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Helpful Information on How Digital Door Lock Works and Their Types

Helpful Information on How Digital Door Lock Works and Their Types
calendarAugust 5, 2023

Digital Lock - The advanced technology on home security systems is awesome because you can say goodbye to the hassle of bringing your physical door keys anywhere.

The digital door locks system is your answer to secure the door conveniently while enhancing its security as well. However, what is a digital door lock and how digital door lock works?
Keep on reading the following information for more details on such a smart door lock so you can learn more about them. Perhaps, you may want to install it later in order to upgrade your home security for your best benefits.

What is Digital Lock System?

A digital lock system enables homeowners to lock and unlock their entry points with electronic signals so they do not need any physical door keys anymore. Such digital locks use several different methods in securing the doors. 
Methods such as PIN codes, finger or retinal scan authentication, card access, Bluetooth, and so on are common for an electronic door lock system.
However, you need to know that similar to any other lock types, this digital lock also uses a latch and bolt for its best functions. What makes it different lies on how it manages and controls the latch and bolt; i.e., digitally. 
You may consider installing such a digital lock on your home because it is more secure, convenient, practical, and aesthetic than the traditional one.

How Does Digital Lock Work?

Many people who want to bolster their home security may ask questions like how does an electronic door lock work due to their curiosity on how such locks will benefit them. A digital lock is a unit being installed in your existing door in order to enhance its security function. 

These smart door locks are universal because they can suit any type of door. Thus, every homeowner can choose to install their preferred lock that suits their needs best. In general, these locks come with an easy installation and easy-to-follow instructions so every user has no difficulty in using them.

You can easily control and manage your entry points access both remotely and physically depending on the digital locks types you choose. The reason is because each lock will work according to its own type and purpose respectively.

Check out the following brief information for more details on how to use digital lock:

On a biometric door lock you simply tap your finger in front of the device and the mechanism will read your special feature before finally open the door. Generally, this lock is paired with a keypad so the owner can share a code with others whose fingerprints are not in the system. 

A facial scanner door lock works similar to the fingerprint one to grant the homeowner more security, effectiveness and convenience.

If the locks are a PIN Code one, then you need to enter the right numerical code into the keypad. Thus, it will automatically open or disengage the latch and deadbolt to allow you to open the door if it comes with a handle. 
Learn more on your locks because some types enable the user to program several PIN codes at once. However, some only allow the user to make a single programmed code.

Do Digital Locks Need Wi-Fi?

It depends on the particular locks you choose. Some digital locks require Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology paired with certain app to help them operate their functions well. This enables the users to remotely control who can and cannot enter their homes.
Types of Digital Locking Systems

Digital locks are worth considering due to its functionality. It not only offers more security but effectiveness and convenience as well. Moreover, these technologically advanced locks also give homeowners more effectiveness and efficiency in monitoring and controlling their entry points. 

In fact, such a lock will also be an add on to your home aesthetics.

There are several different types of digital locking system you need to know before considering purchasing one such as ones in the following:


1. Biometric Door Locks

This type of digital lock is the topmost of the lock technology due to its complicated mechanism. Such a lock is commonly used in offices or institutions instead of at mere homes. The reason is mostly due to its effectiveness in enhancing the security system. 
It would be more difficult to disrupt or dismantle this biometric lock due to its mechanism that uses human unique features such as retinal scan or fingerprint. 
Although the mechanism is complicated yet this lock is easy to use because all you have to do is just tap your finger or place your eyes in front of it and it will automatically open.


2. PIN Code Door Locks

These locks are probably the most common types of electronic locking systems used by many homeowners due to their effectiveness and are easy to use. Although such electronic keypad locks are expensive, your home has its best security system. 
However, you have to memorize passwords and numerical codes so you can easily have access. Moreover, make sure that your PIN code and password are difficult to fathom so people will not easily guess them.


3. Electric Deadbolt Door Locks

These door locks are strong due to its solid cylindrical metal piece that holds the door firmly. The most common materials used for its cylindrical piece among others are brass, bronze or steel. 
Unlike the spring bolts, these door locks cannot be forced back, so they are definitely more secure than the traditional locks. Deadbolt locks usually do not have any handle but it is paired with a knob or latch to maximize its functions. 
The best thing about these locks is their compatibility with nearly all types of electrical systems and their easy installation.

4. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Door Locks

This card operated lock uses a radio frequency device such as a fob or a card that carries signals to help homeowners open their doors. RFID is very convenient because you do not have to be physically close to your door in gaining access. 
However, you require an authentication device within a certain range in order to lock and unlock the entry points remotely. The downfall of this digital locks is the possibility of misplacing the authentication devices so you need to replace them to have all the access. Such a replacement will cost you a huge amount of money.   


5. Mortise Locks

Mortise locks come with a latch and a bolt installed into a hole with a rectangular shape for better security. 
There are two types of mortise locks as follows:


  • Push-pull Digital Locks


This digital lock provides convenience and easy access due to its simple locking and unlocking mechanism by simply pushing and pulling the handle. These locks not only offer aesthetics to your home with its simple design but provide better security as well. 


  • Lever Handle Digital Locks


When you cherish the usage of the good old days of traditional lever handle door, then this type of digital lock would be your perfect choice.  Such smart digital locks come with an inbuilt lever handle so you have to turn the lever before opening the door.


6. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Digital Locks

These digital locks require Wi-Fi or Bluetooth functionalities from your smartphone to activate their mechanism. Given that such locks are paired with your smartphone, you will need it to encrypt and lock the transmitting data. 
Thus, you only have to stand within a certain range and let your smartphone do the magic to open the door.  You can rely on these locks because it can prevent any unauthorized entry with its advanced data security encrypt and authentications.   
Additional Features of Digital Locks

Digital locks come with some additional features in order to provide more security and convenience to the users. The following are some of the common additional features you will find on such a door lock:

1. One-Time Password

This feature lets you grant your guest access by giving them a one-time password to enter your house. Thus, it will ease both you and your guest because you do not have any traditional keys nor uncertainty waiting for their arrival. 

2. Remote Unlocking

A digital door lock system for home is amazing because it enables you to manage and control your entry points from anywhere remotely. This technology frees you from the hassle of carrying keys and enables you to lock and unlock your doors from wherever you are. 
All you need is your smartphone and mobile data or Wi-Fi connection.

3. Notification on Every Arrival

This unconventional home security system is amazing because it provides advanced security. Moreover, it offers thorough information on everyone who interacts with your digital locks, both those who enter and exit your premises.

4. Duration Keys for Regular Guesses

An old-fashioned lock is elaborate because it will have the homeowner to hide the spare key somewhere for their chosen visitors. These digital door locks are effortless because you can grant your regular guests access to your home on certain times or days as you defined. 

Is A Digital Lock Secure?

You may wonder whether installing a digital lock will enhance your home security or not. It will definitely upgrade your security due to its complex mechanism that not every person can hack. Should there be any attempt to hack your locks then that will require an expert to do so.
However, given that there is still possibility of your lock being hacked, you are recommended to do the following:

Keep your Wi-Fi connections secure and regularly change the passwords in order to prevent hackers from accessing your system.

Make sure that your doors with digital locks are in a visible or well-lit area so hacker will avoid tampering the locks
Regularly update your networking devices to the newest firmware for your best benefits.

Use the two-factor authentication from your smart-home apps so it can enhance your security.

Occasionally upgrade your modems and routers because it offers more security to your digital lock system. You can also upgrade the security by uniquely naming your router and using strong passwords so unauthorized people will find it difficult to gain access.

Make sure that you learn about every security option and connections on your home digital assistants so you can secure them well.
Install firewall, antivirus and encryption software so your device can easily detect any malicious software or threats.

4 Reasons Why You Should Have Digital Locks on Your Homes

The advancement of technology has granted us better ways to secure our homes without using physical keys and padlocks anymore. In fact, digital locks provide homeowners with many advantages especially in securing their personal space.

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The following are advantages of digital locks that will help you decide whether or not to use these locks on your homes:


1. Enjoy A Convenience Experience of a Keyless Home

With smart locks installed in your home, you can leave your physical keys behind for good. Thus, never worry about losing, forgetting, hiding or dropping your keys anymore.

2. Easy Access

Aside from the keyless convenience experience, digital locks also grant you easy access. You can unlock the door with just a few clicks from your smartphone, even from a distance. With this technology you can also give one-time access codes to some people so they can enter your home at the defined time.
3. Highly Detective

The benefits of smart locks that will amaze you is that they are highly detective. This device provides its users with the records of every person who interacts with the locks whether they enter or leave your premises. Thus, it helps you to anticipate more security.

4. Safe and Secure

The ultimate benefits of using digital locks are they are way more secure and safe than the traditional locks. Digital locks enhance your home security due to its alarm and auto-locking feature. Thus, it can detect your door closure and automatically close it should the door be closed inappropriately.  



Digital locks not only help you in upgrading your home security but also provide you with convenience. It is important to learn how it works as well as how to anticipate the potential threats for your best benefits.

Should you decide to give a digital lock a try then you can simply click this link for further information on the types, prices along with how digital door lock works. 
So, secure your home with one of our products and enjoy the convenience of having a digital lock in your home.  

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