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Benefit Installing a Front Gate and a Fence at Home

Benefit Installing a Front Gate and a Fence at Home
calendarNovember 5, 2023

Mild Steel Gate - Lately, there are many Millennials and Gen Z who are starting to forget to build a front gate when building a home. 

When, in fact, its presence is very important. The benefits of installing a front gate at home are very numerous and extensive. You need it to protect the home itself and all residents who live there.
That is why you need to know what is the benefit of installing a front gate. 

Aside from that, you also have to learn about what a front gate is and which type of it suits you better. Here are all the things that you need to know about them!

What Is a Front Gate? 


If you take the literal meaning of a front gate, a gate is a part of a fence or outside wall, and you can open and close it.

It is a structure at a building that is used when you make an entrance or when you exit the building. As its name suggests, the position is at the front of the building itself. 

Usually, there is a space between a fence and a home. So, you will not enter the home immediately when you enter the gate. 

In general, the purpose of a gate and fence is to make sure that the area is closed from outsiders. 

So, only people who have access can enter the area of your home.
At first, people made fences for agricultural and farming purposes. 

The main objective is to protect the land from damage and to make sure that the livestock cannot run away from their shed or stall. 

Most of them made it by using wood or rocks as materials in the past. Especially in the European area.
However, as time went by, they started to make fences from metal materials, such as iron, bronze, and steel. It was popular in the 19th century.

So, people started to build fences in their homes, schools, offices, hospitals, etc.
For now, the main objective of gates and fences, in general, is not only to protect the land and livestock. 

It also exists to protect the privacy and the security of humans. 

Especially from outsiders who have bad intentions, such as burglars and trespassers.

Why Installing a Front Gate Is Important? 

When you already have a general description of gates, it is time to get to know the reason why you need to install them. 

In general, you can gain a lot of benefits when installing a front gate. 

So, for better understanding, here are the benefits of a driveway gate! 


1. Control The Flow of People at Your Home 

Basically, the importance of a gate and a fence is to control the flow of people at your home. Without it, you can get random people entering your comfort zone at random times. 

This situation can bother you more than you thought. However, random people might have no harm aside from being nosy.

2. Give You a Sense of Privacy 

Still related to random people being nosy, a gate can also give you a sense of privacy. Because home is bound to be a comfort zone, you can be whatever you want at home. And you might not want other people to see you in that state. 

For example, you wear a hijab outside and do not wear it inside your home.

Apart from that, there are definitely many private things that you do only at home. So, installing a front gate will surely give you more benefits to protect your privacy.

3. Make Your Home Looks More Beautiful
Not only for privacy purposes, you can also use gates and fences for aesthetic purposes. Its presence can make the home look neater and more beautiful. 

Especially nowadays, there are a lot of architects who love to be creative and build the most unique and interesting fences and gate designs. 

Some people love it to be simple. Especially if the theme of your home is modern or minimalist. However, some people also love a gate that looks extravagant. 

So, the house will look like a palace like home, a fairytale-like home, or various other concepts that suit your preferences.


4. Make Your Home Have a Higher Value in Commercial Purpose
Then, what are the benefits of building a fence and a gate for commercial purposes? Apparently, the presence of both can increase the value of the home in the buyers' eyes. 

So, if you want to sell it, the selling price will definitely be higher than a home which did not have both of them.

5. Can Become a Barrier between One Home and Another

Sometimes, in some residential neighborhoods where gates do not exist, people do not know when they have crossed the boundaries. 

In some moments, some of them will accidentally hang out or put their belongings in other people's yards. It might be bothersome for some of you.
So, this is one of the benefits of a privacy fence and installing a front gate. You can protect your own boundaries and prevent yourself from crossing others'. 

So, in the end, you can live in harmony with your neighbors and not disturb certain boundaries of each other without consent. 
That is why good fences make good neighbors. 

Robert Frost, a poet, also agreed with that. In his poem called Mending Wall, he implies that boundaries are needed to make a good relationship. Especially a relationship with the neighborhood.


6. Protect Your Pet and Children 

For those of you who have children and pets, installing a gate is a must. This is because most of them still do not have a sense of safety. 

They can run on the road without looking at the circumstances around them. Especially whether there are any vehicles driving on the road that could endanger their safety.
So, are fences a good idea? The answer is definitely yes. The safer your home is, the better it is. Especially for people who clearly need extra safety, like children and pets.

7. Make Your Vehicle Parked in the Yard Safely

Apart from children and pets, you could also protect your vehicle with gates and fences. 

Because, for your information, vehicle theft cases have still not decreased significantly from 2008 to 2021. Unfortunately, the cases immediately increase in 2022 and 2023.
In 2022, the increased rate of vehicle theft has reached 67.5% compared to 2019. Then, it will become worse in 2023. From January to June alone, there was a 104.3% increase in the rate of vehicle theft compared to 2019.

That is in the United States of America alone and still does not include worldwide data.
That is why you need a gate to prevent theft. As a tip, use a metal fence so it will make a noise when someone tries to open it or jump over it. 

However, it would be better if you installed an extra security device, such as digital gate locks, to make it more secure.

8. Minimalizing Vandalism
Some of you might still not realize that preventing and minimizing vandalism is another reason why fences are famous. 

If there are no fences, random people can enter your yard and easily damage your property with vandalism. It can clearly damage the aesthetics of the home.
Not only do they draw strange pictures on the walls, but they can also put random stickers on the windows. 

However, with a fence and a gate, people have to make more effort to break into your yard. So, the probability of someone committing vandalism on your property can be reduced.

9. Make You Pay Lower Insurance Costs

Do you intend to buy home insurance? 

If the answer is yes, then there is good news for you. 

If the home is already equipped with a fence and a gate, the insurance agents will think that your home is well protected. So, the cost of the policy that you need to buy might be lower.
It might not be the main reason why a fence and a gate is often built around residential areas. However, ever since the public knew about it, people started installing them for this reason. 

It will be nice if you can pay less for something greater, in this case, lower insurance costs for the home.

10. Deter Burglars and Trespassers

Basically, the most important reason for erecting a boundary wall around a building is to deter burglars and trespassers.

Without it, they only need to break into the home once. However, if you have a gate at your home, they need to break into it twice. They have to do more work, and they clearly hate it. 

However, it would be nice if you installed extra security at the front door and at the gate, so they have to work four times harder. For example, by installing digital locks. 

It will surely deter them from doing something harmful to you and all the residents at the home.


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Which Type of Front Gates is The Best Choice? 


After knowing the reasons why it is important to build a wall or a gate in your home, you also need to know that there are many types of them. 

You can find many materials for making fences. Starting from woods, rocks, and also metals. However, for the gate part, you usually only use wood and metals. 

Then, what are the benefits of metal gates? 

In general, it is durable, easy to install, and easy to maintain. 

However, if you want it to be cheaper, you can choose the wood one. However, a wood gate might not be durable because it can easily rot and mold. Especially if you live in a rainy area.
Not only from its materials, you can also choose the type of front gates from how its mechanisms work. 

There are gates that can be opened when you swing, slide, or fold it. 

Besides the manual ones, there are also the automatic ones. Read below for the explanation!
1. Swinging

If you want to save more budget, installing a swinging front gate can give you more benefits. The reason is because this is the cheapest choice that you can choose. 

If you are wondering about what are the advantages of swing gates, aside from that, it is also friendlier and easier to access for pedestrians.
2. Sliding

However, if you have a car or any other vehicle, installing a sliding front gate might be more beneficial for you. There are many benefits of installing a sliding front gate. 

For example, it can give you efficiency because it is easier to slide a big gate than to swing it. That is why sliding gates are important.
3. Bi-Folding

Then, you can also bi-fold a gate to make it more aesthetic. So, if you want it to look more aesthetically beautiful, then this type is for you. 

However, this kind of gate does not really offer you efficiency. Because you need more effort to open it compared to the swinging and the sliding ones.
4. Automatic 

Not only manual gates, but you can also use automatic gates nowadays. 

Lately, things are getting more sophisticated, so you do not have to get out of the car to open the gate. In general, you can enjoy this kind of treatment by installing a digital gate lock. 


Installing a Digital Lock at The Front Gate for Your Private and Secure Home

From all the explanations above, you might already have an idea about how digital locks can protect your privacy and security. Apart from that, it can also help you to live a life that is full of efficiency.

You do not even need to get off the door to open the gate again because the gate will open automatically.
The benefits of installing a front gate might vary. 

However, it would be more beneficial for you if you installed digital gate locks along with them. It would strengthen privacy, security, and efficiency. 

The good news is that Hoz provides the best digital gate locks. So, visit Hoz immediately to get the best deals!





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