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How to Install Digital Door Locks: A Guide from A to Z

How to Install Digital Door Locks: A Guide from A to Z
calendarSeptember 26, 2023

Digital Lock - As time went by, the usage of digital door locks continued to increase.

Almost every day, some people are interested in installing this type of lock. In the USA alone, over 12 million homes use it. 

That is why you need to know how to install digital door locks yourself. 

Usually, when you buy the product, there is a free installation service that the store is offering. However, sometimes you also have to pay more for it. 

Especially if your home is outside reach. Aside from how to install, you also need to know about:

  • Digital door lock concept
  • Why is the usage of digital locks important for today's society? 
  • Which is better, installing a digital door lock by yourself or by a professional?
  • Here are the explanations about those questions that you need to know! 


What is a Digital Door Lock?

As a part of today's society, you might already be familiar with digital technologies. It started when the digital revolution happened around 1980. At that time, the Internet began to appear and change people's lives.

Along with time, digital technology keeps growing, and people started to adapt it to almost all sectors of life. One of them is in the field of home security. 

If in the past you could only protect the home by using a manual key, now you can use the digital one to fasten and unfasten the home. 
Aside from the name "digital door locks," you will also know the product by the name "smart door locks." 

In short, the concept is not that different from smartphones. But, the purpose is to fasten and unfasten a gateway. For some types of products, you can also integrate it with your phone. 

For your information, there are many types of digital door locks that you can find in the market nowadays: 

  • Biometric authentications can control some of the locks. 
  • You also can control some of them with Bluetooth and WiFi connection. 
  • Or, you can also use a PIN and card to unlock it. 

If you want to choose the biometric one, you can try fingerprint door locks or face recognition door locks. However, if you want products that use connection, you can try smart WiFi door locks or smart Bluetooth door locks. Interestingly, you can use a PIN and card for almost everything. 

Why The Usage of Digital Door Locks Keeps Increasing

Then, what are the advantages of digital door locks? Why does their popularity keep increasing, and even forecasted that the product's value will increase by 34.0% by 2028?

In short, there are at least three reasons why this kind of lock usage keeps rising. Here are the reasons why!
1. More Secure and Can Protect You Better

The first and the main reason why people started to use this kind of lock is because it is more secure than the traditional one. Are digital locks better than key locks? The answer is yes. When using the digital one, the burglars will face more hardship to break in.
2. More Simple and Easy to Use

Besides being more secure, these products are obviously simpler and easier to use. You can fasten and unfasten the home without even physically doing it. This is because most products will fasten themselves immediately when you close them. 

As for unfastening it, you can try various ways to do that without even touching the lock. With some types of products, you can even fasten and unfasten them remotely without needing to present yourself in front of the gateway. It is because you can control it on your phone.

3. More Modern and Adapting Well to The Current Technology

Apart from being the answer to the question of what kind of door lock is most secure and easy to use, this kind of lock also looks better than the traditional one. The design is prettier, making your home look more fancy and modern. Aside from that, it also adapts well to current technology. 

Installing The Digital Door Locks by Yourself vs. by a Professional 


Already found the right reason why you need to use digital door locks? Now, you need to know how to install it. As mentioned before, the store will offer a digital door lock installation service when you buy their product. Some of them offer it for free, and some of them charge additional fees. 

However, sometimes this service is not included when you buy it. So, you need to hire a professional to install it or do it all yourself. Both choices have their pros and cons. 

1. Installation by Professional

If you want to install the digital door locks by a professional, here are some the pros and cons you can consider:


  • They can install it faster. 
  • There are rarely any errors during installation. 
  • You can save your own time and energy. 


  • The price is expensive, it can be up to $300.

2. Installation by Yourself

However, if you install the locks by yourself, here are the pros and cons  you must consider:


  • The price is cheaper. 
  • You can learn something new, and it is a useful skill. 


  • Longer installation time. 
  • The possibility of error is definitely bigger. 
  • You need more time and more energy. 


How to Install The Digital Door Locks by Yourself 

Installing digital door locks by a professional can be relatively expensive. Usually, how much to install a keyless entry door lock is up to $300. That does not even include the price of the lock, which can be up to $1,000. 

Installing it by yourself is an alternative option for some of you.

Then, can I install digital locks myself? The answer is yes, even though the process is challenging. You might also need some tools, such as a drill and a screw, to install it. 

The lock's package usually includes other tools, such as bolts, strikes, latch bolts, mortice, etc. 
If you want to know how to install a smart lock on the front door or in another kind of door, here are some steps you can follow! 

1. Measure The Door and Check Its Thickness

The first thing that you need to do is measure the door and check its thickness. It will help you to decide what kind of door locks suit you the most. Especially the thickness of the door, because you will install a door's strike in that. So, make sure it will fit the door. 

2. Remove The Old Doorknob and The Old Lock 

After that, you can remove the old doorknob and the old locks. After that, you can measure it again to ensure the holes will fit the new ones. If it does not fit, you can drill a new hole or enlarge it in the door. Make sure that its size and diameter will fit the strike, mortise, exterior, and interior unit. 

Usually, there is a template in the lock's package about which part of the door that you need to drill. So, you do not have to worry about drilling the wrong part of the door because of it. 

3. Install The Door's Strike

If the hole is already fit, you can start installing the strike at the side of the door. Then, strengthen the bolts at the top, bottom, and at the sides (if any) with screws to make the strike remain still and not easy to take off from the door. 

4. Check The Direction of The Latch Bolt and Make Sure It Is Correct 

After the strike is already being installed, you can finally install the mortise on the strike. However, before installing it, you need to check whether the direction of the latch bolt is already correct. If it is not yet, you can dismantle and reassemble it in the correct direction. 

5. Install The Door's Mortise 

Then, you can install the mortise in a hole between the strike. Ensure the cable is on the interior side before you install it. Then, secure all the bolts that exist in the mortise by using a screw. 

If it is still, check if the mortise is easy to fall off. When you realize it is still unstable, check whether the bolt is firmly attached. 

6. Install The Exterior Unit

In the next step, you can finally install the exterior unit. Because it is not that different from manual locks, there is an exterior and interior unit on digital locks. This is definitely one of the most complex steps to install digital door locks. 

Here are some steps to install it that you need to know! 

  • First of all, you need to insert the handle shaft in the right direction. You need to make sure that the spring hole is facing up when inserting it. 
  • Then, insert the handle shaft spring. 
  • After that, assemble the bolts on the exterior unit by using a screw for temporary. 
  • Then, ensure you install the exterior unit in the right position by aligning it with the mortise and the drilled door. 

7. Install The Interior Unit

After you ensure that the exterior unit aligns well and is in the correct position, you can install the interior one. Here are some steps you need to follow to install the interior unit of digital door locks:

  • First of all, you need to install the mounting plate before the interior unit. 
  • Insert the cables from the mortise and the exterior unit into a hole at the mounting plate's center.
  • Then, to stabilize the plate, you can install the bolts by using a screw. 
  • However, you need to be careful and make sure that you did not damage the cables and the mortise.
  • After that, connect the mortise cable and the exterior unit cable to the interior unit.
  • Then, install the interior unit to the door. 
  • Lastly, open the battery cover and assemble the bolts by using a screw to stabilize the lock.

8. Install The Battery 

When you are sure that the digital door lock is already stable and not falling easily, you can finally install the battery. It is because the lock will not function at all without it. 

You also need to change the battery once in a while so the lock will still function properly. 

Then, how long do smart door locks last? Usually, most of the locks will last for around 6 months to 3 years. You might need to have a spare battery in case it runs out. 


9. Integrate The Digital Door with The App on Your Phone

After installing the battery, you can integrate the digital door locks with your phone. You can download the app and register an account to control the lock. After that, you can do a setup, such as entering the PIN, registering fingerprints, or another way to unlock the door according to the lock's type. 

If you use biometric authentication, do not forget to register all household members to the system. It is also needed when you are using  Bluetooth connection authentication. 


10. Check Whether The Digital Door Locks Is Working Properly or Not

Lastly, all you need to do is check whether the digital door locks are working properly or not. Try to close the door to make sure it is locked. 

Then, you can check all the features on the app regarding the lock. You also need to try to unlock the door by using the way that you are already setting up. 

So, that was a guide to install digital door locks yourself. It is definitely not easy, but not that impossible to do either. However, you do not need to worry about it because if you buy the lock at Hoz, you will get an installation service for free. The installation process will also be faster with no errors.

Aside from knowing how to install digital door locks properly with no additional charge, Hoz can also assist you with all the questions regarding digital locks. 

Starting from when and how to change the battery, what to do if the locks do not work properly, etc. So, do not hesitate to call Hoz immediately!





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