Parental Guide to Installing Digital Door Locks

July 7, 2022

It is a given that smart locks come with many benefits for residential and commercial spaces. And while the thought of installing digital door locks does not come instinctively to many homeowners, the vast array of smart lock system features they boast have evolved to pose as child-friendly digital solutions that are now must-haves for every smart home in Singapore. With the robust capabilities of digital door locks, it thus no longer becomes a question of who should buy digital door locks for their homes but rather, when, why, and how homeowners can and should jump on the digital door lock bandwagon. Although every homeowner would want to keep their living space safe and secure, no one understands this better than parents. It may have been unsettling in the past for some parents to entrust their children's safety to a smart lock system. However, digital door locks now offer parents convenience and assurance as they juggle work and appointments. 

How Parents Can Benefit from Digital Door Locks

Digital door locks are known to increase accessibility without compromising security. But with the plethora of features, including infrared sensors to unlock the door from the inside, PIN code randomiser, and anti-prying alarms, how do these translate into increased security for your home and kids?

1. Real-Time Monitoring of Lock Status

Many digital door locks are now synced with smartphone apps to create a new world of smart living. This means that Wi-Fi-driven real-time monitoring of the lock status is made possible with a touch of a button. Whether you are away at work or running an emergency errand, digital door locks can provide insights into the door’s lock status – making it much easier to ensure that your child is home safe from school. Digital door locks like the Philips 9300 & Philips 5100K Bundle do just that. Besides its C-grade lock cylinder, which employs multiple anti-theft technologies, it features open-close functional buttons that prevent accidental unlocking by children. It also ensures better security by IoT as it is designed with an anti-prying alarm, a smart door viewer that takes pictures and videos, and an instant alert function that sends a notification upon unlocking. 

2. Keyless Convenience

Had your kids rung you up during office hours because they forgot their keys at home? With a digital door lock, this will be an issue of the past. Be it through fingerprint sensors, PIN codes, RFID cards, physical keys or remote unlocking via an app, these door locks triumph over traditional lock-and-key doors as they can be unlocked in various ways. Options like the Hafele Digital Lock PP8100 are perfect examples of such feature-packed digital door locks. Beyond its 5 unlocking modes, it supports a double verification function that allows for the combination of 2 in 3 access ways, as well as an “Away” and “Defense” mode to increase security levels in case no one is home. The double-locking mode can also be activated from the inside, and in the case of strangers attempting to enter, there is an auto-lockout should there be 5 failed unlocking attempts.

3. Ultimate Control

Planning to have a relative to watch over your kid? Perhaps your child’s tutor is scheduled for a lesson while you are not home. Rather than worry about your child opening the doors to a stranger, digital door locks like the Philips Digital Lock 702E can help in various ways. With its built-in Wi-Fi module, parents can remotely distribute one-time PIN codes to ensure that only authorised individuals can gain access to the home. It also allows parents to check the smart lock access records and PIN code information on the Philips EasyKey app anywhere and anytime. 

Installing the Right Digital Door Lock

There are various types of smart digital locks, and choosing the best one is crucial in maintaining the safety of curious little ones. As such, it is pivotal to look out for key features that give you the ultimate remote access so that you can always have an eye on your kids, even when away from home. Among the other things to consider are all-around alarm features that will improve the anti-theft level of your home, real-time door lock monitoring capabilities, and unlocking features that allow your kids to open doors quickly and easily. Additional features like a smart door viewer and fake PIN code technology can also upgrade the home security level. 

Safeguard Your Home and Kids with Hoz

Digital door locks are becoming more advanced, ensuring the safety of every family. With top-notch functions that make it worth investing in a digital door lock, parents should consider their benefits to double the protection for home security. Care more about the safety of your children by embarking on your digital lock journey. To get started, check out the extensive collection of digital locks in Singapore at Hoz. Check out our cost guide to digital and smart locks in Singapore, and shop online with us today.

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