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All You Need to Know about HDB Gate

All You Need to Know about HDB Gate
calendarDecember 13, 2023

HDB Gate - If you are considering installing a new HDB gate at your place, it is crucial to understand its various aspects clearly. 

This comprehensive guide will provide you with in-depth information about the Housing and Development Board gate.

By acquiring knowledge about various barrier alternatives and their maintenance practices, you will be able to make discerning decisions. 

It will, of course, be advantageous to you in the long term.


What is a Housing and Development Board Gate?

These specific gates are a prevalent element found in HDB houses or apartments across Singapore. It's usually positioned at the major doorway to strengthen place security, especially from burglary. 

However, adapting to the evolving landscape of the era, the manufacture of these specific gates has begun to pay more awareness to pattern and attractiveness. Nowadays, you can find many barriers that grant security and enhance the house's appearance.

HDB Gates Benefits


Why do HDBs have gates? In connection to functionality, putting a barrier before a door provides a multitude of extremely helpful purposes. 

Ergo, it's not surprising that people add this type of barrier to their doors, particularly at entrance paths to their places. 

Without further ado, what positive features come with the attachment of this barrier? Presenting some benefits of HDB gate installation: 


1. Jacking up the defense

The primary objective behind installing this kind of barrier is to augment the overall security of your place. It acts as a physical block, preventing potential intruders and equipping a sense of protection for your household. You can imagine it as a  vigilant guardian between your dwelling and the outer environment.
This barrier is significant, especially when your major door is open. While the entry door welcomes fresh air and natural light, the barrier stands firm and protects against unwanted intrusions. 

This added barrier makes certain that your living space security is not compromised. It guarantees you and your loved ones safe from any crimes that often occur at home, like robbery and home invasion.

2. Maintain Your Privacy

HDB door gates serve not solely as a physical barrier but also as a visual obstacle. With a skillfully devised barrier, outsiders cannot see into your living space when you expose the door, providing a secondary level of privacy. You can feel safer and more private in your very own residence simply by setting up this barrier.

3. Adds Architectural Interest to Your Front door

While protection and privacy are certainly the most important reasons to put up a barrier, it is critical to be mindful that appearances can be essential, too. In fact, once picked with respect for the appropriate HDB entrance design and color scheme, a barrier can go beyond its fundamental purpose. 

A door gate may serve as important in raising the whole appearance of the property, making an even nicer exterior.


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Pre-Installation Checklist for Your New Gate

Before installing an extra barrier for your major door, several factors must be considered, including practical and aesthetic thinking. 

A few thoughts to ponder upon are listed below:


1. Understand HDB Guidelines and Regulations

Before deciding to install an HDB gate replacement, it is necessary to review the Housing and Development Board's regulations and laws. Before mounting the new barrier, be certain that you pay attention to the company's directions.

The following are several regulations that apply concerning the exchange and setup of HDB Gate Singapore:

  • The barrier's dimension, as well as the amount of panels and swings, must match the original HDB barrier specifications.
  • The gate's swing or movement shouldn't hinder individuals from leaving. 
  • Apartment units located on corners must ensure that their gates do not touch the windows of neighboring flats.
  • Units closest to a stairway must offer a minimum space equal to the width of the stairwell from the gate's edge whenever the barrier opens at any angle to the stairwell railing.
  • For units located in public corridors, the gate must leave a minimum of 0.6 meters of free space when the gate opens perpendicularly. This rule ensures corridor access remains smooth and does not obstruct other users.


2. Take a Closer Look at The Gate Function

Understanding the primary function you want from a barrier before choosing one is essential. As explained earlier, barriers serve various functions. It not only improves security but also helps to safeguard your privacy. 

If you require a barrier that provides increased privacy, you can opt for a gate with a more enclosed design. Similarly, if you need a barrier for high security, you can pick a sturdy and robust gate. 

On the other hand, if you want a barrier that maintains air circulation inside the property, consider choosing a barrier with a design that is not too enclosed.

3. Consider Your Design and Aesthetic Option

When choosing a barrier, you must consider the HDB gate designs. Opting for a barrier that enhances the architectural aesthetics of your HDB unit allows you to achieve a dual purpose.
It's akin to accomplishing two objectives with a single decision—bolstering the security of your home while simultaneously elevating its visual appeal. 

There are various barrier designs available. You can choose the one that best suits your preferences.

For those who appreciate a clean and understated look, minimalist barrier designs offer simplicity and functionality. 

These barriers often feature sleek lines, straightforward patterns, and a modern aesthetic that can complement various architectural styles.
Conversely, classic and luxurious barrier designs showcase intricate detailing, ornate patterns, and elegant embellishments. 

These barriers make a bold statement, adding a touch of sophistication and timeless charm to your home's facade.


4. Gate Material

Your barrier's performance and endurance are strongly linked to the type of material you use to construct it. This is why it's necessary to take into account the barrier material.

There are various types of materials available for HDB gate doors, including:

  • Mild Steel

The most common HDB metal gate in Singapore is made from mild steel. Door barriers made from this material are quite popular because they are relatively cheap but resistant to Singapore's humid weather. It is rust-resistant and sturdy.

Apart from that, barriers that are made from this material also have quite diverse designs. The mild steel material is easy to shape, making it flexible and easy to design however you like.

  • Wrought Iron

Another type of HDB metal gate is a wrought iron gate. Barriers made from this material are suitable for environments requiring a strong and sturdy barrier. Made from 100% actual iron, this type of barrier is stronger than other materials.

The drawback of this type of barrier is its limited design. The strong iron material is very difficult to shape. Most of the barrier designs are quite similar to one another.
This barrier is also not very weather-resistant in terms of durability. If you put this barrier in an outside area that is hot and frequently rains, this gate will be prone to rust.

  • Aluminum

If you are looking for a barrier option that does not require much maintenance, you can choose aluminum barriers. The corrosion-free nature of aluminum gates means they do not require much special care to prevent rust.

However, it should be understood that this type of barrier is not as sturdy and strong as mild steel gates or wrought iron gates. Its lightweight nature makes it weaker than other types of barriers.

  • Stainless Steel

Like aluminum barriers, stainless steel barriers are relatively easy to maintain. Its nature is rust-resistant and does not absorb dirt, making it easy to care for. Not only that, stainless steel barriers are also resistant to extreme weather and long-lasting.

The disadvantage of this type of barrier is that the stainless steel material easily scratches and dents. Stainless steel can be more difficult to form and process than other metals, limiting the design and shape of the desired barrier.


5. Locking System Type

Before anything else, it's crucial to determine the type of key you intend to use.

There are several HDB gate lock options that you can install on HDB gates: traditional locks and digital locks. For traditional locks, choosing a door design is not a problem because traditional locks, such as padlocks, can be easily installed on any model of door gate.

However, this, of course, does not apply if you want an HDB gate digital lock type of gate. Installing a smart lock requires a flat surface on the gate, so you must also pay attention to choosing the door gate design later. 

It's a bit complicated, but you should consider the door barrier lock system with a digital lock because of its more sophisticated security and easy use.
A digital key allows you to access the gate with a smartphone application or fingerprint. This provides flexibility in access methods and will enable you, as homeowners, to control the gate without a physical key. 

6. Budget Considerations

Another thing you need to consider before replacing and installing a door barrier is the cost. HDB gate price can vary depending on the material, design complexity, and additional features.
Gate materials, such as mild steel, wrought iron, aluminum, and stainless steel, can have varying prices. Some materials may be more expensive than others but offer certain advantages, such as corrosion resistance or extra strength.

In addition to this consideration, it's worth noting that intricate or elaborate gate designs tend to come with higher costs. Therefore, opting for a simpler and more straightforward design becomes a practical solution if you're looking to manage your budget wisely. 

Furthermore, don't just think about "How much is the HDB gate cost?"; think about other additional costs that you might have to pay. 

For instance, it is vital to consider the expenses associated with installing a gate and the ongoing maintenance costs that may be required in the long run.


Gates Maintenance Tips

Maintaining door barriers is a straightforward process that does not require extensive effort. Regular cleaning, recommended at least once every six months, proves effective in removing accumulated dust that can compromise the aesthetic appeal of the gate.

While undertaking routine cleaning, inspecting the gate's condition for any signs of rust is advisable. This proactive approach enables you to identify the early stages of rust formation, facilitating prompt intervention to prevent further damage and maintain the gate's overall longevity and appearance.

If you want to start maintaining your gate, here are some things you can do during regular cleaning to clean and check your gate effectively:

1. Blend warm water with a bit of mild detergent or other cleaning agents. Use a sponge or old fabric to apply the solution and then clean the dust and dirt from the door barrier.

2. Clean the barrier again by wiping it with clean water until no soap residue is left, then dry it using a dry cloth. To prevent rust from forming on the gate, you need to avoid leaving the gate in wet condition.

3. After cleaning the gate body thoroughly, you can check each bolt or other gate component to ensure the equipment is installed correctly and safely.
If you notice any bolts or screws that are not secure or loose, you can try to tighten them if feasible. In case there is an issue with the lock system, you can promptly call a technician to repair it.

4. If you have a primer for metal gates, apply it after cleaning and checking your gate thoroughly. This primer usually contains rust inhibition, which can prevent rust from appearing on your door barrier.


Get Your Gates and Smart Lock at HOZ

For those of you who want to replace your old gate and are looking for a place to get the new one with the best quality and affordable price, you can get them at Hoz. 

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