3 Best Digital Door Locks for Landlords in Singapore

October 31, 2022

Digital security has become a major concern for property owners who don’t want their tenants to gain access to their homes without authorisation. As such, digital locks for doors and main gates have gained popularity over the years due to their convenience and ease of use. More and more homeowners are turning to electronic door locks to secure their properties as they offer improved security features over standard locks. These features include allowing them to monitor visitors remotely and control entry through push notifications. Additionally, physical access key systems can cost landlords millions annually in maintenance and lost revenue. With the rise of home automation, digital locks are creating affordable options for landlords, so you don’t have to worry about always replacing manual lock systems if you have a frequent tenant turnover rate with an easy change of access codes.

At Hoz, we provide you with access to the best digital door locks and other smart home solutions to keep your property secure. With a deep focus on working hand in hand with our clients to create solutions that will help them live smarter, we have curated a list of the four best digital door locks for landlords in Singapore.

Hafele Digital Lock DL7600

The Hafele Digital Lock DL7600 is a functional electronic door lock with four unlocking modes, including fingerprint recognition and PIN code access. With secure features like an anti-tamper alarm and a double locking capability which can only be activated from inside the unit, it is perfect for rental properties that need that bit of additional security. This lever-operated smart lock also enables you to check entry logs via an application on your smartphone for your convenience and peace of mind. Managed by a master password and a user password, landlords can easily change access codes for new tenants with minimal hassle and without compromising on safety.

Igloohome IGM4 Smart Mortise 2+

Another great electronic door lock is the Igloohome IGM4 Smart Mortise 2+, which includes six access modes such as fingerprint, Bluetooth and PIN code access. To prevent unauthorised entry, this Igloohome digital lock has an automatic lock feature as well as an anti-tamper alarm system. With the ability to track entry history and grant visitors one-time access with codes sent through Whatsapp and SMS, tenants and landlords can protect themselves from the risk of intrusion as their user password is kept confidential. If you’re an Airbnb host in Singapore renting out to tenants for long-term stays, you’re in luck. The lever-operated digital door lock allows you to synchronise your listing calendar with your Igloohome account for PIN codes to be automatically created for tenants. With this keyless door lock, landlords can always enjoy fuss-free living with precision and reliability.   

Solity Digital Lock GSP-2000BK

The Solity Digital Lock GSP-2000BK is ideal for landlords with security functions like the ability to check entry history and four types of access permissions, including the master, user, visitor and one-time guest. Apart from the six unlocking solutions such as fingerprint, PIN code and Wi-Fi, the Solity digital lock also provides additional security through its intrusion alarm and a push bar lock to prevent children from pushing the door open. Suitable for landlords, the lock enables manager mode where you can issue a guest key that is valid for only a specific period of time to prevent unauthorised access after your tenant’s lease is up. With this electronic door lock’s strict security, landlords never have to worry about hacking or tampering ever again.

Secure Your Property with Hoz

Hoz offers you a wide range of high-quality and reliable electronic door locks to secure your rental properties. With our enhanced and precise security features, landlords in Singapore don’t need to struggle to find reliable security solutions anymore. Contact our team for more information and buy your digital door locks from us today.

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