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20 Best Digital Locks 2024 from Samsung and Philips

20 Best Digital Locks 2024 from Samsung and Philips
calendarMarch 7, 2024

Best Digital Lock - Many products label themselves as the best digital locks 2024 to attract new buyers. 


However, you may have never heard of some of the lock producers.

So, the safest alternative for finding the best digital lock Singapore is to select from a trusted or experienced brand.

To get excellent references, we recommend you take a look at Samsung and Philips. Those best digital door locks are already popular worldwide, not only in Singapore.

Because of that, to get a perfect security system for your house, let’s consider Samsung or Philips. 

All the 20 best smart locks for front doors or gates from Samsung and Philips, which can help protect your property, are below:

1. Samsung Digital Lock DS705

The Samsung Digital Lock DS705 is the most minimalist size of several Samsung product recommendations in this article. It suits those who don’t like a smart door lock that looks too bold.

The benefit is that when entering the house, you can choose some techniques. PIN,  Bluetooth, and RFID techniques are suitable for easy and fast methods. Meanwhile,  try the traditional method with a mechanical key during an emergency.

2. Samsung Digital Lock SHS 1321

The dimensions of the Samsung smart door lock are relatively tiny, like the earlier recommendation. 

The contrast is that the device just provides two unlock techniques: PIN and RFID. 

But there’s no need to worry. These techniques are still great options for a smart lock in Singapore.

If you’re interested in this product, you can put the smart lock on top of the current handle later.

Despite its mini dimension, the embedded features are still outstanding. 

To ensure you get the best protection,  merge the PIN and card to unlock the entrance.
These tools also make sure that there is no chance for theft to be smuggled into your place. 

Thanks to the alarm feature, you can get alerts from those people. PIN randomizer is also considerable to prevent other people from peeking at your actual code.

3. Samsung Digital Lock SHS-P717

The Samsung Digital Lock SHS-P717 can also be the best smart lock for Airbnb. It provides many superior features that make guests feel comfortable.

Anti-prying, anti-theft features, and reminders when the entrance is not locked can stop thieves or strangers from entering your space. 

The combination of unlocking using a PIN and card is also very helpful in preventing unwanted entry.

For all user’s convenience, the device gives push-pull handle access. It will help anybody to access it easily, even in a rush.

4. Samsung Digital Lock SHP-DP727

Samsung door lock comes up with five extraordinary unlock methods to help you easily access your place.

With its elegant style, the presence of this device can add aesthetics to your place. 

The protection given by this lock is no less excellent because it can protect you from potential fire hazards.

If this tool detects the temperature in the house is more than 70 degrees Celsius, then auto-unlock will be active. That way, everyone can save themselves without fear of being locked from the inside due to device damage due to fire.

When you don’t want to annoy people in the house because you come late, try to activate the mute or silence mode. It is also effective to make the neighbor unable to hear your noise coming.

5. Samsung Digital Lock SHS-P718

In this type, Samsung has embedded a fingerprint feature to open the entrance. 

With one movement, the entrance opened quickly. Meanwhile, keys, RFID, and PINs are the other three methods.

If you feel that one unlock technique is unsafe, merge it with another. So, no worries anymore.

PIN randomizer can be a savior when you come home with guests or friends. To avoid their chance of peeping your central PIN, input some random number on the keypad. Your actual code will recognize if you input them sequentially.

6. Samsung Digital Lock SHP-DP728

The presence of the family arrival notification on this digital door lock is quite mind-blowing. Users can receive alerts when someone is coming home. 

That way, you no longer need to wonder who is visiting your place. To use this feature, you must check the user in the App.

7. Samsung Digital Lock SHP-DH537

This lock can give an extra sense of security because the entrance access will not be locked from the inside when no one is at home. 

Other superior features are no less impressive, such as:

  • Alarms and auto launch when a fire is indicated 
  • PIN randomizer 
  • Mute and silence mode
  • etc.

8. Samsung Digital Lock SHP-DP738

The Samsung Digital Lock SHP-DP738 comes in a feminine but elegant pink color. 

So, it suits users (especially women) who want their house to look aesthetic and unique. Especially if the theme of your house is pink, then this variant is the right choice.

One of its superior features is hacking prevention. All user information will be secured with SEAL (Secure Encapsulation for Application Layer) and AES-128 encryption.

With the welcome function, the keypad automatically activates when approaching the key. This will make it easier to enter when you use a PIN. 

9. Samsung Digital Lock SHP-DH538

The Samsung Digital Lock SHP-DH538 comes with a knob that is comfortable and not difficult to use, so it can make it easier for residents to enter the place.

The design is also very stylish, so it is suitable to complement the beautiful design of your home. This is not just a claim because this series has won several awards, like the Red Dot Design award and iF.

The features offered are better too, starting from the security and convenience aspects.

10. Samsung Digital Lock SHP-DP609

The final recommendation for Samsung products is that they also impress you with their features and unlock techniques. 

You can open the entrance anywhere and anytime using the App unlock technique. 

This way, users can open the house entrance for guests or trusted people without giving an access code.

Other security and comfort features are also impressive, so the Samsung Digital Lock SHP-DP609 is worth consideration.


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11. Philips 5100 Digital Door Lock

After Samsung, let's start moving to the Philips brand, which is also popular and has various exciting properties.

With auto locking, no need to worry if the entrance isn't locked after closing. This technique also ensures you don't need keys or other methods to lock the entrance successfully.

12. Philips 5100K Gate Digital Lock

It's not just the main door that needs a smart lock because the gate also requires it. Therefore, the Philips door lock Singapore, specifically for gates, is here. Its presence can make it easier to provide extra protection so that no strangers enter your yard.
This compact design lock has seven unlock method options, ranging from mechanical key to remote control. So, whatever method you use is up to you because they all work!

13. Philips 6100 Digital Door Lock

This thirteenth Philips digital door lock provides auto lock and dual verification unlock features, which give you security guarantees so that it does not allow thieves or intruders to enter your house.

The durability of this product is also impressive because of the IML brushed finish, which provides extra strength to the physical lock. 

Apart from that, this key also does not leave fingerprint residue and is waterproof and moistureproof.

14. Philips 7300 Digital Door Lock

Not only is it superior because it has six unlock methods (mechanical key to Wi-Fi), but this product also has many outstanding features to ensure the security and convenience of the residents.

Philips 7300 Door Digital Lock can avoid various human-caused disasters such as collision, prying, sawing, and dismantling attempts by its alarm systems.

If you use a fingerprint, the recognition speed is less than 0.5 seconds because of the semiconductor fingerprint sensor. No matter what material your door is made of, the smart door lock Philips suits various surfaces.

15. Philips 9300 Digital Door Lock

Philips digital locks are very suitable for householders using IoT devices. 

Its presence complements your needs as a technology-savvy person so that various security and comfort needs at home are met without any hassle.

Security is also noticed because there are multiple alarming, fake PIN codes, automatic locks, and Super C class lock cylinders.

There are six unlock methods available so that each household member can use the method that is most popular or suits them. You can also use a mechanical key besides modern unlock methods.

16. Philips Alpha-VP-5HWS Digital Door Lock

This sixteenth recommendation is the Philips smart video door lock.   

You can check the environment outside the entrance area anytime and anywhere because of these features:

  • Clear camera 
  • 144 degrees
  • Low-power infrared fill lights

Interestingly, when there is unnatural movement from three meters away from the entrance, it will be recorded as video and photos to be dispatched to you.

An emergency open/unlocked rotary knob is really helpful when you’re in danger, such as during a house fire. It will help you to get out from the inside without using a PIN or other unlock techniques.

In casual time, an app will help you to access the door. So, it's not really a problem when you can't access the door because your hand is full of goods to use the fingerprint or you forgot the PIN and other excuses.

17. Philips 702E Digital Door Lock

Like the previous lock, this seventeenth recommendation provides six unlock method options. Of the six methods, you can anticipate the fingerprint method.

Because the feature is intuitive, allowing you to unlock it in just one movement. Its position is on the handle so that when you hold it, fingerprints are automatically detected.

After holding the handle and verifying the unlocking process, you can push the entrance to come into the house quickly and easily.

The safety of the residents is also a point highlighted in this series. The alarm will warn you when there is an attempt at vandalism or forced entry into the house.

Likewise, if the door is not closed tightly, you will receive a notification to come back and close it. That way, the new auto-lock feature can function.

18. Philips 702F Digital Door Lock

Philips also offers a facial recognition feature as an unlock method. 

Its presence will make it easier for you to enter the house, especially when carrying many items, making it difficult to use your fingerprint or PIN.

The facial recognition sensor is also excellent because it can still recognize you even if your face is covered with cosmetics and glass. 

The error rate is meager, only 0.00001%!

Other unlocking methods besides facial recognition are fingerprint, App, PIN, and manual key. The security and comfort features are as great as those of other Philips series.

19. Philips 702V Digital Door Lock

This series offers a two-way audio talk feature, which allows you to communicate with the person pressing the doorbell. 

The camera on this smart lock can also capture people's facial features in detail, even if the surrounding light is meager.

Apart from many other features, various unlock techniques ensure your convenience.

20. Philips 9200 Digital Door Lock

The Philips 9200 provides six unlock methods, the same as several other Philips series, ranging from manual lock to Wi-Fi.

You can enter several PINs randomly before the original PIN to prevent anyone from peeking at your PIN when you come with you. 

This will make other people remember your PIN, especially if the actual PIN is entered at the end.

Apart from that, there are many other features that you can enjoy, so don’t worry!

If you are interested in all the best digital locks 2024 from Samsung and Philips, you don't need to look for them anywhere because they are all at Hoz digital lock. 

Not only that, Hoz also provides various other smart home products, which you can check out here. 

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