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Everything about Samsung Digital Door Lock SHP-DH538: Specs & Features

Everything about Samsung Digital Door Lock SHP-DH538: Specs & Features
calendarMarch 23, 2024

Best Digital Lock Singapore - People today are provided with a wide choice of security products to make their homes comfortable and safe.


One of them is the Samsung SHP-DH538, which is equipped with a variety of security features for property owners. 

Meanwhile, this Samsung door lock is one of Samsung's safety items that is highly popular on the market. Some people even shipped them from South Korea, where the manufacturing company is based.

Before deciding whether to install this item to keep your house or apartment secure, you may want to read about the Samsung SHP-DH538 review below. 

Samsung SHP-DH538 Specifications

The following are the Samsung SHP-DH538 specifications every customer observes to understand this innovative home security appliance better.



(W x H x D)mm

81.8 x 320 x 66.8 (outer body)

79 x 290 x 80.3 (inner body)

Package Weight2.7 kg 
Lock typeBiometric, key lock, electronic lock
Access Options

Mechanical Key



Mobile App – smart home (optional)

Applicable door thickness40-80mm
Battery Life10 to 12 months
PowerDC 6V ( 4 AA Alkaline batteries)

Pro tips for Samsung SHP-DH538 digital door lock’s components protection:

  • Install well to avoid door slamming as the Samsung SHP-DH538 warranty doesn’t cover the damage of continuous door slamming.
  • Avoid prolonged direct exposure to sunlight as it causes your door lock’s LCD pad to crack.
  • Protect Samsung SHP-DH538 battery life by only choosing alkaline batteries from recommended brands and changing the batteries once every six months.
  • Clean your device’s pad with a dry, soft cloth instead of liquid or alcohol.

Samsung SHP-DH538 Design

The Samsung SHP-DH538 smart lock won many awards, one of which is in terms of design. Therefore, it is unequivocally one of the best Samsung door lock items in terms of design.

Apart from that, this exceptional door lock made by a South Korean company embodies a modern and elegant look, making it suitable and harmonious with the interior and exterior of your residence. 

Additionally, its sleek, rectangular shape is also suitable for various types of properties ranging from apartments and residential homes to commercial business offices.

Furthermore, a product that won the Red Dot design award is also in stock with two choices of colors, gray and copper, added with glossy and sophisticated finishing. You can choose which available color that suits the design of your apartment, home, or business office.

Apart from that, the elegance of the Samsung SHP-DH538 design is also seen from the dark, glossy LCD pad layer with the manufacturer’s logo in the middle. Meanwhile, the digits and icons on the LCD touchpad are displayed in orange. So, you don't need to worry about focusing your eyes as the digits and icons on the LCD touchpad are easy to spot. 

Besides the number pad and fingerprint detector in the middle section, which was designed in such a way, there is a lever handle and emergency key insertion at the lower part and bottom edge of the outer body part.

On the other hand, the inner body part consists of battery placement and cover in the upper section, various adjustment buttons in the middle, and a lever handle in the lower section. Each button is arranged in such a way as to form a user-friendly door lock. 

Samsung SHP-DH538 Features

This Samsung digital lock, made by a well-known company, offers various superior features for its users. Some of them are as follows:

1. Double Locking Authentication

First of all, this digital door lock has a double-locking authentication feature which gives the house or residence an extra layer of security. Meanwhile, family members can gain entry access when fingerprint and numerical passcode authentication from a combination of 4-12 digit numbers is successful.

2. Intrusion Alarm

This alarm allows the lock to automatically disable to open for 3 minutes when someone attempts to intrude on your house and has failed entry attempts 5 times. In other words, the lock alarm will notify the user when someone enters by force or makes any attempt with the lock to intrude on your house.

3. Volume Control Keypad

This digital lock is also equipped with a volume control button. You or your family members can also choose one of the three-volume levels. Choose silent mode if the loud lock sound disturbs you, your partner, or your kids. 

Moreover, silent mode is also the right choice of volume mode if you frequently open or close the door at night and don't want to disturb your neighbor.

4. Random Security Code

This feature adds other pros to this lock as it prevents people from inputting your right code and getting into your property uninvited. How does this feature work? The number pad will display two random numbers you tap before entering the actual password. 

So, other people don’t find the correct password, although they look for your handprint on the number pad.

5. High-Temperature Alarm

This Samsung brand’s digital door lock also has sensors and alarms that will work when there is an abnormal increase in temperature in your house. 

Usually, the alarm will automatically activate when the sensor catches an abnormal rise if your indoor temperature is 70°C or higher. Sometimes, the activation of this alarm is also influenced by the environment where the lock is installed.

Generally, the alarm will be on for approximately 15 seconds. After that, the door lock system will allow the door to be unlocked automatically. That way, the house's occupants can escape immediately to save themselves.

6. Automatic Locking

Among Samsung SHP-DH538 features, one of the highlights of this door lock is automatic locking. It works when someone with granted unlock access opens your main door, installed with this lock, from the outside or inside.

Unlike traditional keys, once your door closes, the system will lock the door automatically. The sign is usually in the form of a certain sound or a green light flashing around the fingerprint detector button.

7. Kidproof Lock

The kidproof lock feature lets parents feel at ease about their children accidentally opening the door and leaving the house unnoticed. To activate this feature, press the safe handle button located at the base of the handle on the inner body part. 

In fact, this special feature also works wonderfully for those who have pets.

8. Emergency Power Supply

Another feature of this smart lock is the presence of an external power contact on the outer body. This feature enables you to channel 9V battery power to your door lock temporarily if your door lock runs out of power or the battery is not installed.

9. Low Battery Indicator

This product is also equipped with an alarm tone indicating the battery is running low. The icon on the LED keypad will also provide a warning when the battery power is running low. Next, you can replace the battery of the lock.

10. Anti-theft Mode

With this feature, someone inside the house cannot open the door to get out or escape. This feature will be helpful for someone who often leaves their property empty for a long time.


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Samsung SHP-DH538 Performance

One of the important things to consider before choosing this smart door lock is the product's performance. 

This smart door lock, released about a year ago, can quickly read fingerprint and PIN input. That way, the door can open quickly in just milliseconds.

Not only that but the good performance of this digital door lock from Samsung products is also supported by other aspects such as the auto-lock function, operation modes, etc. These features not only provide the best daily performance but also provide ease & convenience for customers. 

Samsung SHP-DH538 App

As one of the companies providing smart home items, Samsung provides door locks with access and control support via a mobile app.

Regarding that, to be able to take advantage of this optional control, users can first install the Zigbang Smart Door Lock or sHome Door Lock app on their respective cell phones.

After that, you need to follow several registration steps with the ID and password you created. 

You can then synchronize these two things with the smart door lock that you have installed.
Generally, Samsung SHP-DH538 connectivity options to the app are available via Bluetooth connection or Wi-Fi network connection. After connecting, you can also invite and share door lock access with family members through the application that you have on your mobile phone.
So, what benefits can you get from installing the door lock application? Some of them are as follows:

Smart door lock statusThis feature allows users to find out the status of the smart door lock at home, whether it is locked or unlocked.
Door access monitoringWith this feature, users can check and find out who enters or leaves the house wherever and whenever they are.
One-touch door controlUsers can lock or unlock their smart door lock without having to move close to the door lock
Temporary PIN code for guestsWith this application feature, you can create temporary keys for visiting guests. So, the PIN code will only be valid within a certain time.
Real-time NotificationThis feature allows users to get notifications of certain conditions or issues such as forced entry attempts, overheating alarms, low-battery conditions, etc.


However, pay attention to the compatibility of the cell phone with the app before installing it. This is because quite a few users experience problems after using the smart door lock application for some time. 

If there are problems or errors in connectivity or use of the door lock, simply consult with the distributor or related service expert.

Samsung SHP-DH538 Price & Availability

The smart door lock product in this series is a limited product that is not necessarily available in all countries. However, those who live in Singapore seem quite lucky because they can get this digital door lock product through Hoz Singapore. 

The Samsung SHP-DH538 price is quite affordable. Consumers can get this product with a best deal of $799, down from the original $888. Alternatively, Hoz offers 3 installments of 266 for customers with certain terms and conditions. You can decide which payment option is best for you.

The deal above includes free installation by the professional staff at Hoz Singapore. It is surely an advantage you shouldn't miss as you don’t need to closely follow every step of the Samsung SHP-DH538 installation guide. 

Besides, the company also provides same-day installation service for your door lock which is also normally done in less than 24 hours.

Moreover, customers also get a 2-year warranty. Specifically, the brand provides a warranty on labor valid for the first year and on parts for two years since the installation.

Samsung SHP-DH538 Installation

Regarding installation, this Samsung smart lock SHP product is not a product that you can easily install yourself if you are a newbie. 

This is partly because many components such as mortise, handle shaft, screw set, etc. are important for you to pay attention to.

Not only that, there are several provisions while installing this smart door lock that are important and should not be ignored. For instance, the door lock installation must be approximately 120mm (4.5 inches) from the door edge and with a door thickness of 40-80mm.

Therefore, to ensure that the door lock is safely installed and works well according to its function, you should hire a professional expert to install this door lock. 

The staff carrying out the installation will make adjustments if one of the aspects above requires extensions or other things.

Meanwhile, this Samsung smart door lock itself has the capacity for:

  • 1 Master user code
  • < 100 user PINs
  • < 100 user fingerprints
  • 2 physical keys

Additionally, you can register and input the code or your fingerprint by following the steps listed in the Samsung SHP-DH538 user manual. It provides information about registration and usage steps such as adding or deleting PIN/fingerprints. 

Best Conclusion

Overall, getting a smart door lock with complete functional and aesthetic features is a worthy investment for your property. Moreover, this Samsung product has multiple operation modes and energy-saving design, pros that are not always available in other smart door lock products.

Even though there are some drawbacks, such as the complicated installation and configuration apps to the door lock items, you can overcome these problems by simply asking for help from professionals in the related field.

If you decide to use the Samsung SHP-DH538 smart door lock with free and hassle-free installation, visit Hoz Singapore and grab the best offers via the following link,





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