An Introduction to Samsung Digital Locks

July 13, 2022

Samsung is a company well-known for its electronics in various fields and of many different types. From televisions and AVs to computers and smartphones, Samsung have brought us electronics and devices that has helped improve our lives and homes. Samsung's digital door locks are no different. As part of home improvement, these digital locks provide security, safety and convenience, adding much to your living spaces and lifestyle in Singapore. 

Keep up with the latest smart home tech trends with some of the best Samsung digital door locks Hoz has to offer: 

1. Samsung Digital Lock SHS-P717

The polished look of the Samsung Digital Lock SHS-P717 comes in both Gold and Silver, bringing elegance, style, and security to your home. With 3 different access modes; PIN code, RFID cards and a mechanical key, this simple digital lock covers all the bases, with a few extra bells and whistles. It features a push pull handle for your convenience and allows a combination of two modes (the keycard and PIN code) for extra security. This model also allows for seamless integration and interfacing with your Smarthome, so you can pair your locks with the rest of your devices, setting off ambient light, air conditioning, and other devices the moment you unlock your door. 

2. Samsung Digital Lock DS705 

Not looking to overhaul your doorknob? No worries! This simple, minimalist digital lock is installable over your current door handle. With 4 access modes; PIN code, RFID cards and tags, a mechanical key and Bluetooth, the Samsung Digital Lock DS705 uses a rim lock to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones. It also comes with extra security features such as a PIN code randomiser, an anti-prying alarm, an anti-theft alarm and an auto-unlock function for when temperatures rise over 70 degrees Celsius, keeping you and your family safe in emergencies. 

3. Samsung Digital Lock SHP-DH538

This classic style of the lever handle is paired with the brushed matte copper and grey of the device body, cohesively coming together in a dependable, timeless piece of home improvement. This digital lock can be unlocked with 4 access modes; a biometric fingerprint scanner, PIN code, a mechanical key, and even a Wi-Fi option. This model features a one-motion swift unlocking mechanism with the fingerprint scanner and multiple other features that ensure the safety of everyone in the household. The Samsung Digital Lock SHP-DH538 ensures that it does not lock from within if no one is home while including an alarm and auto-unlock feature for emergencies. The mortise-type lock also boasts a secure lock cylinder, bringing security to you and your loved ones. 

4. Samsung Digital Lock SHP-DR708

The Samsung Digital Lock SHP-DR708 is one of the most feature-packed ones that Samsung offers. With 5 different entry methods, including a biometric fingerprint scanner, PIN code, mechanical key, NFC compatibility (Android), and Wi-Fi, this lock is designed specifically to prevent hacking. It also has a secure lock cylinder for your family's protection and a push pull handle so you can simply open it in one motion. You can even issue one-time passwords for visitors or contractors, protecting your privacy and safety in all situations. 

Here at Hoz, we understand that you want only the best when it comes to your home. As an authorised reseller of digital locks in Singapore, you can find a wide range of models from leading brands in gates and doors. Browse our online collection of Samsung digital locks here, or come and visit us at our showroom at the Atrix Building to see and test these models for yourself. With low prices and affordable bundles, we provide 24/7 tech support for our extensive range of smart door locks. Shop at Hoz now!

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