3 WiFi-Enabled Appliances You Didn't Know Of

October 31, 2022

The ubiquitous wireless technology that is Wi-Fi has become a necessity for almost every household across the world today. Apart from giving you the ability to surf the Internet through multiple modern devices like a laptop and smartphone, it can also allow you to connect to Wi-Fi-enabled appliances in your home that can tremendously make your life more convenient. While home automation is no longer a concept of the near future or a novelty of the wealthy and famous, there are still many smart devices people are unaware of that can immensely upgrade your day-to-day routine. 

In this digital age, emerging technologies are fundamentally changing the way we live – whether it’s through a smart pet dispenser that feeds your dogs while you’re away or a digital door lock for your home that unlocks automatically. At Hoz, we firmly believe in building a connection with the people of Singapore and beyond with our smart home solutions. If you’re looking to spruce up your abode with some functional Wi-Fi-enabled appliances, we’ve got you covered with a specially curated list to take reference from.

Smart Mattress

Sleep is fundamental to life itself, affecting everything from growth and development to immune function and mood. Though light levels, noise and other factors play an important role in getting a good night’s rest, the mattress you use is arguably the most vital part of this equation. 

A technologically-advanced mattress is a game-changer for those who have trouble falling asleep. While every mattress is designed differently with unique selling points of their own, they all have one thing in common: giving you the rest you deserve with advanced sleep-enhancing features.

Fully Wi-Fi enabled, these mattresses have the capability to set your bed’s temperature, monitor your sleep quality, integrate alarms, fire up your compatible Wi-Fi coffee machine in the morning, and so much more. Smart mattresses even utilise innovative technology to enable automatic adjustments by collecting data and tweaking the mattress’s temperature or firmness automatically to keep you sleeping soundly at night. With this smart device, you never have to worry about tossing and turning in bed ever again.

Smart Mirror

We all look at ourselves in the mirror everyday, turning this object into a huge part of almost every aspect of our daily lives. If you’re someone who takes a while to get ready in the morning and ends up being late, a Wi-Fi enabled smart mirror might just be the perfect tool for you. 

From smart workout mirrors to voice-enabled mirrors, these seemingly futuristic devices can add much-needed convenience to your hectic days. Apart from giving you the ability to check emails, the weather, and news while you’re getting ready in the bathroom, some can give you access to workout classes to take the edge off your vigorous workouts, or monitor your skin and give you personalised skincare tips. With a smart mirror that does it all and doubles up as decor, you can always count on your days being more productive and easy.

Wireless Door Lock

Designed to keep you and your loved ones safe from potential dangers, a door lock is an essential equipment in all homes today. Most people have upgraded their traditional locks to smart door locks to maximise their home security as they provide capabilities such as keyless entry options and setting limitations for access.

A smart digital lock is not new to most homeowners with the convenience they provide. However, a Wi-Fi electronic door lock takes it to the next level with added features such as letting a guest into your home remotely from your smartphone and monitoring in and out user logs. With wireless connectivity, your digital locks become more secure, reliable and easy to use. The built-in connectivity further enables you to sync with voice-controlled assistants or home automation appliances so that you can enhance your home security.

Hoz offers high-quality smart door locks in Singapore to eliminate your greatest hassles. Contact our team for more information and buy a wireless door lock today.

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