A Look at the Evolution of Doors and Locks: Main Door, Glass Door, Sliding Door

June 20, 2022

Today, the advancement of technology has digitised the lock system. The average digital lock on the main door no longer requires keys and can even remotely authorise entry without human intervention.

Want to know more? Read on to find out about the different types of digital locks available in the market today.

Digital lock for main doors 

There are three different types of popular digital locks for main doors:

Mortise lock 

This is similar to the lock system found in HDB flats and condominium units where a pocket is cut into the door for the lock to be fitted. The two common types of digital mortise locks are the push-pull handle and the lever handle lock:

Push-pull handle lock

This smart digital lock allows you to tap your finger on the sensor to unlock the door instantly, then push your way through without the need to hold down a handle. This means you can easily open the front door even when your hands are full. Such locks usually offer different unlock methods, including fingerprints, keys, RFID Card and PINs.

The Kaiser Mortise Lite and Bosch Digital Lock EL800A are two great options that offer multiple unlock methods at affordable prices.

Lever handle lock 

This smart digital lock comes with a door handle, very much like the traditional door lock that allows you to turn the lever to open and close the main door. 

The Philips Digital Lock 7300 and Bosch Digital Lock ID60 are two models that feature very sleek designs with up to three years of warranty.

Deadbolt lock 

Since deadbolt digital locks have no handles, they are typically installed above the existing handle on the main door. Such a lock is more secure than a typical lock because the bolt extends longer into the frame, and the mechanism provides utmost protection against physical force.

If you’re looking for a high-quality and sturdy deadbolt digital lock for your main door, consider the Kaiser Deadbolt M2000. Priced affordably at $499, it offers three unlock methods for unparalleled convenience. 

Rim lock

Instead of locking to the door frame, the digital rim lock fastens to a bracket like your metal gate outside of the main door. Like deadbolt locks, rim locks have no handle but work as the ideal option to provide an additional layer of security for the household.

If rim locks are for you, check out the Kaiser Door Lite and the Solity Digital Lock GR-50BK

Smart lock for glass door 

As more workplaces, retail stores, and co-working spaces are installing glass doors to allow visual accessibility without compromising privacy and security, the demand for smart locks for glass doors has also been on the rise. These locks are designed to clip onto your glass door without drilling or messy installation. 

At Hoz, you’ll find two smart lock models for glass doors – the Kaiser Glass Pro and Kaiser Glass Lite. Both are rim lock systems that offer up to four unlock methods.

Digital lock for sliding doors

Sliding doors may offer a clean aesthetic appeal and decent functionality, but many homeowners still shun them because of security risks. However, with the new generation of digital locks for sliding doors that utilises a hook bolt lock mechanism, the lock can now rotate the bolt upwards to securely fasten to the door frame without a glitch.

This type of digital lock for sliding doors not only boosts security but is also tamper-resistant. If you’re in the market looking for a suitable lock for your sliders, the Kaiser Door Plus may be an ideal choice.

Hoz is an authorised reseller of digital locks in Singapore with free, next-day installation. Shop now to enjoy low prices and 24/7 customer support.

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