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Enhancing Home Protection: A Review of Lockin V5 Max & Lockin Model V Bundle

Enhancing Home Protection: A Review of Lockin V5 Max & Lockin Model V Bundle
calendarMay 12, 2024

Lockin V5 Max, One Of The Best Digital Lock 2024 - Homeowners should pull out all the stops to ensure their homes are well-secured and protected. 

One way to do so is by entrusting your home security to smart digital locks instead of the traditional lock-and-keys. Lockin V5 Max & Lockin Model V are the best bundle deals you can consider.

There are many reasons why the digital option has become increasingly popular over the years. For one, smart locks have features that maximize convenience and protection. 

For example, you will not get the perks of an intruder alarm or a visitor log with a regular house key. Luckily, the modern world offers a wide variety of home protection innovations, price- and functionality-wise.

Find out what makes these two bundle products award-winning and widely coveted on the market. 

We will break down all you need to know about the features, prices, and other relevant information to help you decide. 

Read on! 

Lockin V5 Max: An Award-Winning Innovation in Home Security

Lockin Technology launched its latest state-of-the-art door lock, Lockin V5 Max, in 2023. This high-end model was released alongside its Pro variant and managed to amass approximately 10 million yuan in just a week of pre-sale in its home country of China. 

The reason why this lock took the masses by storm is because it’s truly packed with plenty of reliable features that can put homeowner’s minds at rest. 

With this door lock installed, you can relax knowing that your house is future-proofed with state-of-the-art technology for maximum security and comfort. 

Join us today to see everything that makes Lockin V5 Max unique and highly sought after! 


Design and Build Quality

Design is one of the many departments where Lockin V5 Max truly shines—winning prestigious international awards such as The Red Dot Design Award, German Design Award, International Design Award, and CES Innovation Award. 

Unsurprisingly, V5 Max’s design is spearheaded by the company’s collaboration with none other than Hartmut Esslinger, one of Apple Computer’s designers. 

While compact, the design is thin and quite discreet. But don’t let the appearance fool you. Despite its seemingly unassuming yet sleek appearance, this digital lock still boasts many advanced features. 

With a dimension of 460mm * 78mm * 16mm, Lockin V5 Max is thin, lightweight, elegant, and made to last. 

The best part is that while the aluminum panel for the scan feature is very thin, the door lock comes with its built-in, high-definition viewer screen. Paired with this is the 170-degree ultra-wide angle camera. 

Key Features

Lockin V5 Max is equipped with these key features:

1. Speedy Palm, Face, and Fingerprint Recognition

Lockin V5 Max takes only 0.75 seconds response time to recognize fingerprints and other biometric markers. It also has a high accuracy, enabling it to differentiate identical twins and distinguish a wide variety of physical features. 

2. Palm-Vein Recognition

Lockin V5 Max is one of the few smart door locks on the market with this specific feature. You can register your whole palm as an identification to unlock your door, which is faster and more convenient than fingerprinting. This feature is a lifesaver for those with faint fingerprints or children too short to reach the door key’s fingerprint scanner properly. 

3. Various Modes of Unlocking

Customers have various unlock modes to choose from. They can use palm vein biometrics, fingerprints, face scans, PINs, NFC tags, one-time passwords, Siri voice commands, Apple Watch, the Mijia App’s remote control function, and a mechanical key. 

4. Door View Screen

A built-in door view screen is connected to the lock’s Bluetooth-based Mijia App. With this feature, homeowners can check who’s in front of their house and open the lock from the app in real-time. 

5. Ease of Setup

The Bluetooth-based Mijia App is extremely convenient and straightforward for most homeowners to set up and manage. 

6. Automatic Locking System

It will automatically lock the door after a certain time has passed. 

7. Cutting-edge Anti-intrusion Technology

The digital lock comes packed with multiple sensors and alarms that respond well to any perceived attempts of forced entry and breaking in. 

8. Fully-Integrated Ecosystem

As expected, the digital ecosystem synchronizes perfectly with Apple Home, so you can use Apple Watch and Siri voice commands to perform tasks on your lock. 

Pros and Cons

In short, these are the few advantages and disadvantages of Lockin V5 Max, sorted for your convenience: 

Pros: Highly responsive scanner 
Extremely versatile unlocking methods
Advanced security features that are geared for maximum convenience
Cutting-edge design that’s lightweight and packed with features
Two-year on-site warranty
ConsThere is no Wi-Fi Function


Lockin Model V: The Perfect Gate Lock Counterpart

While picking a reliable smart door lock is important, choosing the best one for your gate is equally essential. One will only be able to function properly and optimally with the other. 

Therefore, get the Lockin Model V to complement your V5 Max lock to tap into this technology's full benefits.
Beyond just an ordinary gate lock, the Lockin Model V elevates gate security to the next level with its many advanced features. With this lock around, you can have a heightened peace of mind to fortify your gate security as a whole.
Whether you’re concerned with theft, intrusion, or home security issues, Lockin V5 Max offers lots of functionalities and then some. 

Design and Build Quality

Lockin Model V is highly durable and built using high-quality aluminum alloy materials like its door lock counterpart. This construction allows the lock to weather outdoor elements and lasts longer against corrosion and damage. 

Moreover, the material makes the gate lock lightweight and elegant in design. 

The front design is thin yet durable, while the back is quite solid. It has a great design and can blend perfectly with most home exteriors. 

Key Features

Lockin Model V is equipped with these key features:

1. Multiple Unlocking Modes

Users can use dual fingerprints, NFC tags, PINs, mechanical keys, remote controls, and a one-time password to open the lock. 

2. Synchronised Dual Unlocking

The reason why this gate lock is highly recommended for buyers purchasing Lockin V5 Max is the fact that it synchronizes well with it. If you unlock the gate, the door will also open, and vice versa. Like V5 Max, Model V synchronizes with Lockin S50M and SV40. 

3. Cutting-Edge Security

The gate lock is packed with many anti-theft and anti-intrusion features that allow unparalleled peace of mind even when you’re away.  

4. Sleek Design

There is no door handle on the gate lock, giving the lock a more futuristic look that’s both convenient and sophisticated. 

5. Fast and Responsive

Like its door lock counterpart, the Lockin Model V is extremely responsive and reliable. 

6. Integrated Digital Ecosystem

You can also manage the settings of this gate using the Mijia App.

7. Future-proof

The quality of the construction and materials ensures sustained longevity when it comes to the product’s lifespan. You don’t have to worry. Your gate security fails you anytime soon with this lock. 

Pros and Cons

Should you get this gate lock? This table lays down the pros and cons of the product and may help you to decide.

ProsSynchronized unlocking with Lockin V5 Max
Personalized unlocking modes to suit your preferences and lifestyle
Advanced security measures designed to deter intruders and protect your home
Durable and weather-resistant. The robust construction and use of high-quality materials allows optimal performance and longevity
An integrated tamper-proof alarm system that’s quick to respond to any unauthorized entry attempts
Cons The lack of a handle might be an issue for some homeowner
No Wi-Fi function



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Why Choose the Bundled Package?

While you can buy the products separately, we suggest you get them as a bundle. 

There are many benefits to having them installed and operated as a set, mainly because the protection and security features would be more cohesive that way, and there would be less of a headache to maintain and manage. 

What’s more, they are crafted to complement the design of their own products. While maintaining your home security remains the highest priority, your home aesthetic deserves the best. A stylish design harmoniously blending in with the surroundings while matching each other would be preferred.
Additionally, the products’ prices are more affordable as a set. 

Since the bundle price is lower, you don’t have to spend more on getting them separately. That’s money you can spend on other things, such as our wide array of home improvement products. 

Lastly, installing the locks as a set will simplify the installation and maintenance. You only need a single appointment to set up or maintain them, saving you money, time, and headaches. 

User Experiences

Based on the average reviews of this product all across the internet, ease of use is noted as one of the lock’s many selling points. Overall, both the Lockin V5 Max & Model V are user-friendly on top of being reliably secure. 


Installation and Maintenance

Enjoy a seamless installation experience with this door and lock bundle, expertly handled by professionals in just a matter of hours. 

With our 2-year on-site guarantee, you can trust that ongoing maintenance and customer support are in good hands. After all, this comprehensive bundle is designed to provide hassle-free operation and support every step of the way.


Price and Value: An Investment Worth Making

The state-of-the-art technology and award-winning design are two reasons this bundle is worth investing in. Price-wise, the cost is worth it when you consider the product’s many robust security features, like the innovative palm-vein recognition function. 

If you plan on buying the locks separately, you must pay $599 for the Lockin Model V and $1199 for the Lockin V5 Max. However, if you purchase the locks as a set, you will get a bargain price of $1299. It is a worthy investment, especially considering it already comes with a two-year on-site guarantee. 

What’s Included in the Package?

Purchasing Lockin V5 Max and Model V as a set will give you the following:

  • 2-Year On-Site Warranty: For two years, your device is protected against risks of manufacturing issues or defects, as unlikely as it is. You deserve an uninterrupted peace of mind, and Lockin is committed to ensuring that. 
  • Experience Effortless Setup: Take advantage of our expert installation service. We will ensure both locks are properly installed for maximum performance and longevity. 
  • Transparent Pricing: Leave your worries of hidden fees and unexpected surprises behind! The cost is  GST-absorbed, making budgeting simple. With transparent pricing, you can confidently invest in the security and convenience of your home without any worries.


Customer Support

Lockin is committed to making you feel safe and secure in your home, even when you’re away from it. As a part of their commitment, Lockin has dedicated customer support ready to assist you at your beck and call should you encounter issues with their products. 

Whether it’s a problem with installation, technical issues, or confusion regarding the lock features you named it, they got it. You may contact them by email or going to their website to read their FAQs. You can also call them by phone, but they only have phone lines for their main offices in China. 

Lockin’s customer service will reply promptly regardless of your preferred contact method. On average, you can expect a swift response within a day. 

Maximum Protection and Convenience

Take your home security to new heights with the dynamic duo of Lockin V5 Max and Lockin Model V. This powerful combination is ideal for homeowners in risk-prone areas, providing a cost-effective yet reliable defense. 
With these synchronized smart locks, your access remains impeccably secure, impervious to any breaking-in or hacking attempts. The integrated digital ecosystem of both the door and gate lock enables maximum convenience. 
Plus, users can effortlessly unlock the front door and gate simultaneously with a single gesture from outside. With this bundle, your entry and exit are streamlined and always protected, giving you peace of mind whenever you come and go.


Hoz's Pro Tips for Digital Lock Care

Want your digital locks to last longer? These basic tips should help: 

1. Battery Management

For optimal performance and longevity of your smart locks, it's crucial to avoid mixing old and new batteries. Doing so can disrupt power distribution, potentially causing malfunctions. 

To ensure smooth operation, replace the batteries every six months to prevent leakage and maintain peak performance. 

We recommend using high-quality alkaline batteries such as GP Ultra, Duracell, or Panasonic to ensure consistent power delivery. Steer clear of rechargeable or zinc-carbon alternatives for the best results. Your security deserves nothing less than the best, so trust in reliable battery brands for maximum protection.

2. Door Protection

In addition to proper battery maintenance, consider installing a door closer to prevent door slamming. 

Not only does this ensure smoother door operation, but it also protects your lock mechanism from potential damage in the event of a collision. 

It's important to note that locks damaged by slamming may void your warranty, so investing in a door closer is a proactive step towards safeguarding your investment. 

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your locks are protected and operating smoothly with the added security of a door closer.


Is Lockin V5 Max & Model V Worth It?

The short answer is yes. 

The Lockin V5 Max and Model V are some of the best lock combinations on the market. Users can rest easy that they can get the best smart locks they have to offer with this bundle. 

Considering that the price is competitive and reasonable, it’s even more great value for money. 

From state-of-the-art, award-winning design to robust and comprehensive security features, these locks take your home security to the next level. Despite that, they do have some limitations. 

The lack of Wi-Fi functionalities can be a turn-off to some people. 

However, they are more than made up with sophisticated features like palm-vein recognition you don’t always find with other products. 

The lock combination is innovative, user-friendly, and perfect for families with small children. 


Your Home Safety Matters

Still have questions regarding this product bundle? 

We can help. Hoz offers premium selections of digital locks and other home electronics. Our expert services and high-quality home security products make achieving peace of mind and comfort in your residence easier than ever. 

What sets Hoz apart from other smart lock suppliers? 

  • Our expertly curated selection of smart locks is some of the best in the market. 
  • Not only that, we offer competitive prices and lots of great deals. Rest assured that you will always get the best value for your money with our goods. 
  • Our seasoned team will assist you in any way possible. Lock installation is a breeze; our proficient professionals handle everything carefully and efficiently. 
  • Our commitment doesn't end there—we provide ongoing maintenance support to keep your smart locks in prime condition so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your home is always secure.


Let Us Help You!

Upgrade your home security effortlessly with the Lockin V5 Max & Lockin Model V bundle combo, available exclusively on Hoz's website. 

From seamless installation to advanced features, you can enjoy the best home security. 

If you have any questions, our dedicated team is here to assist you every step of the journey. Don't wait any longer—invest in your safety and convenience today with the Lockin V5 Max and Lockin Model V!





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