Improve Your Life with These Smart Kitchen Features

September 26, 2022

Preparing your meals in the kitchen after a long and hectic day at work is not the most appealing task. However, if you’re someone who enjoys cooking and prefers being in control of what you put into your body, home automation might just be the key to all your problems.

Smart homes have been known to add convenience, comfort and security to our lives. The more commonly sought-after appliances in Singapore are the usual washer-dryer machines, televisions, and digital locks for your front door. Kitchen appliances, however, aren’t really regarded as a necessity with the increasing popularity of food delivery services, though expenses can accumulate quickly if you order in frequently. If you are trying to get into cooking to save on those costs, you can spruce it up with several smart kitchen features to make the process more effortless. 

Smart kitchen features take away the stresses of cooking and are designed to make for a more leisurely experience. At Hoz, we strive to touch the lives of each household. That is why we have created a list of smart kitchen features you can consider implementing to improve your life at home.

Smart Voice Assistants

Voice assistants lend a hand to those who are busy in the kitchen in several ways. When integrated with compatible devices, they can perform tasks for you when your hands are full. Voice assistants also give you real-time information about everything happening in the kitchen when you command it to, so that you can focus on what you are doing more efficiently. When you’re busy juggling between tasks, voice assistants become your right-hand man in the kitchen. You can ask it to adjust the temperature in your home when it gets too warm and stuffy in the kitchen or even set a timer, so you don’t accidentally burn your hard work in the oven. 

Smart Smoke Detectors

We’ve all experienced that moment of panic when we’re in the middle of something, but suddenly remember a task that needs to be settled urgently. When it comes to cooking, stepping away from the stove to answer a ringing doorbell is not the most ideal situation. However, we may not always have a choice. This is where smart smoke detectors come in handy, they can sound an alarm to alert us of any possible danger and even cut off airflow to the rest of the house to limit potential damage. This feature also further prevents mishaps by automatically alerting the fire department for necessary assistance should the situation escalate.

Digital Lever Locks

An electronic lever lock that replaces your conventional kitchen door handle can benefit you in more ways than one. Kitchen appliances and tools can pose a danger to unassuming children and elderly family members when they unexpectedly malfunction or if you’ve accidentally left a knife out on the table. Moments like these call for added security. Whether you’re at home or away, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that access to your kitchen is limited when you have complete control over the security functions of your digital lever lock. Alongside unparalleled safety, some electronic lever locks also include an automatic unlocking feature when the temperature reaches a certain degree. This ensures that someone at home can proactively prevent a potential accident in the kitchen should it be required. 

Hoz provides digital lever locks and other digital locks in Singapore to safeguard you and your family from imminent dangers. Shop our collection online today or contact us to find the perfect digital lock for you.

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