How Do Fingerprint Door Locks Work?

June 1, 2022

Don’t want to be worried about losing keys and being locked out? The answer is a fingerprint door lock! It increases home security and is convenient to avoid fumbling around for your keys in the dark. Ultimately, fingerprint locks offer greater peace of mind for your home or business.

How Does a Fingerprint Door Lock Work? 

A fingerprint door lock uses the programmed fingerprint to unlock the door instead of a key. Fingerprint door locks are specially designed to be programmed with the fingerprints of household members to unlock the door. They typically have a built-in sensor that reads the unique pattern of ridges and valleys on a person's finger. When the sensor detects a match, it unlocks the door. 

If a fingerprint isn’t registered on the system, that person won’t be able to gain access to the home as there isn’t a traditional lock that can be picked. This makes it much more difficult for intruders to gain entry, as they would need to know the fingerprint of the person who owns the lock. In addition, fingerprint door locks are also difficult to duplicate, as each person's fingerprint is unique. As a result, fingerprint door locks offer a high level of security that is unmatched by traditional locks.

Are Fingerprint Door Locks Secure?

With features like auto relock, users of fingerprint door locks can rest assured that if they unlock the door, but realise they forgot something and don’t open it, it will automatically lock again. Fingerprint door locks may also come with a double lock function. Once activated, someone else won’t be able to unlock the door from the outside even if their biometric fingerprint is registered.

They also offer alarm security features triggered after incorrect attempts and an intrusion detection function. So to answer if fingerprint door locks are secure, we would say with the right product, yes, it is.

Unique Benefits Of Fingerprint Locks

So what makes fingerprint door locks unique from any other door locks? For starters, each fingerprint has its unique biometric characteristics, making it difficult to hack or fake. Fingerprint locks are useful when you work late and don’t want to stand outside your door in the dark and fumble around for door keys. And you don’t have to be stressed about misplaced or lost keys. All you need is your fingerprint. Simply place your finger on the scanner and the door will unlock. No more running around losing valuable minutes in the morning while you search for your keys. 

Where Can Fingerprint Door Locks Be Installed?

Many companies have upgraded their security with office fingerprint door locks to improve their overall security in the workplace. It has also become convenient for homeowners to have the same security measures for their homes, and biometric bedroom door locks have recently become a great feature in interiors. Most of us keep our documents and valuables in our bedroom, so it only makes sense to consider a biometric bedroom door lock to protect these treasured assets

Peace Of Mind, For The Best Price

Unlock your house with Hoz, an authorised reseller for major digital lock brands in Singapore. Here are some of the fingerprint door locks we offer:

  • Bosch Digital Lock EL800A
  • Samsung Digital Lock SHS - P718
  • Solity Digital Lock GR - 50BK
  • Schlage Digital Lock 5818G
  • KAADAS Digital Lock R6G
  • Philips Digital Lock 9200
  • Kaiser Door Pro 

Hoz provides free installation service and next-day delivery for each digital door lock purchase in Singapore. You will also have the support of 24/7 customer service support and a two-year warranty. All that’s left for you to do is visit Hoz and find the right product with the right features for your home or office security.



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