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Igloohome MT1 & Igloohome RM2F: Best Solution for Your Home

Igloohome MT1 & Igloohome RM2F: Best Solution for Your Home
calendarFebruary 5, 2024

Digital Door Lock Singapore - Igloohome MT1 & Igloohome RM2F are here to introduce you to a world without manual keys. 

Because with these two Igloohome smart locks, you can secure the house door and gate simultaneously.

The security of these two access doors is fundamental, especially for those who want extra protection. 

To understand each of these smart digital locks, let's look at both reviews in the article below!

Igloohome MT1

Igloohome is a gate and digital door lock service provider with experience since 2015. 

Its presence carries a mission to provide a comfortable and safe world, especially in the aspect of door security.

Therefore, the Igloohome MT1 digital door lock and several other variants appeared.

Because our focus this time is discussing Igloohome MT1, let's look at some information related to this product in the points below.


In general, you can see the core specifications of the MT1 model in the table below:

Weight4.6 kg

Outside (373mm * 81mm * 61mm)

Inside (377mm * 85mm * 64mm_

Entry accessesDigital keys, PIN, mechanical keys, fingerprint, RFID tags, and stickers
Exit accessesDigital keys, key fob,  handle
Power type4 AA Alkaline batteries
Emergency power9V Alkaline battery
CertificationIP54, FCC, CE



As a digital door lock Singapore, Igloohome MT1 has provided many essential features to help you, such as:


1. Multiple Access Modes

One of the main features offered by the Igloohome Smart door lock is the many door entry and exit access modes, namely:

  • PIN Code
    This method is among the most common digital lock Singapore product procedures. With this method, you can create two PIN versions, namely master PIN and guest PIN.
    Master PIN is a code you can use daily with your family members at home. You can set it as you wish via Bluetooth service.
    Meanwhile, the Guest PIN is a temporary you can give to guests. Because it is only valid for one time, this code cannot be used at another time. That way, you can feel more secure and comfortable because you don't need to change your Master PIN frequently.


  • Bluetooth
    You must first install the Igloohome App on your smartphone to use this access method. Through an app that is integrated with the smart lock, you can unlock it by using the icon on your smartphone. However, make sure that a Bluetooth connection is available first.


  • RFID tags and Stickers
    You can use RFID tags and stickers that Igloohome has recommended, where the number of tags and stickers you can register reaches 100.
    You can tap the RFID sticker or a special RFID reader to use it. If successful, the indicator LED will turn green and be accompanied by a special tone.


  • Fingerprints
    Fingerprinting is one of the quickest and most convenient ways to unlock the house door. Because you simply press the registered finger into the fingerprint slot. You can register not only a few fingerprints but up to 100. Therefore, this Igloohome lock is also suitable for use in offices with many employees.


  • Key Fob
    Even though you must carry a key fob everywhere, this method is still more convenient than a mechanical key. To access it, you can press the button on the built-in key fob and wait until the door opens automatically.


  • Mechanical Handles
    Mechanical handles can help when unexpected things happen, especially if you are inside the house. This method can help you get out faster. The step is to pull or push the mechanical handle from the inside. In a matter of seconds, the door can open.

2. Igloohome App

As previously mentioned, Igloohome support is a special app that lets you control everything. This application is accessible on Google Play Store and the App Store.
After downloading and pairing your account with this key, there are several things you can do. Some of these include opening the door, changing the Master PIN, registering fingerprints, registering RFID credentials, and creating Guest PINs for guests.

3. Child and Pet Safety Feature

Children and pets can sometimes be a challenge when using a smart lock. Igloohome's biggest concern is that the homeowner accidentally opened the door using one of the entry and exit methods, especially the handle. 

But there's no need to worry because there are child and pet safety features to solve it.

All you need to do is to push the safety toggle on the key towards the left to activate this function. 

After that, this smart lock is locked and cannot be opened from the inside using the handle again.

Deactivating it is also easy; just slide the toggle to the left. After that, the door can be opened from the inside using the handle.

4. Security Features

Not just a door-locking service, Igloohome has also embedded several security features through its smart lock, namely:

  • Intrusion and Obstruction Alarm
    If someone suspiciously forces their way into the house, the alarm will automatically turn on itself. After hearing it, you can take action that you believe is appropriate to protect your home.
  • Security Lockout
    No matter who enters the wrong code several times, the keypad will automatically stop working. Then, access to the house has been closed for a while. You can set the trial number, alarm duration, and so on before the device is locked via the Igloohome App.

5. Volume Control

You can set the volume level that the key will emit when operating. The volume level consists of five levels, from level 0 to level 5.
This can help you adjust it to your preferences or adapt it to environmental conditions so that no one feels disturbed

6. 9V Jumpstart

In an emergency, you can jumpstart the key via a 9V battery. Jumpstart is a step to turn the device on when the battery is dead.

This procedure will be beneficial when you forget to replace the battery and have to go into the house.


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Igloohome RM2F

Igloohome RM2F is the best partner to accompany the smart door lock in your home. 

When you think that the digital lock gate Singapore usually has simple features, in that case, Igloohomen gate lock dares to be different by providing many superior features for you.

Check out some Igloohome RM2F reviews below:


You can see some general specifications of the Igloohome RM2F in the table below:

Weight1.7 kg
DimensionsOutside  (179mm * 73mm * 24mm)
Inside  (196mm * 76mm * 40mm)
Entry accessesFingerprint, Bluetooth keys,PIN codes,  RFID tags & stickers
Exit accessesBluetooth keys, Key Fob, Mechanical keys
Power type4 AA alkaline batteries
Emergency power9V Alkaline Battery



Even though it has a smaller size than a smart door lock, this Igloohome gate lock has many superior features, namely:

1. Multiple Access Modes

There are many access modes for entering and exiting the gate that you can choose, such as:

  • Fingerprints
    From outside the gate, you can attach your registered fingerprint to accept your entry. This tool is suitable for home gate locks, offices, and factories. This is because the number of fingerprints that can be registered reaches 100 fingerprints.


  • Bluetooth
    Bluetooth access can work if you first install the app on your smartphone. After the application is downloaded, you can pair it with the key to manage access from the smartphone. To open entry access, use the unlock icon on the smartphone screen.


  • PIN Code
    PIN Code is the most common access embedded in a smart lock. You simply enter the access code and wait until the door successfully opens.
    Like the other smart door locks products, Igloohome also provides two PIN options, namely Master PIN (main code) and Guest PIN (temporary code). This temporary code is very helpful when you don't want the person given access to be able to enter your yard as they please.


  • Key Fob
    A key fob is an entry access solution that acts as a remote. To open the gate, you only need to press the button on the built-in key fob and wait until the door opens automatically.
    Even though you must carry more tools, it is much easier to use than a mechanical key.


  • RFID Tags and Stickers
    The number of RFID tags and stickers you can register via the Igloohome App has reached 100! Its large capacity will make it easy to access anyone without sharing a PIN.
     To use it, tap the RFID towards a special RFID reader. If successful, the indicator LED will turn green and be accompanied by a special tone.


  • Mechanical Keys
    Suppose the smart door lock uses a mechanical handle to open and close it manually. In that case, it is inversely proportional to the gate. You have to use a mechanical key for manual access.
    This makes more sense for a gate lock, especially if your gate has gaps. You can use this feature during an emergency that makes you trapped. Just insert the key into the keyhole and use it until the gate can be opened.

2. Igloohome App

The Igloohome App is the "brain" to control various services on this smart lock. You can also download it via the Google Play Store or App Store.

There are many things you can control through this application, such as:

  • Change Master PIN
  • Fingerprint registration
  • Create a Guest Bluetooth key
  • RFID Credentials
  • Monitor all accesses that you made previously
  • Revoke created access
  • View activity logs
  • Manage key fobs
  • And many more

3. Various Lock Options:

The key modes you can choose from the Igloohome RM2F are also quite diverse:

  • Auto Lock: After opening the gate and entering the yard, the lock will automatically turn off. This certainly provides comfort and security, especially for forgetful people.
  • Auto Unlock: The lock can be automatically unlocked when you turn on the app and are within the predetermined Bluetooth range
  • Sequential Unlock: You can unlock the gate and main door at the same time. This is more effective than opening one door at a time with the preferred access method.

4. Emergency Jumpstart

When you are in an emergency and the battery is drained, you can jumpstart the key via the 9V battery. The method is also easy and available in the manual book included in the purchase later.

5. Low Battery Alert

To prevent your key from running out of battery, you will receive a notification when it is in a low-power condition. The notification will be in the form of an audio and a visual alert. That way, you can immediately replace the battery.

6. Security and Alarms

Some of the security and alarm features that you can take advantage of are:

  • Intrusion and Obstruction Alarm
    An automatic alarm will provide a warning when there is a forced attempt to enter your yard.
  • Privacy Mode
    If you want extra protection, especially when you are not at home, then activate this privacy mode. It turns off all access methods except the Master Bluetooth Key.
    So, only people with access use the Igloohome application, which has been integrated with a smart lock.
  • Decoy PIN Code
    This method effectively prevents unauthorized people from remembering your access PIN. The system enters several random PIN digits before joining the original PIN.
    Because many random PINs are entered, your original PIN will be more difficult to remember.
  • Security Lockout
    If someone enters the wrong PIN on the keypad several times, the keypad will automatically turn off for a few moments

7. Volume Control

You can adjust the gate lock volume according to your preference and comfort. There are five sound level options, namely 0 (mute) to 5 (loudest)

8. Quiet Unlock

You can also mute the audio when you want to unlock the gate lock to avoid disturbing the surroundings or prevent disturbance.

Igloohome MT1 & Igloohome RM2F Bundle: Best Value!

Combining the two can provide extra protection for your home because the performance of each digital lock is extraordinary. 

This is beneficial for those of you who live in an unsafe environment or have children and older adults who are already senile. That way, entry access is truly private and not easily hacked.

By synchronizing the digital lock, you only need to unlock the gate from the outside while the main door also opens. 

Apart from safety, there are also aspects of effectiveness and convenience.

If you want to use the Igloohome MT1 & Igloohome RM2F Bundle combo, you can check it on the Hoz Digital Lock page.

Contact you immediately to get the best offer!





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