosing the right sliding door lock is a critical step in enhancing the security of your home. 

The variety of options, from traditional keyed locks to cutting-edge smart locks, allows you to tailor your choice to your unique needs and preferences.

Each type of lock has its own advantages and disadvantages, but ultimately, the best choice depends on your specific situation.

Whether you’re looking for convenience, robust security, or seamless integration with your smart home ecosystem, the variety of options ensures you’ll find the perfect fit. 

So, take the time to assess your needs and explore the myriad types of sliding glass locks available to ensure the safety of your sanctuary.





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