4 Water Resistant Digital Door Locks for Outdoor Use

October 24, 2022

Digital door and gate locks have significantly transformed the way people all over the world secure their homes. While there are people who still prefer a trusty physical key, a digital lock comprises many enhanced security functions that can better protect your property compared to conventional locking systems. 

In this digital age, modern technology has enabled locking mechanisms to be accessed through RFID cards, wireless administrative devices, biometric means such as fingerprint and face recognition, as well as many other methods. Digital locks provide a wide range of benefits that adds convenience, protection and reassurance to our lives. With that being said, orthodox digital locks also run the risk of being damaged when you install them in a high-risk environment, like on an outdoor gate that is constantly exposed to rain. Fret not however, Hoz places high importance on making homes secure with our specialised services and solutions so that you and your family can feel safe at all times. 

In order to ensure that your outdoor digital door and gate locks are not damaged by the rain, it is essential to install water resistant ones that are designed to withstand the weather. Unlike a waterproof device that is technically impermeable to water, a water resistant device can only resist the penetration of water to a certain degree. So while your water resistant digital lock is not made to be fully submerged in water, it is still rainproof and can hold out against splashes of water on rainy days.

Always going the extra mile, we have also specially curated a list of four water resistant digital door and gate locks for outdoor use.

1. Solity Gate Lock GD65B

The Solity Gate Lock GD65B is a digital gate lock that can secure your gate on days you want to leave your front door open to allow some sunlight through or ventilate the air in your home. It features seven types of authentication methods for unlocking, from fingerprint scanning to RFID cards and more, to prevent mischief. Additionally, it has a built-in alarm system to alert you in the event of an intrusion or break-in. 

If you live on a residential property where your gate is exposed to rain, worry not. This digital gate lock offers you added protection with its water resistant function to prevent rusting, corroding and other damages from rainfall over time.

2. Igloohome Gate Lock with Fingerprint RM2F

If you’re looking for the perfect way to secure your property, the Igloohome Gate Lock with Fingerprint RM2F is a great option. With six modes of unlocking, it provides for great convenience whatever your preference, while also protecting your home through a security lockout feature after a number of incorrect attempts. The digital gate lock also gives you extra reassurance with hacking prevention and an anti-tamper alarm, making it an excellent choice for outdoor use.

To make it even better, this digital gate lock is water resistant, so you don’t have to stress over it being damaged by exposure to harsh weather conditions. Made from top-quality materials, the Igloohome gate lock will always protect your home and keep you safe.

3. Philips Digital Lock 6100

Thoughtfully designed to secure your home efficiently and in style, the Philips Digital Lock 6100 has all the security features you could ever need for peace of mind every time you leave your house. Not only does it comprise hassle-free access modes, it also has an external forced lock to eliminate most security risks. 

You can enjoy extra reassurance because this digital lock’s in-mold labelling (IML) brushed surface doesn’t just keep fingerprint residue out, it is also water resistant and moisture-proof, so you can safely install it on your door or gate in an outdoor setting.

4. Kaiser Deadbolt M2000

The Kaiser Deadbolt M2000 is a dependable digital lock that features five unlocking solutions alongside an anti-prying alarm. For added security, it also has an external double locking function that stops the operation of the indoor buttons when you’re out for long periods of time, preventing theft through the milk drop.

This digital door lock is water resistant, making it suitable for outdoor use as it can withstand liquid encounters on rainy days. 

Choose Hoz to Secure Your Home

Made with high-quality materials and precise engineering, Hoz offers you a wide range of water resistant digital locks to secure your home, even if they are placed in an outdoor setting. Never worry when you step out the door again with our enhanced security features that keep your property safe from break-ins. Contact us today to know more about our collection of digital locks. 

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