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Get To Know 6 Toilet Door Materials & Key Tips to Choose The Best One

Get To Know 6 Toilet Door Materials & Key Tips to Choose The Best One
calendarJune 24, 2024

Digital Lock Singapore - Are you in the midst of restroom remodelling and pondering which type of door is best for a toilet? 

Selecting the proper toilet door materials is essential as it can impact its longevity, upkeep, and visual appeal.

Numerous materials are available, ranging from PVC to WPC. Each offers its unique advantages. 

Through this manual, we'll examine the top six materials for lavatory entrance and provide essential advice to aid in your selection.

Therefore, dive down to this guide if you are currently searching for the top toilet entrance substances!

What Makes a Good Bathroom Door?

When searching for a perfect bathroom door, please note some important features to ensure it is sturdy, practical, and aesthetically pleasing. Check out a new perspective on what makes a toilet entrance truly exceptional!

1. Capacity to Withstand High Moisture Levels

Due to the elevated humidity levels in the toilet, it’s important that the entrance composites can endure such conditions without deteriorating. In this case, there are quite a lot of substances that you can select.

Some include polypropylene-coated entrances, wood plastic composite (WPC), fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP), and polyvinyl chloride gates. These substances are the best alternatives as they resist moisture effectively.

2. Temperature Resilience

Restrooms frequently experience temperature changes. Therefore, a great entrance should stay unaffected by these fluctuations. 

Substances like polypropylene-coated and WPC entrances are well-suited in this case. The supporting fact of this is that they are known for their capability to withstand varying temperatures without warping or losing integrity.

3. Ventilation Capabilities

A great lavatory entrance should also have ventilation capabilities. These are vital to avoid the build-up of moisture, which can cause damage as well as mould growth. Proper ventilation may be achieved through the entrance’s structure or by assuring the lavatory has an efficient ventilation system.

4. Aesthetic Harmony

Besides durability, a great lavatory entrance should also have visual balance. The entrance should enhance the lavatory's complete look while providing the privacy you need. 

For example, glass entrances offer an excellent option for compact lavatories by permitting light to penetrate. As a result, this can enhance the perception of spaciousness.

5. Ease of Maintenance

A perfect bathroom door should demand minimal maintenance. Options like PVC and polypropylene-coated doors are notably hassle-free. They can be effortlessly cleaned using only soap and water.

6. Budget-Friendly

Lastly, a great lavatory entrance should certainly align with your renovation financial plan. Since entrance substances and structures may vary widely in cost, choosing one that fits within your financial plan without compromising on the key features mentioned above is vital.

By prioritising the qualities mentioned earlier, you can select a lavatory entrance that fulfils functional needs and elevates your restrooms' overall ambience and aesthetics.

Types of Bathroom Door Materials

As we have learned what makes a great toilet entrance, let’s move on to the substance categories available. In this section, we’ll unveil the popular materials for lavatory entrances known for their sturdiness and function.

Below are the top composites for your lavatory entrances:

1. Polypropylene-Coated Door

The first composite you may use is the polypropylene-coated entrance. This substance is highly favoured for restroom use due to its outstanding qualities and numerous advantages. 

Many factors show why this composite is ideal for your lavatory gate. Here’s a closer look at the advantages you may obtain from this composite:

  • Moisture Resistance: It is ideal for restroom entrances and capable of enduring humidity up to 60°C. In addition, it can shield the entrance from water damage and prevent the onset of mold growth.
  • Strength: Endure impacts and the daily rigours of use.
  • Design Versatility: Mimics the appearance and texture of authentic wood while offering a range of patterns and finishes. 
  • Ease of Care: It requires minimal upkeep and is easily cleaned with basic soap and water. 
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Offers a top-notch solution that fits comfortably within budget limitations.

In summary, the polypropylene-coated entrance perfectly combines sturdiness, elegance, and usefulness. This makes it a premier selection for any lavatory environment.

2. Wooden Plastic Composite (WPC) Door

WPC bathroom doors are a top selection for lavatory settings. Here’s an overview of why this composite is perfect for toilet gates:

  • Strength: Blending the robustness of timber and plastic to withstand deformation and breakage. 
  • Waterproof Qualities: Perfect for damp bathroom conditions, preserving your restroom doors' integrity and visual appeal.
  • Visual Charm: Replicates the organic warmth of wood, offering an array of designs to complement any interior style. 
  • Simple Upkeep: Effortlessly cleaned and preserved using standard household cleaning supplies. 
  • Door Thickness: Ranges from 25mm to 45mm for varied structural needs.

Besides these features, WPC entrances also provide environmental benefits as they use recycled materials. Thus, it can be a sustainable selection for your home. 

In general, WPC offers both sturdiness and visually intriguing options for lavatory gates. This contributes to prolonged lifespan and simplified upkeep, all the while elevating the overall aesthetic of your toilet environment.

3. Fiber-Reinforced Plastic-Coated (FRP) Door

You can also consider a fiber-reinforced plastic-coated entrance. Its reputation stems from its unique composition, which makes this the best selection for your restroom. Let's delve deeper into its qualities:

  • Material Composition: Combines polyester resin and fiberglass for remarkable sturdiness and endurance.
  • Durability: Resistant to warping, cracking, and splintering, which ensures long-term performance. It has reputation stems from its capacity to endure corrosion and chemicals. This allows you to use any kind of cleaner substances.
  • Moisture Resistance: Perfect for humid conditions, particularly beneficial in preserving lavatory entrances' structural integrity and aesthetic appeal.
  • Visual Attraction: Resembles authentic wood with a plethora of designs adaptable to any interior style.
  • Simplicity of Care: Effortlessly cleaned using basic soap and water. 
  • Door Thickness: Extends from 25 mm to 45 mm to accommodate diverse structural requirements. 

In summary, the FRP door boasts sturdiness, resistance to humidity, and versatile aesthetics. This makes it a prime option for restroom entrances.


4. Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Door

The next choice you have is a PVC door for the bathroom. This substance is adept at enduring the demanding conditions of a restroom environment while also delivering a stylish aesthetic. 

These attributes have made it a favored and pragmatic choice among homeowners. 

Let's take a closer examination to aid your decision-making process:

  • Material Composition: Crafted from resilient and simple-to-upkeep polyvinyl chloride.
  • Design Flexibility: Replicates the natural allure of wood and boasts an array of designs to complement any lavatory decor.
  • Durability: Immune to warping, cracking, and splintering, guaranteeing prolonged sturdiness.
  • Moisture Resistance: Perfect for moisture-rich areas, which is useful to preserve its structure and appearance. 

Ease of Maintenance: Effortlessly cleaned with the use of soap and water.

In summary, PVC is a savvy addition to any household, providing longevity, visual allure, and minimal upkeep requirements.

5. Resin-Coated Door

Resin-coated entrances emerge as superb alternatives for restrooms owing to their impressive water resistance and exceptional sturdiness. These entrances are engineered to endure rich moisture in lavatory surroundings. Here’s the detail:

  • Water Endurance: Capable to endure moisture and humidity without getting damaged. This means they last a long period and stay in great condition.
  • Aesthetic Variety: Resin-coated doors offer various patterns, textures, and hues. This ensures effortless integration with your restroom's unique ambiance and atmosphere. 
  • Ease of Upkeep: Maintaining cleanliness is a breeze with these doors. A quick wipe with a damp cloth keeps them looking fresh with minimal exertion. 
  • Door Thickness: Varies from 25mm to 45mm to accommodate diverse structural needs. 

This is why resin-coated gates stand out as an exceptional option for lavatories. It boasts water resistance, versatility, simple maintenance, and enduring quality.

6. Glass-Composite Door

Glass-composite gates present an appealing and functional option for entryways into washrooms. 

This material boasts a blend of strength, elegance, and utility. Let's delve into why glass-composite gates make a splendid addition to lavatories:

  • Sturdy Build: Glass-composite gates are celebrated for their resilience, capable of enduring daily use without faltering.
  • Visual Enhancement: Integrating glass panels into these doors allows natural light to permeate the space, fostering a brighter and more welcoming environment.
  • Ease of Care: Cleaning requires only soap, water, and a cloth.

In essence, glass-composite doors combine sturdiness, elegance, and utility, rendering them a superb choice for entryways into bathrooms.


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Tips to Choose the Best Toilet Door Materials

Now that you're familiar with what material is used for bathroom doors let's progress to the guidelines for selecting the optimal one. 

Armed with our recommendations, you can confidently make a decision that aligns with your home's individual requirements. 

Here's the breakdown:

1. Understanding Your Home’s Dynamics

Selecting appropriate entryways for lavatories is paramount for upholding functionality and safety within any residence. To achieve this, it's imperative to customize your choice to align with the distinctive attributes of your needs and the preferences of its inhabitants.

Prioritizing safety considerations is essential when selecting washroom entrances. It is essential in households with children or elderly occupants.

2. Consider Several Key Factors

When searching for the perfect washroom gates, several key features should be at the forefront of your determination process. The considerations are below:

Protection: Prioritize doors with sturdy locking systems to guarantee security and tranquility. 
User-Friendliness: Assess the weight and usability of the door. Lighter alternatives, such as aluminum-framed doors, can provide convenience in daily operation. 

Select Weather-Appropriate Materials: Opt for materials suited to your area's climate conditions, meeting its distinct demands. 

You can confidently choose lavatory entrance composites that integrate practicality, security, and visual appeal by meticulously considering these factors.  Make sure also to customize your selection to suit your home's individual needs, 

3. Custom Your Bathroom Doors to Your Need with Hoz

Simplify selecting the ideal lavatory gates by customizing your washroom entrance with Hoz. With Hoz, you can custom your washroom entrance according to your unique needs and wants:

You can easily sketch the ideal washroom entrance with only five easy steps. Below are the stages to custom your washroom entryways with Hoz:

Determine the Preferred Entryway Option: Determine your preferred kind of entrance option. Hoz provides multiple entrances, such as sliding, bifold, swing, or slide and swing doors.

Customize the Door Design: Relieve your creativity and customize your entryway design with choices that include symmetrical, random, glass, mirror, lourve, and laminated.

Select the Door Color: You can select any color that suits your personality and house ambiance.

Determine the Door Frame Color: You can complement your entryway design with a matching frame color. Some colors that we offer include black, cream, white, grey, brown, or pastel.

Complete the Entrance with Accessories: You can add the accessories you like as the finishing touches.

Although you have the liberty to customize your bathroom door, Hoz will also assist you in sketching the entryways. 

Besides having the flexibility of customizing the gate, you'll get the assurance of a one-year onsite warranty, free dismantling, and disposal and installation services.

Make sure also to note that the product dimensions are 2200mm x 900mm. Please also note that oversized gates may incur additional costs and have a lead period of 2 weeks due to the custom-made nature of the product.

Final Thought

In summary, selecting the right lavatory entrance composite is crucial when remodeling your washroom. Each composite offers unique benefits, from endurance for humidity to sturdiness and aesthetic attraction. 

You can find the ideal fit for your washroom's needs by exploring options like polypropylene-coated to glass-composite entryways. Moreover, considering key factors like accessibility, security, ease of use, and customization options can further improve your decision-making process. 

With Hoz, you can easily make a restroom entrance with top toilet door materials and customize it according to your needs.  With just five easy steps, you can sketch an entryway that meets your unique preferences and needs.

Besides customizing your washroom door, you also can get a digital lock with top technology to secure your home in Hoz.
Obtain your desired bathroom door and top security for your property in Hoz. For additional information, you can follow this link. Happy shopping!





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