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Bosch Smart Door Lock EL800A Product Review: Specs, Price, and More

Bosch Smart Door Lock EL800A Product Review: Specs, Price, and More
calendarMarch 17, 2024

Best Digital Lock - As people's interest in switching from traditional keys to digital locks increases, various digital lock products are available to protect their property. 

One of them is a popular advanced smart door lock, Bosch EL800A. 

Is this smart lock a solution to get your home highly protected? 

The following complete information may help you.

BOSCH EL800A Specifications

Discussing products will not be complete without knowing the information on the appliance specifications. 

Therefore, below are Bosch EL800A digital door lock specifications that are highly recommended for you to know.



(L x W x D)mm

375 x 84 x 68 (outer body)

375 x 76 x 70 (inner body)

Main MaterialZink Alloy 3
Lock typeMortise
HandleYes (Pull Push)
Unlock MethodsMechanical Key
RFID card
Wi-Fi (optional upgrade)
Smart Home CompatibilityBosch Smart Home, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Co.
Applicable door thickness40-60mm
Battery LifeApproximately 10 months
PowerDC 6V ( 4 AA LR6 Alkaline)


As mentioned in the table above, this intuitive door lock product is part of a series of elite smart lock products manufactured by Bosch. 

Relating to specifications, there is no significant difference between the EL800A and other Bosch products in the series, such as the EL600 and ID60. 

All of them beautifully serve as advanced smart door locks among their competitors in their class.

Specifically, EL800A digital locks generally apply components and specs in advanced digital door locks. Access options, alarm features, and batteries are among the instances. 

Because the specs are not much different from other Bosch smart locks, caution and maintenance of its components, such as Bosch EL800A battery life and power management, is certainly not difficult to follow. 

For instance, you can use the recommended Alkaline battery to avoid damage.


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BOSCH EL800A Features

This powerful digital door lock product from the Bosch brand has features as mentioned further below.

1. Sensitive Fingerprint Sensor

One of the Bosch EL800A features that many people look for when choosing a digital door lock is a good level of sensitivity from the touchpad or sensor. 

In this regard, the door lock made by the Bosch brand company has a good sensor design when the user wants to access the lock.

Impressively, the EL800A has sensor technology that is capable of identifying fingerprints in less than 0.8 seconds.

Apart from that, fingerprint pad technology also comes from semiconductor material with a fingerprint area of 160 pixels and an image resolution of 508 dpi.

2. Push Pull Motion

The push-pull motion feature on the EL800A handle provides ease and comfort to the user when opening the door. 

This type of handle also allows the user to not exert vertical pressure on the door handle. That way, older people and children in your house can open the door more comfortably and smoothly.

This handle will be useful when you or your partner need to open the door while carrying objects. It is effortlessly done by simply pushing your door with your body.

3. Fully Automated Lock

This feature also adds to the amount of pleasure and convenience for users. This feature makes going in and out of your house or apartment easier and quicker for you and your family. 

Imagine a great amount of time and energy you can save when you don't always have to check whether your door is locked whenever someone enters or leaves the house.

4. Fake PIN Code

Another feature is a fake PIN code, which, as the name suggests, protects the user's original code from people who try to force their way into the house without the homeowner's knowledge.

5. Anti-prying Alarm

The alarm feature on Bosch digital lock EL800A will go off when there is an attempted break-in or forced entry, whether via mechanical key, PIN, or other access. 

In addition, if someone fails to enter the password or key thrice, the system will lock for 3 minutes.

6. Low Battery Indicator

This smart lock from Bosch is also equipped with an indicator when your lock’s battery power is running low. 

The notification is usually in the form of a flashlight or sound. This way, users can immediately remove the batteries and replace them with new ones. 

One professional tip when replacing the battery of your door lock is not to mix the new and old batteries. Also, regularly replacing the battery every six months would be better. 

Hence, don't wait until the indicator lights up or your door lock response decreases; you must replace the battery.

7. Circuit Failure Alarm

This advanced smart door lock from Bosch also has a circuit failure alarm feature which will keep the home and user safe. With this feature, the system will keep the door locked for some time when a power outage occurs.

8. Anti-panic device

This feature will be helpful when the sensor catches abnormal heat inside your house, a fire, an electrical short circuit, etc. 

The alarm will automatically turn on, and the system mechanism will unlock the door. That way, all family members, from older people to children, can easily open the door to save themselves.

9. Child's Lock

Safety lock mode for kids is one of the features usually found in advanced digital door locks. With this feature, parents don't need to worry about their child accidentally opening the door and slipping out their property.
In addition, this feature is also a favorite feature for those living with their pets at home. That way, pets such as dogs or cats cannot go out when the owner is busy with activities.

BOSCH EL800A Design

Apart from superior functional aspects, Bosch EL800A sleek and modern design highlights an intelligent look from every angle. 

Not only that, there are two stunning color choices available, namely amber gold and space grey.

Additionally, unlike its sleek, rectangular front appearance, the EL800A has a sturdy and powerful side look at the same time. This design and style cannot easily be found on other standard smart door locks.

Meanwhile, the lock's outside and inside body have a full panel design and logo at the bottom. 

On the outer body part, the number pad and card reader are well-designed in the upper part of the outer body part per section. 

Other features, such as the handle, speaker, and fingerprint panel, are in the middle section.
Furthermore, the emergency power port and mechanical key are located somewhat hidden on the bottom section's horizontal side.

On the other hand, the design and placement of the functional buttons on the inside body parts of the EL800A are also relatively easy to understand. 

The middle to upper section includes a battery cover, volume control, child's lock, etc. The rest section consists of an emergency knob and handle.

BOSCH EL800A Performance

The performance of the EL800A in terms of identifying fingerprints and other types of unlock access has proven to be impressive. 

You or your family members can open the door quickly as the sensor can identify your finger within 0.8 seconds.
Furthermore, you can effortlessly open the door in seconds with the EL800A’s handle type. 

Apart from that, this Bosch EL800A smart lock is also very convenient for you and your family members in terms of the availability of remote unlocking. 

Moreover, you can simply integrate this door lock with the Bosch Smart Home system via the wireless network. Meanwhile, you need a master PIN code to activate and deactivate the remote control app. 


With the increasing number of smart home applications among the general public, Bosch also produced their door lock to be able to configure with the Bosch smart home app.
Meanwhile, the app is available on the App Store and Play Store. You can easily download it in a minute through your iOS or Android cellphone.
With the app installed on your cell phone, you need to connect it with your door lock. One of the Bosch EL800A wireless connectivity options most people choose is Wi-Fi. 

In addition, by connecting your door lock with the mobile app, there are many benefits for users, including:

1. Smart Lock Control

Bosch EL800A event lock and activity tracking feature allows you to control the door lock from wherever and whenever you are. You only need one click to lock or unlock while relaxing or doing other activities.


2. Simple Customization

You can customize the app settings according to your or your family's needs. You can also set activation mode, volume, alarm tone, and one-time code and get real-time notifications.


3. Secure and Private

Even though it is accessed remotely, your history and everything that happened with your smart door lock is guaranteed to be safe and private in the app. 

This is because data encryption applies to a high level of security systems.

The Bosch smart home application is not only used for smart door locks. This app also controls other home devices such as cameras, room lights, offices, water alarms, etc.

However, one thing you should pay attention to is checking whether the app is available for your country. 

So, kindly consult with professional installation staff if you have difficulty doing your Bosch EL800A mobile app integration.

BOSCH EL800A Price & Availability

Bosch EL800A availability and pricing information is easy to find if you reside in Singapore. 

This smart door lock is available at Hoz Singapore with a tempting deal of $1,499, saving us a solid $150 from the original $1,649. Or, you can choose three installments of $500 with special terms and conditions from Hoz. 

Although some might think it is pricier than other door lock options, the EL800A is a worthy long-term investment. It is so, considering Bosch EL800A specifications and features offered provide maximum security for the property.

Even more, there are many benefits you can get when getting EL800A from Hoz Singapore. In addition to the Bosch EL800A warranty for two years, you will also get a free installation from Hoz professional staff. 

Even better, professional staff will save you from hassle installation and assist you in the fingerprints and PIN codes setup process.

BOSCH EL800A Installation & Configuration

Basically, there are two installation options that you can do. First, you can do a DIY installation. Meanwhile, the second option is to ask a professional expert to do the installation for you.

If you are used to doing DIY projects for your home appliances, you only need to follow the steps in the EL800A installation guide. 

Also, make sure you meet the installation requirements as stated in the Bosch EL800A user manual, such as 8 cm distance between the gate and door edge, etc.

Besides the installation and user manual, the bundle package is also equipped with body parts (outside and inside), two mechanical keys, a parts pack, and 2 card keys. 

Meanwhile, this Bosch smart lock can register up to:

  • Two physical keys
  • 100 RFID Cards
  • 100 PIN Codes
  • 100 Fingerprints

If you choose professional assistance to install this door lock, you can also ask them to set up the unlock access solution. 

Then, kindly ask them to explain the usage or customization of the door lock if you have questions about it.

Alternatively, you can initialize a PIN or other access type while looking at the user manual. 

So, choose which option works best for you.

Although already included in the user manual, sometimes the staff will remind you about some important maintenance for the door lock. 

For instance, completely replace all the old batteries with the new ones, avoid unnecessary loss by not trying to disassemble or repair the lock without professional help, etc.

Best Conclusion

Overall, the EL800A is an advanced smart door lock that offers a stylish and stunning design and complete functional features that provide maximum security to your home or apartment. 

Besides, all these advantages are packaged epically at a reasonable price.

So, if you set your eye on Bosch EL800A to secure your home or apartment, we recommend you get the genuine items through Hoz Singapore. 

Apart from less than 24 hours of free installation, their customer support team is ready to assist you in realizing your smart home dream one step closer.






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