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A Closer Look at the Advanced Digital Lock: WEZPRO 1900GMK

A Closer Look at the Advanced Digital Lock: WEZPRO 1900GMK
calendarMay 1, 2024

Digital Lock Singapore - Are you searching for the best digital door lock to keep up the security of your home? 

Look no further! Let us introduce you to a top-tier digital door lock called WEZPRO 1900GMK. 

This cutting-edge device transcends conventional locks, boasting advanced security functionalities tailored for your home.

From fire safety to built-in burglary alarms, the multiple features offered will ensure peace of mind when you step out. Are you eager to explore the full spectrum of what this device offers? 

Let’s dive into an in-depth WEZPRO digital lock 1900GMK review!

What is the WEZPRO 1900GMK?

Leading the charge in advanced gate security solutions, the 1900GMK stands as a pinnacle in digital locking technology. 

Crafted with precision by HOZ digital lock, this digital gate lock exemplifies sophistication without compromising affordability.

WEZPRO digital lock in this series is designed to meet various security requirements. 

This device provides numerous unlocking methods, including mechanical keys, remote control, PIN codes, RFID cards, and fingerprints.

Besides the various unlocking methods, this device includes enhanced security features. Some of them include built-in safety protocols and intrusion alarm capabilities.

Beyond its capabilities, this device also offers other convenient features. These include voice guidance functionality, all-weather durability, swift recognition, PIN randomization, and emergency override provision.

All things considered, this gadget places a premium on great practicality and quality, which is consistent with the brand’s standing as a leading mark. 

See every one of its characteristics and capabilities in the section that follows!

WEZPRO 1900GMK Specification

Renowned for its superb craftsmanship and steadfast dependability, the 1900GMK has many outstanding features. 

Its characteristics are listed in the comprehensive table that follows:

BatteryAA alkaline batteries
Door thickness32-60 mm
Unlocking methodsFingerprint, PIN Code, RFID card, physical key, and remote control
Compatible doorGate


5 Ways to Unlock the Door

Experience seamless access to your home with the diverse unlocking methods offered by the 1900GMK. 

You can choose from five options: fingerprint recognition, PIN code entry, RFID card authentication, mechanical key usage, and remote control operation. Here are the specifics:

1. Fingerprint

The first unlocking method is the fingerprint. This feature provides users with a seamless method for unlocking the device. With the capability to store up to 100 unique fingerprints, this feature ensures both convenience and security in accessing the lock.

In addition, users can easily and effortlessly unlock the device because of its rapid recognition. Nevertheless, the 1900GMK does not offer an option to disable the fingerprint recognition feature.

The fingerprint feature of the lock is an essential part that is smoothly integrated into the operation of the lock as a whole. Turning off this feature would mean turning off the lock altogether. We suggest you refer to the WEZPRO 1900GMK user manual for detailed and accurate insights.

2. PIN Code

Another method is the PIN code feature. This functionality enables users to unlock the gate effortlessly through password input. With the flexibility to accommodate up to 10 unique codes, users have the freedom to grant access to a larger circle of individuals. 

Overall, this PIN code functionality enhances security and offers unparalleled convenience. The feature eliminates the need for physical keys to unlock the gate.

3. RFID Card/Tag

You can also unlock the gate using the RFID card/tag feature. The feature uses radio frequency identification to recognize tags and open the gate automatically. This functionality offers users a hassle-free and efficient unlocking method. You can also attach the RFID card/tag to a key chain. This feature guarantees that you can carry it any place with ease.

4. Physical Key

Using the physical key, you can also choose the WEZPRO 1900GMK manual unlocking method. Each lock is provided with two physical locks. This option offers a fail-safe solution for unforeseen circumstances. 

You can rely on this standard key for manual gate access in case emergencies arise or battery power is depleted. 

Overall, this physical key guarantees continuous gate access even during disruptions to digital functionalities.

5. Remote Control

The last one is the remote control functionality. This feature offers users a convenient unlocking option. This feature allows users to operate the gate remotely using a separate handheld device. 

This offers exceptional convenience and flexibility.

You can carry the remote control separately, unlocking the gate without physical proximity. 

Whether from the comfort of the vehicle or inside your home, you can effortlessly grant access to authorized individuals without needing physical proximity to the gate.

Overall, this feature comes in handy when direct access to the gate is impractical.


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WEZPRO 1900GMK Advantages

As you know, the 1900GMK stands out as a premier selection for gate security solutions. 

Its array of features and high-grade quality are certain to exceed your expectations. Here are some of the benefits you can relish with this exceptional device:

1. A High-Quality Product with an Affordable Price

WEZPRO brand has built a reputation for crafting and distributing cutting-edge digital locks. Their product line showcases innovative features, from voice guidance to weather resilience. 

Even though they offer high-quality products, the prices are relatively affordable. The 1900 GMK exemplifies this. You can enjoy all of the innovative features at an affordable price. And if you get it from HOZ, the WEZPRO 1900GMK price is only $599.

2. Voice-Guided Feature

Renowned for its innovative features, the 1900GMK has also been completed with a voice guide function. 

This feature simplifies the setup process for various unlocking modes and functionalities by incorporating intuitive voice prompts.

Additionally, the guide provides clear and easy-to-follow instructions. Whether configuring different unlocking modes or accessing various features, you can use voice guidance to navigate the settings seamlessly.

Moreover, you can also save time and effort as you won’t need to refer to written manuals or rely on technical support. 

Overall, the voice-guided feature will offer a more accessible and enjoyable interaction with the security system.

3. High-Temperature Fire Safety

Another innovative feature is the high-temperature fire safety functionality. This element is meticulously engineered to safeguard the gate and its surroundings from potential fire risks.

The lock has an advanced fire prevention system that can alert you to high temperatures. 

In a fire, this crucial component is crucial to safeguarding the building and its occupants. Overall, the fire prevention system will give you additional security and comfort.

4. Intrusion Detection Alarm

Another feature you can also enjoy is the intrusion detection alarm system. This feature vigilantly monitors and identifies unauthorized access attempts at the gate.

Whether triggered manually or automatically, the alert can be directed to the user. Overall, the intrusion alarm system delivers unparalleled peace of mind and protection.

5. Weatherproof Design

The other benefit you can enjoy is its weatherproof design. This device stands out for its robust weatherproof design, crafted to endure diverse weather conditions with unwavering reliability.

This lock is perfect for outdoor applications because it is made to endure weather-related changes in temperature. Therefore, it can provide safe gate protection for residential and commercial premises.

With this feature, you can feel confident knowing that this device will continue functioning even in the worst weather. The lock's weather-resistant design will handle various environmental challenges, including temperature changes.

6. Swift Recognition

The next benefit you can enjoy is its rapid recognition capability. This capacity enables swift gate unlocking in less than 0.5 seconds. 

The feature stresses convenience and security through a seamless access design that makes expedited entry easy.

Operating as one of the lock’s versatile unlocking modes, the swift recognition function complements other access methods. Those include fingerprint recognition, PIN code entry, RFID card/tag authentication, mechanical key usage, and remote control operation.

This diverse range of options underscores the lock’s adaptability to various user preferences and scenarios. All in all, this capacity will be convenient for you.

7. PIN Randomization Feature

Another benefit you can enjoy is the PIN randomization feature. This functionality is meticulously crafted to bolster security by continually generating fresh user PIN codes.

Because it prevents attempts to guess or memorize the PIN code, this function is a strong deterrent against unauthorized gate access. The PIN randomizer function also seamlessly integrates the lock’s various unlocking modes. 

This further emphasizes the lock’s extensive security framework.

The deliberate design suggests that it generates PINs automatically. All in all, this will ensure a high degree of gate security. We encourage you to refer to the manual for more details.

8. Completed with Emergency Override Key

The last advantage you can enjoy is the override key. This feature offers a critical solution for accessing the gate during emergencies or when standard unlocking methods encounter malfunctions.

The main purpose is to provide users with an alternative to unlocking modes.  

This seamless integration highlights the lock’s dedication to user safety and convenience. This guarantees access continuity even in unanticipated situations.

Pro Tips for Using WEZPRO 1900GMK

As you are well-versed in the capabilities of the 1900GMK, let’s delve into some essential usage tips to ensure its optimal performance. From basic upkeep tasks to troubleshooting potential issues, we will guide you through the steps to keep your device functioning for the long haul.

Let’s dive into the usage tips to make sure your device always operates at its best!

1. Avoid Combining Old and New Batteries

The first tip is to avoid mixing old and new batteries. This will prevent various issues caused by the consequences of combining the batteries. 

Different battery voltage levels can cause energy waste and perhaps dangerous circumstances. The reason is that the new battery may overwork to make up for the voltage difference.

Furthermore, connecting batteries of different voltage levels may result in heating. The heat may harm the batteries as well as other parts. 

Additionally, the device could be damaged if old batteries are combined with new ones since they leak and deteriorate chemically more quickly. Therefore, we recommend you replace the batteries in a set. Make sure to replace them once in a half year.

2. Acquaint Yourself with All Modes Available

You should acquaint yourself with all the available modes to use the lock effectively and efficiently. Knowing these modes might help you select the unlocking method that best suits your needs, as each one offers a unique way to open the gate.

Additionally, familiarity with all modes might aid in troubleshooting any issues you may encounter with the lock.

3. Make Sure to Use Alkaline Batteries

Another thing you have to do is to make sure always to use alkaline batteries. Using alkaline batteries will ensure optimal performance and durability of the 1900GMK. 

This type of battery is perfect for low-drain devices as it is designed to deliver prolonged functionality.

Do not try using another type of battery as it will cause harm to the device. We recommend you use renowned alkaline battery brands such as Duracell, Panasonic, and GP Ultra. 

4. Use the Door Closer to Protect Your Digital Lock

The last thing to do is use the door closer to protect your digital lock. There are multiple reasons why door closures are important. 

Here are some of the reasons:

  • It prevents damage by ensuring the door closes gently, safeguarding both the lock and the door from potential harm.
  • It enhances safety by mitigating the risk of accidents stemming from sudden door slamming.
  • Employing a door closer can help uphold the warranty of your digital lock, as excessive door slamming may invalidate the warranty.

All things considered, this straightforward but efficient fix guarantees the continuous dependability and operation of your device.

In conclusion, the 1900GMK emerges as a property defense equipped with advanced functionalities and reliable security features.


You should get this device from an established and reputable supplier. You can get this digital lock from Hoz for genuine and high-caliber products.


For more information and inquiries, click on the provided link below.


Don’t wait for any more! Invest in the WEZPRO 1900GMK now to elevate your security measures and enjoy peace of mind! 

Your entrance to a brighter future is waiting to be unlocked. 

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