Get to Know the Best Type of Garage Door Lock for Your Home Security
Get to Know the Best Type of Garage Door Lock for Your Home Security
October 12, 2023

Get to Know the Best Type of Garage Door Lock for Your Home Security

Best Digital Lock - A crucial component of your house is the garage door.

In addition to giving you access to your car's parking spot, it also keeps your house secure. 

The lock on the garage door is a key element contributing to security. In this post, we'll examine the many types of garage door locks that are available, as well as their benefits.


Garage Door Lock Types

Burglaries of residential properties in the US accounted for 62.8 percent of all burglary offenses.[1] This is why every home is already equipped with locks, including the garage door. 

There are many types of garage door locks that you can find on the market. Here are some of them.

1. Ground Lock

A rod extending downward from the bottom of your garage door connects to a plate fastened to the concrete slab under your floor to create a ground lock. 

A sturdy steel faceplate and bolts secure the lock's base to the concrete plate.

When you have concrete or an unfinished garage floor, you use this kind of locking system. In order to operate this ground lock, a metal pin moves up and down a track on the lock's faceplate.

2. Electronic Key

Due to their simplicity of use, electronic garage door locks are becoming more and more popular. This kind of lock frequently includes a keypad or remote control, making opening your garage simple and secure. 

A high level of security and better access tracking are two benefits of this lock.

3. Double Cylinder Head Lock

Two cylinders in this kind of lock simultaneously rotate. They are suitable for use on older garage doors and provide good security. They might not, however, be as safe as electronic locks.

4. Slide Bolt Lock

Although it is the most basic lock, this one is really efficient. When the garage door is closed, a bolt is put into a hole to operate it. This lock's simplicity but dependable security is a benefit.


Garage Door Lock Features

When selecting the best garage door lock for your home security, there are several crucial features to consider in addition to the lock type. 

1. Remote Controls

You may easily open and close the garage door without getting out of your car if your garage door lock has a remote control. This feature adds convenience and speed to control.

2. Keypad

A keypad is a characteristic that most electronic garage door locks include. By keying in the right code, you can use them to open the garage door. 

A keypad is a wonderful option if you want to let others access it without handling the remote control. 

3. Integrated Security System

Some contemporary garage door locks have built-in security features that may recognize intrusion attempts or unlawful access. 

To protect your house, they can issue warnings or take additional action.


How to Choose The Best Garage Door Locks?

There are benefits and drawbacks to each type of garage door lock. Personal choice and the required level of security are key considerations in selection. 

Consider the following factors while choosing the appropriate lock type:

  • An electronic lock with an access code can be the ideal option if you want a high level of security.
  • A slide bolt lock might be sufficient for a quick and dependable fix.
  • Consider a two-cylinder headlock if you want high security at a reasonable price.
  • If comfort is important to you, a remote control might simplify getting into the garage. 


Safety Factors Considerations for Garage Door Lock


When selecting your garage door lock, there are various other safety elements to take into account in addition to lock type and maintenance:

1. Barrier Sensors

Barrier sensors are a common feature of contemporary garage doors. When the garage door is closed, this sensor checks to see if anything—including people—is underneath. 

The door will stop and reopen if the sensor notices this to lessen the chance of harm or damage.

2. Good Lighting

The area around the garage door needs to be well-lit for security reasons. Ample lighting will make obstacles obvious and stop potential theft or unlawful access.

3. Emergency Manual Lock

Always consider keeping a manual key on hand that can open your garage door in an emergency. 

This might be quite important if you lose power or the electronic lock system breaks.

4. Integrated Security System

Some contemporary garage door locks have a built-in security system providing much more than an access key. 

The following are some features of this kind of system:

  • Gas or Carbon Monoxide Leak Notice

Some integrated security systems can detect gas or carbon monoxide leaks in the garage. This is very important for your family’s safety and preventing potential harm.

  • Video Monitoring System

With the help of security cameras linked to your home network, you can use this system to keep an eye on your garage. Using a mobile device to monitor activities near the garage door adds an extra layer of security.

5. Environmental Safety Factors

In addition to the garage door lock system itself, the following security elements can help safeguard your garage and your entire home:

  • Window Security

If your garage includes windows, ensure they are tough to reach from the outside and are made of a durable material. It can strengthen security by selecting windows with security film or reinforced glass.

  • Perimeter Security

Securing your home's exterior is crucial, particularly the area around the garage. Consider utilizing sturdy fencing and adding extra security measures like sensor perimeters or surveillance cameras. 


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Tips for Choosing a Garage Door Lock Manufacturer and Installer

When you already decided on the best type of garage lock for your home, now is the time to consider the best garage lock vendor. It's crucial to pick a reputable manufacturer and installation when you decide to install or replace a garage door lock. The following items require your attention:

1. Reputation

Make sure the garage door lock maker and installer are reliable. Request suggestions from friends or neighbors and read consumer evaluations.

2. Warranty

Make sure you comprehend the guarantee provided by the installer or manufacturer of the garage door lock. A strong warranty offers protection in the event of damage or technical issues.

3. Licenses and Certifications

Verify that installers and manufacturers of garage door locks hold the required permits and certifications. This can mean that they adhere to particular safety and quality requirements.


Garage Door Lock Maintenance

In addition to selecting the proper garage door lock, regular lock maintenance is crucial to ensuring maximum security. 

In order to maintain garage door locks, follow these tips:

1. Routine Checkup

Check your garage door locks frequently to make sure they are in good working order. Inspect the lock, springs, and other parts for evidence of wear or damage.

2. Lubrication

For garage door locks with torsion spring dampers, lubrication is a crucial maintenance step. Use the lubricant that the manufacturer suggests to minimize wear on components and reduce friction.

3. Replace Broken Key

If you find a worn or damaged garage door lock, immediately replace it. A broken lock can reduce the security level of your garage door.

Security Codes for Your Garage Door

It's crucial to know how to operate an electronic garage door lock with a security code if you use one. 

Here are some details to consider:

1. Strong Security Code

Make sure to use a powerful and challenging combination to decipher when constructing an access code. You should refrain from employing combinations like birthdays or readily guessed numerals. 

In addition to the minimum length advised by the manufacturer, we advise utilizing a combination of digits and letters.

2. Routine Code Changes

It is suggested that the security code be routinely changed to improve security. In the event that the old code is discovered, this lessens the chance of someone else learning your access code. 

Additionally, you can program automatic code updates for specific periods with some systems.


Things You Should Avoid


When choosing a garage lock, there are several things you should avoid:

1. Ignoring Quality

Don't sacrifice quality in order to save money on your garage lock. Purchase a reliable, long-lasting lock.

2. Not Measuring Correctly

Before buying a new lock, make sure you precisely measure your garage door. Mismatched keys could be the result of incorrect size.

3. Ignoring Security

Take security into consideration. Pick a garage lock with security components like a double locking mechanism or robust encryption.

4. No Expert Consultation

If you have any questions, ask a knowledgeable and qualified garage mechanic.

5. Neglecting Maintenance

Garage locks need maintenance as well. Don't forget to frequently repair and clean the lock to keep it operating at peak efficiency.

6. Choosing a Lock that is Too Complicated

A too-complicated lock may occasionally be challenging to operate and prone to issues. Select a lock based on your requirements.

7. Lack of a Spare

Having an extra key for your garage door is a smart idea. A backup key will be useful in the event that the master key is misplaced or broken.

8. Ignoring the Warranty Check

Before making a purchase, be careful to check the product warranty. If there is an issue with the lock, a warranty may be able to protect you.

Consider carefully before deciding because selecting the best garage lock is an investment in your security and comfort. 

Budget for Installing Garage Door Locks


The type of lock you select, the lock's brand, the level of protection you want, and whether you'll perform the installation yourself or employ a specialist can all considerably impact your budget.

1. Locks for Basic Garage Doors

The least expensive option is standard locks, such as slide-bolt garage door locks. With such a lock, you can save money.

2. Electronic Garage Door Locks

Depending on the brand and type, you could have to spend more if you wish to use an electronic garage door lock with extra security features like a remote control or keypad.

3. Professional Installation

You will need to allocate more money to your budget if you decide to have a professional install your garage door lock. Depending on your location and how complex the installation is, installation costs typically change.

4. Integrated Security System

A garage door lock with an integrated security system, like a gas leak sensor or surveillance camera, will cost more money. The cost of such a system can range from a few hundred to thousands of dollars.

5. Advanced Garage Door Locks

The price will be much higher and can approach thousands of dollars if you choose an advanced garage door lock that uses the most recent technologies, such as fingerprint recognition.

Before making a choice, make sure to evaluate the costs and features of various makes and models. Also, consider the price of ongoing maintenance and the manufacturer's guarantee.


Interesting Facts about Security and Garage Doors


The following are some interesting facts that probably can add to your insight.

1. Garage Door Security and Property Value

Having a robust security system for your garage door might raise your home's worth. A home with a robust security system, including a safe garage door, will pique the curiosity of potential buyers.


2. Anti-Tornado Garage Door

Several manufacturers have created tornado-proof garage doors in tornado-prone areas that can resist high winds and lessen the chance of home damage.


3. Garage Door Security System Connects to Mobile App

With today's technology, you may use a mobile app to operate your garage door from any location. This is incredibly helpful if you want to grant someone access when you are not home.


4. Aesthetic Garage Door Trends

Apart from security, the garage door is an increasingly important design element in the house's aesthetics. Today, you can find a wide selection of garage doors to suit the architectural style of your home.


5. Fingerprint Technology

Certain smart garage door lock systems use fingerprint technology to determine the rightful owner. It is practically impossible for unauthorized people to access this due to its extremely high level of protection.


6. The Role of Garage Door Security in Sustainability

An energy-efficient garage door can improve the efficiency of your house. They might contribute to keeping the garage at a certain temperature, impacting the home's temperature.



The security of your property includes garage door locks, which are crucial. Your home and car might be better protected by picking the correct kind of lock.
You may choose the right locks for your property by knowing the many types and their qualities. 

Choose a recognized and trustworthy garage door lock manufacturer and installer as well. You can protect your home and cars by considering all of these factors.

Now, you have a better understanding of the types of garage door locks. Read also other information we provide on our blog.





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