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17 Home Security Tips to Avoid Burglars and Trespassers

17 Home Security Tips to Avoid Burglars and Trespassers
calendarJuly 27, 2023

Digital Lock - Home is supposed to be the safest place for you. It is a place where you can relax and take a rest. It is also a shelter that can protect you from any harms outside the door. However, sometimes there are criminal acts that occur in the home. This is why you need some home security tips to protect yourself. 

According to the FBI, burglary is one of the property crimes that occurs the most.

[1] Aside from that, home trespassing from unwanted people also happens often. This is why in this article you will know about "how can I protect my house from burglars and trespassers". Here are some tips for you! 

1. Make Sure Doors and Windows Are Completely Locked

When talking about how do most burglars get in? For your information, most of them are using the door.

[2] However, they also can get into the home by using windows. That is why, making sure that the door and the windows are completely locked is the first step that you need to do to avoid them. 
Not only a burglar, a trespasser also uses the same method to break into the home. Most of the time, they get in by destroying the door lock. There is also a time when they get in by breaking the glass on the windows.
However, sometimes they also can get into your home more easily because you forget to lock your door and windows. So, make sure to double check it whenever you are ready to get out of your home or when you are getting ready to sleep. 


2. Leave The Spare Key to Someone that You Trust 

The next security tip to prevent danger is to keep the spare key in the safest place. As you already know, a spare key is essential. In case you forget to bring them or lose them on your way home.
However, keeping a spare key under a doormat or in the pot is no longer safe. It is because most people search for those keys there. This includes burglars and trespassers. So, the best thing that you can do is to leave the spare key of your home to someone that you trust.
For example, you can leave it to your parents, siblings, best friends, or lovers. Make sure that the people who you trust will not betray you. To make it easier for you, you can choose someone who lives near you and is easy to contact. 

3. Do Not Share Your Personal Information (Including Address) on Social Media

The usage of social media is like a double edged knife. On one hand, its presence makes you connect with other people more easily. However, on the other hand, it is very common for you to overshare. You tell others about all your personal information easily. It includes your address. 
"Oversharing on social media can result in doxing. Most of the time, doxing can end in trespassing."
Aside from where exactly you live, the information about who you live with also needs to be secret. Especially if you are living alone. It is one of the home security essentials that people tend to forget. 

4. Create a Scenario as if There is Someone at Home

According to the FBI data crime, burglary in residential homes most likely happens during day time.

[3] It is because most of the residents will leave home, either for school, for work, or for other activities. So, the home will most likely be empty and they feel that they can be free to break in.
Then, how to be more secure? The most basic thing that you need to do is to create a scenario as if there is someone at home. The easiest one is to use timed lighting that goes on and off at different periods. Or, you can leave the radio or TV on. 

5. If You Live Alone, Make Sure No Stranger Knows

Basically, elderly are the most vulnerable demographic to burglary.

[4] However, students and women who live alone are also vulnerable as well. So, one of the security tips for students, women, and elderly who live alone is to make sure that no stranger knows. 
You can ask for help from your best friends or siblings to visit you at your home often. So, people will mistake them as one of the residents there. More importantly, do not post that you live alone online. 


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6. Position Yourself as The Burglar or Trespasser

Apparently, the best tips that you can gain are home security tips from a master burglar. So, the first thing that you need to do is position yourself as one of them. If you want to break into other people's homes, what will you do? If you want to trespass on other people's property, what will you avoid? 

After positioning yourself on their feet, you will know what is lacking in your home's security system. Are your doors and windows strong enough? Is there any secret place where people can come from outside? Are you installing any security system in your home? 

If you find any weakness, you can immediately fix them. Usually, primary security weaknesses in homes are garage door, pet door, and slide door. 

7. Change The Key to Your Home When You Lost It

Having a manual key for your home is kind of tiring because you need to take it everywhere. Obviously, you cannot lose it. If it loses, you need to immediately change the key to your home for your own security. It is one of the police tips for home security that you need to know. 

Because, what if the person who finds your key is a bad person? What if they use it to do crimes in your home? That is why you need to change it as soon as possible. 


8. Never Leave a Note in front of The Door

When you are away from your home, sometimes you need to leave a note in front of the door. Usually, it is a notice to your family or friends that you are away. However, you need to avoid it because the notes will attract burglars and trespassers. 

Basically, all the signs which show that the home is empty is what attracts burglars. So, instead of leaving a note in front of the door, you can message all your family and friends directly. 


9. Keep Your Valuable Possession in a Safe Place

According to Forbes, most burglars stole miscellaneous and consumable goods. Aside from that, they also aim to steal vehicles, money, clothing, and jewelry. Household goods and office equipment are also often being stolen. So does TV, firearms, and also livestock. 

Then, where do robbers look first?


Usually, they are searching for the most pricy and valuable possessions like vehicles, money, and jewelry. So, you clearly need extra protection for them. 
For example, make sure the garage is locked properly. Or, keep the money and jewelry in a safe box which can be only opened by you. 


10. Make Sure You Know Who Is The Person behind The Door before Opening It 

If you are curious about do burglars want to hurt you? Then, most of the time they do not. The reason why burglars break in is to steal your possession. So, you are not the target. However, sometimes they will hurt you intentionally. For example, when you find out that they are in your home. 
But, a trespasser might be different. They may be targeting you. So, you have to make sure that you know who the person behind the door is before you open it. 

Sometimes, they will pretend to deliver packages or food delivery. That is why you need to make sure that you order it. If possible, install a peephole in the door. So, you can make sure that the person behind the door is harmless. 


11. Make Sure People Cannot See Through Your Garage

Sometimes, a crime occurs without any plan. It includes burglary. Most of the time, it is hard to tell how you know if someone is watching you in your home. The reason is because there is a time where the burglary happened intentionally. 

At that time, the burglar might see your garage and steal your bike without any plan at all. Or maybe, they can see any weakness and break into your home through the garage. They also might decide to do robbery because they can see that your car is not in the garage, the sign that you are leaving your home. 
So, those are the reasons why the less they can see in the garage is better. 


12. Install Trellises on Windows

After you know some tips to avoid burglars and trespassers, how to be more secure at home? The answer is to install trellises on windows. Because, as you already know, breaking into the house through windows is so common. However, they cannot do that if there are trellises on your windows. 

13. Install Security Camera or CCTV

Aside from that, to avoid burglary and trespassing, you need to know what scares burglars and trespassers. One of them is a security camera or CCTV. Most burglars will reconsider their target when they see CCTV on their home. Because, obviously, it will be easier for them to get caught by the police. 
That is why installing a security camera or CCTV is the best decision that you can make to avoid burglars. With the camera, you will also know if there is some trespasser when you are not home. 


14. Install Auto Light Near The Door

However, you cannot look at the CCTV footage 24/7. So, if you are curious about how to improve the security system in your home, the answer is to install auto lights near the door. With these kinds of lights, you will know everytime there is someone that enters your house from the door.


15. Install Security Alarm System 

If you want to be more alert, installing a security alarm system might be the best decision for you. Even though the system is kind of costly, this is definitely worth it. Especially, for now there are some security alarm systems that you can tune with your smartphone at a cheaper price. 

The alarm will obviously scare off the burglar or trespassers. It will also alert the neighbors that you need their help to catch the culprit. So, it will definitely improve the security of your home. 


16. Install Burglar Resistance Glass on Your Windows 

Beside the alarm, you can also avoid burglary by installing some burglar resistance glasses on your windows. So, it will be harder for them to break into your home. 
In fact, it would be better if you use this kind of glasses and trellises at the same time. So, it will be impossible for anyone to enter your house through windows. 


17. Install Digital Lock

After the windows are perfectly secured, you also need to take care of your door. For your information, what is the hardest home safe to break into is by using biometric protection. You only can enter your home by using your fingerprint or PIN. 

That is why you need to install a digital lock. With this kind of key, you do not have to worry about burglary or trespassing. Because, it is impossible to break in except you know the PIN. If there are multiple attempts to enter the wrong PIN, the alarm will be activated. 

Aside from that, there will also be an alarm sound if someone tries to forcefully open the door. Then, there is an auto relock function and double lock function in the key. So, you will feel more secure in your own home after installing a digital lock. 

If you are searching for high quality digital locks, you can find all of them in Hoz. You can start shopping immediately if you already know what kind of digital locks that you want. Or, if you still did not know what kind of digital locks that suits you the most, you can contact us for guidance. 

Obviously, we will give you home security tips that will be helpful for you. You also can ask about how to order, how to install, and everything that you want to know about digital locks. 





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