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Drying Clothes Indoors vs. Outdoors: The Best Laundry Hacks

Drying Clothes Indoors vs. Outdoors: The Best Laundry Hacks
calendarJanuary 6, 2024

Best Drying Rack Singapore - In the past, drying clothes was often done outdoors using direct sunlight.

This method is slowly being replaced by drying indoors. 

So naturally, a comparison of drying clothes indoors vs outdoors will emerge. 

Which one is better?

Read the article below to clarify whether to drying of wet clothes outside or indoors. You will soon discover which method is the most appropriate and advanced as the best drying hack today!


Drying Clothes Outdoors

Drying clothes outside the house is a traditional method that homeowners often use, especially if you have a little ground in the house's front, side, or back.
As a common method, dry clothes in the sun is indeed more familiar. 

But considering various technological developments, busyness, weather, and limited land, this traditional method certainly has its advantages and disadvantages.

You will see some advantages or disadvantages of hanging clothes to dry outside in the explanation below.


Pros of Drying Clothes Outdoors

When you decide to dry clothes outside, some of the benefits you will receive are:


1. Save More

Living in a tropical environment allows you to get more sunlight throughout the year than people in four-season countries.
You can dry your clothes for free as long as the sun is shining. There's no charge for using the sun, right? The only crucial things you need are a clothesline, hanger, or several other tools.

Apart from that, drying clothes in the sun is also more eco-friendly. So, not only will it help you, but this method can also help preserve nature!


2. Increases the Freshness Of Clothes And is Free from Odors

When drying clothes in the sun, the smell of the clothes can be more controlled.

The unpleasant aroma can disappear because sunlight can cause various bacteria on wet clothes to break down and die.

This has been proven by many people. The rotten smell of mold, smoke, or food can disappear by drying various objects in the sun.

Based on research, drying in the sun naturally produces organic compounds. These compounds have a similar aroma to perfume or plants.

That way, the aroma will remain refreshing even if you don't use clothes freshener, especially if you compare it with the results of regular indoor drying.


3. Brighten White Clothes

You may often hear the prohibition against drying clothes in the sun for too long, especially if the clothes are dark or colorful. Because the color of the clothes can fade, especially if the clothes are not turned inside out while drying.

Apart from that, if you dry white clothes, sunlight effectively maintains the white color. That way, the potential for yellowing clothes can be reduced.

Stains that remain during washing can also be reduced by drying in the sun. So it's unsurprising that the stubborn stains look reduced or disappear after drying.


4. Dry Faster

The question regarding do clothes dry faster outside will be answered at this point. If the weather is hot enough, then the answer is automatically yes.

When clothes are dried in the sun, the water molecules remaining on the fabric will warm up more quickly. Naturally, evaporation will occur more rapidly in warm water. 

Meanwhile, the water in clothes dried indoors will remain cold so that the drying time will be longer.

Drying clothes in the room for too long will also increase the humidity, so mold grows more quickly. This is certainly very disturbing, especially to your health.


5. Makes Clothes Last Longer

Without many people realizing it, drying clothes outside can maintain durability.

Drying clothes in the sun can keep them the same size without shrinking.

This is the opposite of using a dryer to dry indoors. A drying machine can make clothes shrink twice as much. When clothes shrink, their aesthetics decrease, and your body won't feel comfortable wearing them.


Cons of Drying Clothes Outdoor

Meanwhile, some of the disadvantages are:


1. Need Special Ground

Drying clothes freely may feel nice, but nowadays, this is difficult. If you have a house or rent one, drying clothes outdoors is possible.
However, if you live in an HDB apartment, outdoor space will likely be challenging to own. Even if there is, the area is limited.


2. Violating Certain Rules

Drying wet clothes outside for HDB house owners can be said to violate the rules.

The rules regarding this house prohibit drying mops and wet clothes outside the window. 

This arises because this action can disturb neighbors with water droplets.
So, even if you want to dry clothes outside, you must dry them in a dryer first.


3. Contaminated with Unpleasant Odors

When dried in the sun, the natural fragrance of clothes applies if your environment is clean or has fragrant grass.

Meanwhile, if the drying area is less good and has a problem with a bad smell, the clothes will absorb these aromas. Eventually, your clothes will smell foul.


4. Unpredictable Weather

Quite often, erratic weather conditions can disrupt drying your clothes. Too hot and dry can cause dust to stick to clothes. 

Meanwhile, when it rains, you can't dry it at all.

Moreover, if you are rarely at home, monitoring it when the weather is uncertain will be difficult.


Drying Clothes Indoor

If home conditions, the shortcomings above, and your busy life make it impossible to dry them outdoors, then drying clothes indoors is the best choice.
However, this method certainly has its advantages and disadvantages too.


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Pros of Drying Clothes Indoor

Some of the benefits of drying indoors using various methods are:


1. Safer and More Efficient

Drying clothes indoors is safer than outdoors for some people. You will avoid the potential for clothes to be stolen or exposed to contamination from the external environment.
This method is also very helpful when you are a worker or can't be home all day. 

Drying it inside the house can help you feel calmer and more comfortable.
You don't need to worry about the condition of your clothes being dried anymore.


2. Avoid Sudden Weather Changes

When using a regular drying rack or indoor drying line, your clothes will be free from problems caused by sudden weather changes.

Sunny weather when drying clothes does not guarantee that the situation will be the same a few hours later. 

It could rain suddenly, even when the sun is still shining brightly.
What's even worse is that you don't even have the chance to dry your clothes outside during the rainy season.

Meanwhile, if you dry it inside the house from the start, you will no longer worry about changes in the weather. Whether at home or not, you can do various activities comfortably.


3. Free from Excessive Sunlight

The weather in our home environment can sometimes be too hot. If clothes are dried in the sun for just a few hours, the color may not fade and helps remove bacteria.

However, suppose you dry it continuously for an extended time. In that case, the potential for the color of the clothes to fade will be more significant.

So, a clothes drying rack indoor or clothesline is an excellent solution to keep clothes colors nice and bright.


4. Reduce Conflict

Conflicts over-drying clothes can occur for people who live in apartment environments.

Water droplets from your wet clothes can disturb other residents, whether disturbing their clotheslines or making the terrace or balcony area slippery.

So, if we dry it inside the house, we can prevent this potential conflict.


5. Drying Machines Can Dry Clothes Quickly

One of the problems with the indoor drying concept is that clothes will take longer to dry. This is not entirely wrong.

However, we can avoid this with the help of a drying machine. Whether you use a machine that squeezes out the water or dries it completely, indoor drying time can be even faster.


Cons of Drying Clothes Indoor

Meanwhile, some of the disadvantages of drying clothes indoors are:

1. Makes the Room More Humid

Drying semi-dry or wet clothes indoors can increase the humidity in the room. In the long term, this cannot be very pleasant.
Mold will grow more quickly in a damp room, making the walls moldy and harming your health. To overcome this, at least you need a dehumidifier to reduce the humidity.


2. The Drying Process is Relatively Long

Even if you use a dryer or ordinary clothes drying rack to make the water drain quickly, the drying process is still relatively long. Especially if your area is in pen season


3. Makes Clothes Smell Less Pleasant

Suppose the rainy season is prolonged, and the air circulation in your laundry room is poor or damp. In that case, your clothes will slowly smell musty or unpleasant.
Even though the clothes are finally dry, the scent still lingers and bothers you, even if you spray on perfume.


4. Clothes are Damaged if You Frequently Use The Dryer

Using a dryer can damage your clothes if used regularly. 

This can make you feel a dilemma because drying indoors without a dryer takes a long time.


Drying Clothes Indoors vs. Outdoor: Which One is Better?

Each method above has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, you can adjust it to your needs and circumstances.

In general, some comparisons of the pros and cons of each method are:

AspectsDrying Clothes OutdoorDrying Clothes Indoor
ProsMore efficientEconomical and efficient
 Fresher clothesFree from excessive light
 Dry fasterReduce conflict
 Clothes last longerYou can use a drying machine
ConsNeed special groundThe room is more humid
 Breaking certain rulesLonger drying
 Disturbed by sudden weather changesThe smell of the clothes is not good.
 Contaminated with unpleasant odorsClothes are easily damaged by continuous use of the dryer.


However, if you live in an apartment or HDB house, have limited space, and are busy, then drying clothes indoors is the best solution.

With its drawbacks, you may need more time to decide. But there's no need to worry. Drying clothes at home can still be safe and comfortable. 

Thanks to the technology and advanced tools available.

The solution is to use a clothes drying rack electric.

Apart from offering various advantages, this smart laundry rack is able to overcome the multiple disadvantages of drying clothes indoors.

If you still need to become more familiar with the advanced technology of indoor clothes drying racks, please see the next section.

Smart Laundry Rack, Indoor Clothes Drying Solution

Philips Smart Drying Rack SDR601 ABO

Smart drying racks are a practical solution rather than ordinary indoor clothes drying racks or drying machines, which negatively affect your clothes or your health.

Moreover, living in a tropical country with sometimes unpredictable weather changes, a smart drying rack is a game changer.

Some of the advantages of using this tool are:


1. Save Money

When purchasing or installing, you may have to spend some money. However, this tool can be a long-term investment. This device saves more electricity than ordinary dryers, which consume up to 6000 Watts.

That way, you can save more on your monthly expenses.


2. Save Space

As a traditional rack or clothesline, a regular dryer takes up quite a lot of space in your laundry room.
If you switch to this smart rack, you can hang it from the ceiling of your house. Once used, the tool can be folded to keep the room neat and spacious.


3. Using Advanced Drying Technology

With the drying technology in this tool, you don't have to wait long for your clothes to dry. Even if dried at home, clothes are also free from unpleasant odors and bacteria.


4. More Convenient and Effective

Using traditional sun dryers or ropes will be quite troublesome. Clothes can also fall because the straps or shelves are unbalanced.

Unlike the smart laundry rack, you can dry clothes comfortably and safely without worrying about anything.


5. Easy to Use

There are many smart racks that offer operational convenience. Either using a particular button or via the app. Just adjust it to your preferences.

While you are at Hoz site, you can also check out the various smart laundry rack products that we provide. There are multiple choices to adjust to your budget and needs.

So, apart from finding the answer to drying clothes indoors vs outdoors, you can also find the product on our page.

Check it out now





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