3 Ways Smart Locks are Changing the Way We Look at Security

April 18, 2022

With the rapid advancement of technology, security has transformed by leaps and bounds. If the rising trends are anything to go by, the future of security is bright and promising. Chief among these benchmarks is smart lock technology, an electromechanical lock designed to perform wireless locking and unlocking operations with an authorised user’s authentication. Simple, safe, and smart, these innovative technologies boasts such a high demand that the revenue in Singapore’s smart home market is projected to reach a whopping US$210 million in 2022. With the increased proliferation in the adoption of such technologies, we can expect to see the notion of security to transform over the next few years. Here are three ways that will change the perception of security. 

1. Wider Security Net

Prior to smart locks, people had little choice but to put all their trust in traditional locks and security alarms. However, there is plenty of evidence that these security approaches didn’t deter and prevent robbery as burglars would simply exploit other aspects of one’s home or offices where security is lacking.

With their integration and connectivity capacities, smart locks are able to cover such gaps by putting users in closer proximity to the full scope of their security. By casting a wider security net, smart locks allow users to keep every aspect of their premises more secure. For instance, suppose a homeowner has to leave their home for a short trip. With smart lock technology, they are able to pay close attention to their home, effectively giving them greater peace of mind as well as the capacity to react in real-time should something happen.

2. Integration Capabilities

Many, if not most, smart digital locks are designed with an integration capability, meaning they can be used with different devices. This, along with the device-to-device communication, has allowed homeowners and businesses to gather data from multiple security devices, such as smart locks, home monitoring systems, and door viewer cameras, and transmit the information acquired between one another. 

Aside from covering more ground, such integration capabilities have also prompted improved security standards. Considering how hacking has been an increasing threat to automation and the Internet of Things (IoT), manufacturers are pressured to better their security standards to help prevent compromised security breaches.

3. Data Transfer and Tracking 

As with most IoT devices, home security products deal with a large amount of data. Unfortunately, the security industry has been overlooking all this data and the promising opportunities that come with it - that is, until smart locks and security automation tools came into the picture.

The data acquired and accumulated plays a vital role in home security. Homeowners and businesses can track this information, which helps them curate and implement more intuitive home security measures to keep their loved ones and premises safe and secure. With a trail of data in place, you can track people down should there be a break-in while also deterring people from robbing your home or office and getting away with it.

Find Your Digital Smart Lock at Hoz

Smart locks have changed the way we perceive security, and they are bound to change even more in the upcoming years. Do not miss out on the perfect way to keep your loved ones safe - go ahead and jump on the bandwagon!

Established in 2019, Hoz has been providing an extensive range of smart home solutions to give people in Singapore greater peace of mind and a chance to live a much more comfortable life. Take your pick from our smart locks, from fingerprint electronic door locks to RFID card reader door locks, and make your home thousand times more secure. In fact, skip all the hassle and streamline the entire process by leveraging our delivery and next-day installation services! Having a safe home is that simple. 

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