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Get to know Lockin S50M Pro: 2 in 1 Digital Door Lock Unveiled!

Get to know Lockin S50M Pro: 2 in 1 Digital Door Lock Unveiled!
calendarFebruary 16, 2024

Digital Lock Singapore - Lockin S50M Pro offers extra protection to help you secure your home without much action. 

With one device, you can lock and monitor the situation outside the door because a special camera is embedded.

Not only that, the Lockin digital door lock also provides various interesting features to support the performance of this device. 

With the combination of everything, you will feel safe and comfortable inside or outside the house.
For a complete Lockin digital lock review, let's find all the answers in this article!

What is The Lockin S50M Pro?

Lockin S50M Pro is Lockin's best digital door lock, which carries a high-end smart lock theme. 

Its luxury is not only visible in the design but also in the exclusive features inside.

Even though it is classified as a high-end smart door lock, this product still offers a reasonable price, so the money you spend is worth the quality.

The focus of this Lockin door lock is to provide a sense of comfort while providing a better life for its users. 

The target users also vary from old to young or all the family members. That way, basically anyone can enjoy extra protection while using this tool.

As the Lockin S50M successor, this variant has received many upgrades for better quality. 

This can be seen from the addition of a smart peephole, finger vein unlocking, a large screen, and so on.

Various unlock methods allow you to enter and leave the house easily but safely. You can use PIN, fingerprint, NFC card, and many more.

It aligns with the brand's statement: to protect your family members and be a trusted partner for every user. 

So, it is unsurprising that many parties anticipate and want to become more familiar with this smart digital lock. You can check everything in the next section.

Lockin S50M Pro Specification

As a high-quality product, the Lockin digital lock SG has several superior specifications listed in the table below!

MaterialsAluminium alloy
Dimension4-ich IPS HD screen, 800x 480
Battery8 pcs of AA dry battery and one 7.4V 5000 mAh lithium battery
Door thickness40 - 120 mm
Unlocking methodsPassword, App, finger vein recognition, OTP, NFC, Bluetooth key, key, double authentication
Compatibel doorSecurity door, wooden door
Battery duration12 months (dry batteries)
5 - 7 months (lithium battery)


7 Ways to Unlock The Door

You won't have any hassle when you have to enter the house because there are many unlock options from this digital lock Singapore. 

There are at least seven unlock method options: finger vein detection, password, key, app, Bluetooth, NFC Card, and OTP.
Apart from that, with the sync function, you can also pair it with a compatible gate lock. 

That way, you only need one step to open the gate and main door at the same time.

1. Finger Vein Detection

Finger vein detection is one of the innovations from the Lockin brand that provides easy access for anyone.
People with the conditions below are best suited to use this feature:

  • Children who have immature fingertips
  • Sweaty fingers
  • Parents who have unclear fingerprints
  • Finger with peeling skin

You need to know that the conditions above make it difficult for someone to enter the house using the normal fingerprint method. Because when fingers are brought close, the tool cannot detect their fingerprints.

The alternative is to use finger vein recognition if you want easy access.

Finger vein recognition is an unlock method still rarely used by smart door locks. Because of its super-advanced technology, many brands still don't dare to install it because the price will automatically go up, too.

However, Lockin remains confident in installing it. Because, after all, every product must have its buyers. Moreover, if you prioritize safety and comfort, you don't need to hesitate to choose this product.

So, the technology adapted for finger vein recognition. It works simply by scanning your finger over the sensor area.

How  Finger Vein Detection Works

Here are how this vein recognition technology work:

  • Infrared scanning: After placing your finger on a special sensor, the device will start sensing
  • Image recording: The device will immediately record an image of your finger
  • Algorithm recognition: After that, your finger image will be extracted into characteristic maps
  • Identification comparison: If there is similar data, a comparison will automatically be made regarding compatibility with the system
  • After that, if the results match, the lock will automatically open to give you entry access.

Even though the process looks long, it is all done in seconds. So you can enter the house immediately.

Finger Vein Detection Advantages

Some of the advantages of this finger vein recognition system are:

  • It cannot be copied because one person's veins are different from each other and difficult to copy
  • Suitable for various groups, from children to the elderly
  • The accuracy is higher than face recognition and fingerprint
  • It is more stable because the blood vessels in your fingers will not change, especially due to the environment

2. Password

Another alternative when you want to open the door is to input the password into the keypad provided. Create one primary password that all family members can use as login access.

Make sure the codes in the password are only known to important people. Because if someone finds out, they can enter your house freely. With this method, you can set 50 sets of regular passwords, eight sets of OTP, and 16 cycle passwords.

3. Key

Even though it is a high-end product with advanced technology, Lockin still includes traditional key features for entry access.

This method allows you to open the door still when other functions cannot be used, for example, because the battery is dead. Some people may also feel more comfortable using this method than others.

4. App

To make it easier to manage key access, the Lockin App can help you handle everything. You can pair this smart lock with the Mijia App or Apple Homekit.

That way, when you want to change the password, provide an OTP, or do other configurations, you just need to use these two tools.

5. Bluetooth

When your device is connected to Wi-Fi and the application, you can open the door from a certain distance without entering a PIN.

6. NFC Card

NFC Cards can also make it easier to enter your house because you just need to stick the NFC Card into the available slot or sensor to open it. 

Just like other methods, the unlock process is also swift.

7. One Time Password (OTP)

OTP is useful for providing access codes to guests who come to the house. You can set it via the application quickly and easily. The code will no longer be valid when the person tries to use it another time.

Apart from the seven methods above, your lock can also be opened automatically if there is a compatible smart gate at the gate. After the gate lock is opened, the door lock will also open automatically.


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Lockin S50M Pro Advantages

Some of the advantages of the Lockin S50M Pro are:

1. Award Winning Product Design

Even though this award was given to the Lockin brand, the award below also represents the Lockin S50M Pro as a product.
Some of these awards are:

  • Reddot Design Award
  • IDA Design Award
  • CES Innovation Awards 2023
  • GoldenPin Design Award
  • German Design Award 
  • IF Product Design Award
  • CMF Design Award

2. Wide lens

With the addition of a camera lens on this smart lock, you can monitor the situation outside the house anytime and anywhere. 

The device is equipped with several features to support the monitor process, like 160 wide-angle lens, f2.0 aperture, and 16:16 format.

Even at night, this device can run optimally to capture the faces of people nearby. 

Unlike some brands that display blurry video results, on the Lockin S50M Pro, you will see clear images, even at night.

Because of the wide angle, monitoring in the outside area is also much clearer, so you know who is coming and what the situation is like.

3. Six-fold Protection

For additional security for every occupant of the house, this device provides six-fold protection, such as:

  • Emergency door knob
  • The encryption chip is the same as that used in banks
  • Electronic deadbolt lock
  • Resists against small black box attacks
  • Virtual passwords

4. Instant Alerts

This smart door lock has a special alarm that can warn you when certain things happen around the door. 

If you identify suspicious movements or negligence on your part as the owner, an alarm will automatically sound.

Some things that are considered abnormal situations by Lockin smart lock are:

  • Force entry, such as attempts to destroy keys
  • Password input error: If someone enters the password incorrectly within a few attempts, the device will stop and issue an alarm
  • The door teach
  • Lottering guard
  • Instant arming when left home
  • When the door is wide open

5. Video Recording

With the camera feature, various activities outside the door can be recorded clearly, especially when something abnormal occurs. 

Suppose someone comes or there is suspicious activity. In that case, the camera will automatically record it in video or photo.

You can find the recording results via the application to check further.

6. Voice Message & Guide

Suppose you are not at home and want to leave a message to your family or someone at home. 

Hearing the message is very easy, namely when they open the door. The message will automatically be heard.

But the voice guide option accepted by this device is only in two languages, English and Chinese.

7. Doorbell & Viewer Screen

Guests who come to your house no longer need to shout or knock on the door anymore. You can hear the sound from inside the house or via notifications in the application by pressing the doorbell.

You can also check who is outside via the built-in viewer screen. With a 4-inch high-definition screen, you can clearly see the person's appearance from inside the house.

8. Fully Automatic Locking

After you enter the house, the door will automatically be locked again. So there's no need to worry if you forget to lock the door. Meanwhile, if the door is not closed tightly, you will also get a warning sound.

9. Long-lasting battery

This device provides dual independent power supplies to make you less worried about running out of power. For door lock batteries, they can last up to a year.

Meanwhile, the battery for the camera and HD viewer uses a 5000 mAh lithium battery. You can replace it every five to eight months.

When the lock battery runs out, the camera in the smart lock will not function temporarily. Meanwhile, your door lock can still function properly if only the camera battery runs out of data.

Apart from the various estimates above, battery life will ultimately depend on the environmental conditions in your home.

Pro Tips for Using Lockin S50M Pro

So that this digital door lock product is durable and can provide extra protection, you can follow the tips below:

1. Use a PIN for Voice Commands

Using voice commands to open the door feels fast and easy. However, this can also backfire if someone hears it and tries to enter using this method. 

To get around this, you can make a particular voice command to unlock the house, and no one else can follow it.

2. Create Individual Code

If you are more comfortable using a PIN, you can make each person a different PIN. Apart from being more personal, this method can also help you more easily track who comes and goes from the house via the Lockin App.

Apart from this code, you can also prepare a master code or PIN that anyone can use if they forget their PIN.

3.  Change Your PIN Regularly

If you only use one PIN, you should diligently change it within a certain period. The aim is to prevent PIN leaks and use by irresponsible people.

4. Maintain Database

Keep the database on the application and smart lock system secure so other people cannot infiltrate it. 

This can reduce the risk that other people can access and misuse important data such as PINs, fingerprints, etc.

After all the discussion above, using the Lockin S50M Pro feels interesting and promising for protecting your home.

However, so that the Lockin S50M Pro product you get is original and of high quality, make sure you buy it from the trusted and experienced Hoz Digital Lock Singapore. Click here for more information.


Happy shopping!





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