Achieve Full Home Automation with These 4 Smart Devices

April 18, 2022

The burgeoning world of smart home technology has effectively transformed living spaces into a home of limitless possibilities. These devices promise to revolutionise the way we live in our homes by making processes simpler and much more convenient and efficient. Just imagine - lights turning on whenever you’re nearby, your coffee starts making itself every morning, controlling your home’s temperature with a mere click of a button. Home living has become exceedingly easier! 

However, to most people, home automation is a relatively new concept. Plus, with the number of smart devices out in the market, adopting such technologies can be nothing short of a befuddling and overwhelming experience. If you are considering automating your home, here are 4 must-have smart home automation devices to add to your to-buy list.

1. Automated Appliance Control System

Automated appliance control system refers to the “brains” of an intelligent home automation system. It involves automatic controlling of all integrated devices while at home or when you are away. This system utilises sensors, controlling devices, and actuators to control all aspects of your home, including lighting, air conditioning, kitchen appliances, and security systems. Besides convenience, an automated appliance control system also allows you to save energy, which in turn, reduces cost.

2. Smart Door Locks 

Smart digital door locks are WiFi- or Bluetooth-enabled smart home devices that allow you to lock and unlock your doors with a mere tap of a finger or a simple voice command. You can revel in an improved home security experience with the customisation of security features and functionality, which allows you to control what happens in your home. Besides heightened security, digital locks offer real-time monitoring as well as data transfer and data tracking.

With greater access to 24/7 monitoring, smart door locks empower you with the capacity to react in real-time whenever there is an emergency. In the case of a break-in, you can take steps to track the perpetrators by utilising the data acquired. 

3. Automated Irrigation Control

Home automated system does not necessarily need to be confined indoors, you can bring it outside your home. An automated irrigation system refers to the system’s operation with little to no manual intervention besides surveillance. From drip to surface, almost every system can be automated with the help of sensors, timers, and computers.

Since gardens and yards require extensive, regular maintenance, automated irrigation control makes outdoor home management significantly easier.

4. Smart Home Automation System

Arguably the most important smart home device, a smart home automation system refers technological solution that enables the automation of bulk of electronic, electrical, and technology-based activities within the home. It acts as the central operator of all automated systems - it uses a combination of software and hardware technologies that enable control and management over appliances and devices. 

Simply put, it relays commands to specific commands to a specific system to execute a specific task. Google Home and Alexa are some of the more popular smart home controllers and assistants out there in the market.

Kickstart Your Smart Home with Hoz

With home automation solutions, home living has never been the same. If you are looking to take the first step in automating your home, start with the most important aspect: security!

Dedicated to providing you with high-quality smart home solutions in Singapore, Hoz would like to journey with you as you upgrade every level of your home security. With an extensive selection of smart locks, you can be sure to find one that fits your unique needs. Leverage our solutions to make your home safer and revel in greater peace of mind today! 

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