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Lockin V5 Max & Lockin Model V: Smart Way to Secure Your Home

Lockin V5 Max & Lockin Model V: Smart Way to Secure Your Home
calendarFebruary 1, 2024

Digital Lock Singapore - Lockin smart lock products are increasingly in demand by homeowners who want a higher home security system. 

If you wish for extra and smarter protection, you can use two combos from Lockin, namely Lockin V5 Max & Lockin Model V.

These two Lockin digital locks can prevent unwanted people from entering from the gate of your house. 

For further information about these two products, let's examine the explanation of the Lockin Model V and Lockin V5 Max reviews below!

Lockin V5 MAX Door Digital Lock

Lockin V5 Max Singapore is a smart lock that you can install on the house's main door. 

This tool has the latest technology installed, which can make security at home better.

Not only has the security system improved, but the comfort of access has also improved. 

You can enter the house using various methods because it’s different from the traditional method, which uses a manual key.

Check out the Lockin V5 review below to learn more about this product, which has served up to 21 million users worldwide!


Before discussing in detail the advantages of the Lockin door lock, please see the table below to check some of the detailed specifications:

Dimension8 x 78 x 16 mm, 800 x 480 resolution
Power supplyBatteries (5000 mAh and 2250 mAh)
MaterialAluminium alloy
Suitable door typeStainless Steel Door, Brass Door, Wooden Door, and Steel Door
Unlock modeFingerprint, face recognition, Bluetooth, password, finger vein recognition, App, mechanical key, card,
Door thickness40 - 120 mm


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Advantages and Features of Lockin V5 MAX

Some of the advantages and benefits that you can get after upgrading to the Lockin v5 Max bundle are:

1. Products That Have Won Many Awards

Before getting into the technical aspects, you must know that Lockin is a brand famous for winning many global awards.

This victory indicates that various aspects of the Lockin product are worth considering for a quality home door security. Some of these awards are:

  • IF Product Design Award
  • CMF Design Award
  • GoldenPin Design Award
  • German Design Award 2023
  • IDA Design Award
  • CES Innovation Awards 2023
  • Reddot Design Award

All of the awards above are generally related to product design, so you can expect more from the designs offered to beautify the interior and exterior of your home.

2. 10 Unlock Methods

Different from most smart door lock products in the market, Lockin product boldly provides up to 10 door unlock methods, namely:

  • Vein Recognition
    Palm vein recognition is an unlock method that is still rarely used by smart door locks. Some brands still hesitate to use it because it is relatively new and innovative. Moreover, it can increase product prices. But Lockin didn't mind this.
    So, the technology adapted for vein recognition is palm vein biometric technology. It works simply by swiping your palm to the sensor provided.
    If your data has been entered into the system, then within seconds, the door will open. This method is claimed to be 15 times safer than other methods. Meanwhile, the speed can be 64.6% faster.
    Some of the advantages of palm vein recognition are that it is very accurate, it can even differentiate between twin users or look-alikes, and it is friendly for children because they can wave hands without having to tiptoe or jump. Also, this recognition is safer because someone's features are complicated to imitate and suitable for various age groups.


  • Face Recognition
    You can also open the door by showing your face to this lock sensor in seconds. This method is very suitable if you are carrying a lot of items and can't use other methods,
    The innovative technology in this feature uses 3D structured light facial recognition. The level of accuracy is very detailed because it pays attention to the user's facial features down to the millimeter size. Therefore, even if you are wearing glasses or makeup or are in low light, this key can still recognize the faces of its owners. 
    Meanwhile, some of the advantages of facial recognition technology on the Lockin Smart Lock V5 Max are that it uses the latest facial recognition technology similar to iPhone products and can detect from a one-meter distance.


  • Fingerprints
    The unlock method using a fingerprint is well known because it is quite effective in securing access to the house. You can register all the fingerprints of family members or people closest to you because it can accommodate more than 100 fingerprints.


  • Passwords
    You can create a password that all family members can use as login access. You can type it via the keypad button available on the smart lock.


  • Key
    Despite the advanced technology embedded, Lockin still includes traditional key features for entry access. This method may be more convenient for older people or when there are problems opening the door with other methods.


  • App
    You can open your house door using an application compatible with this Lockin door lock. After selecting the open door option, the door will automatically unlock itself.


  • Bluetooth
    By synchronizing the system with the Mijia App, you can also open the door using Bluetooth easily and quickly.


  • NFC Cards
    You simply stick the NFC Card into the available slot or sensor to open it. Just like other methods, the unlock process is also speedy.


  • One Time Password
    OTP is valid for providing access codes to guests who come to the house. You can set it via the app quickly and easily. The code will no longer be valid when the person tries to use it again.


  • Homekit
    This lock is also compatible with several IoT devices produced by Apple to make the unlocking process more manageable without coming directly to the door.

3. Slim design

One of the indicators that made this product win many awards is its sleek design. The thickness is only 16 mm, even thinner than the Macbook (16.8 mm). Because of this, Lockin's presence will not be annoying because it is too conspicuous. Besides, anyone who sees it will be amazed by its innovative and elegant design.

4. Alert Notification

Lockin V5 can capture abnormal movements around the lock through its camera feature. Some of the strange behaviors that this key can detect are:

  • Error entering password several times
  • Low battery
  • Attempted forced entry by breaking the lock
  • Another person near the door

If one of these four activities occurs, the key will immediately set an alarm and notify your smartphone. That way, you can carry out treatment according to the situation.

5. Indoor Intelligent Protection

Using this means you get the latest indoor intelligent protection technology. The reason is there are several protection options, namely:

  • Children model: a feature that prevents children from opening the lock carelessly.
  • Dual protection: Prevents pets from opening the door from inside the house.
  • Mechanical double locking: An extra safety lock that can make residents who live alone feel safer.
  • Emergency Unlocking: In dangerous and urgent situations, you can open the door mechanically.

6. Long Battery Lifetime

Two Lockin v5 Max batteries have 2250 mAh and 5000 mAh capacities, respectively. 

Both batteries can last long, even if operating for 24 hours. In addition, if one battery is taken out for charging, the key can still function using another battery.

An anti-fall design also prevents the battery from falling or being in an inappropriate position due to long-term use.

7. Premium Quality

Lockin V5 has passed several durability tests, which make it able to withstand various conditions. 

Some of these endurance tests include:

  • High-temperature testing
  • Low-temperature testing
  • Corrosion testing
  • Waterproof testing
  • Dust testing
  • Humidify testing

The total number of tests carried out to test the quality of the Lockin V5 Max reached 78 tests. That way, you don't need to worry about its durability anymore.

8. Doorbell

Every guest who comes to your house can press the bell, so you can hear it from inside the house or receive a notification in the application.

Lockin Model V

To complete the security system at home, pair the Lockin V5 Max with the Lockin Model V gate lock for the front gate.

This type of gate lock is also very suitable for houses with HDB gates, like most houses in Singapore.

Some things you need to know about Lockin gate lock are:


Before you examine this product, you can see the Lockin Model V specifications in the table below:

HandleNo handle
Door typeGate
Lock typeRim lock
Unlock methodsFingerprint, physical keBluetoothoth, PIN, and NFC card
RequirementsGap between gate and door is at least 8 cm



Lockin Model V Smart Digital Gate Lock has several superior features, including:

1. Many Unlock Methods

Even though there are not as many unlock methods like the door lock, this gate protector can use up to six unlock modes, namely:

  • Dual fingerprints
  • PIN
  • NFC
  • Remote control
  • Manual keys
  • OTP

The presence of dual fingerprints will make it easier for you when you want to enter or leave the house. 

The first fingerprint will be in the inside area, which will help when you want to leave the house. Meanwhile, the second fingerprint is outside, useful as access to your home. This device's fingerprint accuracy and speed are also very good, only 0.9 seconds.

2. Slim Design

Because it is intended for HDB housing, the design also adapts to the common gate. As you know, minimalist HDB house gates require thin, small locks to make them look more proper.

Therefore, Lockin has designed the front of this gate lock to be small and slim. That way, almost all HDB gates can be compatible with this type of gate lock.

3. Synchronize with Door Lock

When you use a key for doors and gates, the device system can automatically open the main lock when you open it from outside the house. This is much simpler and faster because you don't need to unlock twice.

Lockin V5 Max & Lockin Model V Bundle: Best Deal!

As stated, using these two keys is a wise decision to secure your home.  

The  synchronization between the two will make it easier for you to enter the house quickly. 

Meanwhile, the gate will not automatically open if you open the house door.

This aspect considers the security aspects of the residents. If the gate opens when the main door is opened, the potential for strangers to enter will be wide open.

When you want to see guests coming, you can open the main door while the gate is still closed. Then, the decision to open or close the gate is yours. 

Because some people don't need to come into the house, right?

Buying this bundle will also be more profitable because installation can be done simultaneously, so you don't need to invite a technician twice.

If the information above still doesn't convince you to switch to Lockin products, then consider the reasons below:

  • Affordable. 

Compared to several competitors circulating in the community, Lockin products are still relatively affordable. So, even if your budget is limited, if you use Lockin, you will get various marvelous features.

  • Comfortable to use. This can be seen from multiple easy unlock methods. You don't need to worry if you forget to bring a manual key.
  • Safer. Unlike traditional locks and competitors, Lockin is much safer for home guarding. The material it is made from is also strong, so it will be difficult for humans to damage it.
  • Easy installation. With professional help, you can install this device in just one hour.
  • Warranty. If there is a problem with the lock, you can report it to us for immediate action.

Tips for Maintaining Lockin V5 Max & Lockin Model


Have you made a wise decision by ordering this smart product?

The next step is to carry out maintenance so that your product lasts longer. 

  • You can follow several tips to keep the devices last longer, such as:
  • Do not mix new batteries with old ones.
  • To prevent battery leakage, replace them every six months.
  • Make sure the type of battery you use is only alkaline. Some recommendations are GP Ultra, Panasonic, and Duracell.
  • To protect digital locks from door dings, use a door closer.

From all the reviews of the Lockin V5 Max and the Lockin Model V products above,

there is no reason to use this best smart door lock, right? If interested, you can now check the Hoz page regarding the Lockin product purchase package!





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