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6 Best Metal Gate Digital Locks for Your Double Protection

6 Best Metal Gate Digital Locks for Your Double Protection
calendarNovember 22, 2023

Best Metal Gate Digital Lock - One effort to provide double protection for your home is to use a digital lock for metal gates.

This is because house gates with traditional locks still have a high risk of being broken into by thieves. 

If you are interested, use the best metal gate digital lock.

You probably only know that smart locks are only for house doors. 

In this article, we will provide information about the importance of using metal gate locks and the best recommendations for you. 

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Why Installing a Smart Lock for Gate?

Security risks are increasing along with the times. Installing a smart lock for outdoor gates is a wise choice because you will get the following benefits:


1. Improve the Security System at Home

A digital lock further improves your home's security system because its security features are difficult to penetrate. For example, the locking feature uses key cards, PIN codes, and remote management.

With this system, only certain people have access. To enter the gate, thieves must master complex hacking technology. 

Then, you'll get a notification if someone forces their way in.

With this notification, you can confront the person or contact security officers to be safer.


2. Integrated with the Latest Technology

Today's digital locks use cutting-edge technology that allows you to integrate them with various IoT (Internet of Things) devices at home, such as applications and voice assistants.
With integration on several devices, you can order the lock to open or close automatically via certain sensors, such as motion sensors.

Like the first point, you can get various notifications anywhere and anytime because it is connected to the application.


3. More Comfortable to Use

Digital locks are much more comfortable than metal gate locks with handles. 
This lock technology can overcome complications and inconveniences when using traditional locks.
You can change the PIN, program the key, and control the lock more easily.

This convenience aspect is also felt when you enter the gate key via the touch screen and digital buttons.

When you want to enter the yard with many items, you can even open the gate via voice command or facial recognition alone. 

Very comfortable and easy, right?


4. Long Battery Life

The battery installed in your digital metal door gate lock can last several months or even years. 

That way, throughout the year, this security device will be able to run optimally.

However, there is no need to worry if the battery suddenly runs out because most of the best locks for metal gates have a battery indicator. When the battery runs low, you can see for yourself or get a notification on your cellphone.


5. Easy Access Management

Access management is one of the main reasons you should switch to a smart lock for fence gates. 

With this key, you can give, track, and cancel access to anyone effortlessly and quickly.

Not only at home, office areas also benefit from this aspect. 

Because when an employee leaves work, you can remove their access permissions. 

So, the potential for smuggling using duplicate keys like traditional keys will not occur.

This remote control and audit ultimately makes it easier for you to manage the entry and exit of people to your home or office area.


6. Customizable

You can customize the key according to your needs and preferences. One is the access method, such as using a PIN, alphanumeric, fingerprint, face, etc.

Other customizations are regarding each person's code, which can be different, the validity period of the code, and access rights.


7. Budget Effectiveness

Even though the price of metal gate digital lock Singapore seems expensive initially, this tool can be a long-term investment, so the price is relatively lower.
You don't need to replace tools and batteries within a certain period. 

Apart from that, maintenance costs are also cheaper. Then, when damage occurs to one of the components, you can use the warranty or need to replace a small piece of equipment.


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Best Metal Gate Digital Lock Products 


If you are interested in getting one of the metal gates Singapore because of the many benefits above, then please choose one of the recommendations below:

1. Wezpro Platinum 1900PMK

Wezro Platinum is a smart lock brand you can trust to protect your home entrance gate. If you buy a door and gate digital lock bundle from this brand, the protection will be maximized.

Especially for gate protectors, Wezro Premium provides five unlocking and locking modes, namely fingerprint, RFID card/tag, PIN code, remote control. as well as mechanical keys.

The superior features you will get include:

  • Voice Guide Function

With this feature, you can use voice to provide instructions and feedback. The voice guide can be heard while using the key, so it suits users who like to use audio guides or are visually impaired.

  • Special Handling of Lost Keycards

If you lose your key card, you can register a new one, while the previous one is automatically blocked. So, when someone finds the card and forces the gate to open, access will be denied.
Forced Locking from Inside the House

The locking mechanism automatically closes access when someone tries to break into your gate. That way, the gate remains closed, and the house's occupants are safer, so you can contact the authorities.

  • Fire and High-Temperature Resistant

Based on the temperature sensor, this key can detect a raging fire. After that, Wezpro Platinum will turn on notifications as a warning to residents and automatically open the house's gate or door.

  • Intrusion Alarm

When there is an attempt to forcefully enter the yard by breaking through the gate, Wezpro Platinum will issue a loud alarm. That way, homeowners or neighbors can get information.

2. Kaiser Sync Gate 1593

Kaiser Sync Gate 1593 is a smart lock for gates with no handle. This tool is unique because the fingerprint sensors for opening and closing the lock are on the front and back of the lock.
After installing Kaiser Sync Gate 1593, the features you will get include:

  • 6 Unlock Methods

You can open and close the gate using six methods, namely fingerprint (fore and back), RFID card, PIN code, mechanical key, remote control, and Bluetooth (optional upgrade)
Sync with Door Unlock
Using Kaiser + for your door can synchronize the two, making remote control easier.

  • Anti-Prying Alarm

The alarm on the automatic door sounds and issues a special warning when there is an attempt to tamper with this lock from the area outside the gate. This alarm sounds when the device senses that an effort has been made to enter the house area by force.

  • Mute-to-Silence Mode

When entering a PIN or code, you can switch to silence mode if you are disturbed by the sound on the device, such as a voice guide or keypad. You can check the app to monitor key activity at the gate because important notifications will appear on your phone.

  • Fast Swift Recognition

This smart lock can recognize various access inputs in less than 0.5 seconds.

3. Lockin Model V Smart Gate Digital Lock

Lockin Model V Smart Gate Digital Lock ensures your home gate is safe using various unlock methods.

Not only that, if you use the V5 Max model for your house door, this smart gate lock can unlock the house door automatically. 

That way, you won't have to bother opening your house anymore.

Some of the superior features are:

  • 8 Gate Unlock Methods

You are free to use any method to open and close the door. Options include PIN code, dual fingerprints, NFC tags, Bluetooth, remote control, mechanical key, one-time password, and synchronized unlocking.

  • Fast Fingerprint Recognition

In just 0.9 seconds, your fingerprint can be detected by the gate lock, so access is quicker and easier.

  • Ergonomic Button Controller

Suppose you can't open the door using a fingerprint or other method. In that case, you can use an ergonomically sized controller button, so it's easy to carry and use.


4. Solity GD65B Gate Digital Lock

Solity GD65B Gate Digital Lock is a digital gate lock with a simple appearance but many fascinating features. Some of the superior features are:

  • 7 Unlock Methods

You can open the house gate using a PIN code, physical key, dual fingerprint (front and back), Bluetooth, RFID stickers and tags, remote control, and smart gate lock Wi-Fi.

  • Synchronized with the Door of the House

If you use the Solity Door Lock GP-6000BKF, the two can be synchronized. So after opening the gate, the house's main door also opens automatically. 

Likewise, when the door is closed

  • Sleek Design

The body of this smart lock is slim and flat, making it suitable for many types of gates, including older HDB flats. There is also magnetic recognition, which makes it easier to lock and unlock the gate.

  • Smart Solity App

Smart Solity App helps you to manage access, view activity history, manage authentication methods, and open doors remotely.

  • Anti-thief Function

An automatic alarm will sound when someone tries to enter the wrong code or RFID tag five times in a row. Apart from the alarm, this tool will stop all activities for a minute.

  • Intrusion and Breakage Alarm

Like the anti-thief function, an alarm will sound when someone tries to break the smart lock, even if the thief doesn't use a code or other access method.

5. Igloohome Gate Lock with Fingerprint RM2F


With the Igloohome Gate Lock with Fingerprint RM2F, you don't need to open the house gate with a key. This device is also compatible with various smart door locks from Igloohome so that you can manage home security more easily.

Some of the superior features of the Igloohome Gate Lock with Fingerprint RM2F are:

  • 7 Unlock Options

You can use PIN code, fingerprint, physical key, RFID tags and stickers, Wi-Fi, remote control, and even Bluetooth to lock and unlock the gate easily.

  • Security Oversight

If the wrong person enters the access key several times, the access key will automatically turn off. The goal is to prevent intruders from entering your gate.

  • Volume Settings

When locking and unlocking, you can turn on silent mode or adjust the volume from 1-5.

  • Automatic Locking

After you close the gate, the door automatically locks again. So you don't need to worry when rushing in and out of the house and haven't ensured the gate is locked.

  • Battery Condition Warning

When the battery is almost empty, you will get a notification from audio or an LED indicator to replace the key battery with a new one immediately.

  • Hide PIN

You can enter a random code before the actual PIN so that snooping people are fooled. That way, your original PIN will not be discovered.


6. Philips Digital Lock 5100K


As one of the world's leading electronic equipment manufacturers, Philips has released this series to help those who want double protection at the gate of your house.
Some of the superior features it offers are:

  • 7 Effective Lock Modes

You can use a PIN code, fingerprint, RFID tags, Wi-Fi (optional upgrade), mechanical key, remote control, and Bluetooth to open the house's main gate.

  • Simple and Concise Design

Because its size is quite small, you can install it on metal gates of various sizes and at the entrance to your house. Even though it looks simple, this smart lock can show a modern impression through its unique panel combined with zinc alloy.

  • Silent Mode

Please use silent mode if you don't want to disturb other people when entering the house area at night. The way to do this is by pressing the mute button and holding it for two seconds. That way, the command sound, and keypad sound will turn off.

  • Fake PIN Code

When you come with other people, you can enter a random code before entering the original PIN. The aim is to make it difficult for people who peek at it to memorize it and not be able to hack it later.

The six recommendations above can help you find a smart gate digital lock that suits your needs and preferences. To get quality products and installation services, you can buy them through Hoz.

All Hoz products have guaranteed quality and have earned the trust of various clients in Singapore. 

Your safety and comfort are also guaranteed because all metal gate digital lock products from Hoz have a two-year guarantee and free installation. 

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