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Philips Alpha VP 5HWS: Best Door Viewer, Lock, and Doorbell

Philips Alpha VP 5HWS: Best Door Viewer, Lock, and Doorbell
calendarFebruary 8, 2024

Digital Door Lock Singapore - Philips Alpha VP 5HWS is a great option to help maintain your building or place with three functions at once. 

A doorbell, smart lock, and door viewer are things you will get with the Philips digital door lock.

Philips smart video door lock is available at a rational and affordable price. 

So, it could be anyone's best buy over the year. Let's check the full review below if you're interested in the Philips Alpha-Vp-5HWS smart video door lock!

Philips EasyKey Alpha VP-5HWS Smart Video Door Lock Specifications

Before we discuss the Philips Alpha digital lock review, let’s check some detailed specifications of the 3-in-1 device via the table below:

ColorRed copper
Main materialAluminium alloy
HandlePush-pull handle
Access methodsFingerprint, mechanical key, card/key tag, password/PIN code
Battery typeLi-polymer Battery
Emergency Power Supply5V power bank
Easy operationHuman voice guide
Door typeCopper door, Antitheft door, Wooden door


Philips Alpha VP 5HWS Best Features

Philips doesn’t have many competitors in terms of three-in-one smart door locks. 

It is because most of them only use the doorbell feature. So, the door viewer is still rare.

Then, if your focus is to get a product that provides many functions, your choices are limited. 

But don’t worry, when choosing a smart door lock Philips, you will get anything you need and want. 

So, it does not really matter if the options are limited because you will choose Philips anyway.

So, here are the ten superior features offered by the Philips Alpha digital lock:

1. Wide-angle Night Vision Camera

At night, you can still see everything around the entrance clearly. 

This is because of a low-power infrared fill light feature. Also, your view is much more spacious during the day because of the great combo of 144 wide-angle cameras. The camera also included a 2 MP resolution.

In day mode, all functions can operate optimally. Then what about at night?

That infrared t will change to night mode when the entrance’s surroundings look dim and if it is already night. 

Portraits of anyone can be captured at a distance of about a meter from the device.

2. Clear Image

Using a particular screen, you can check anyone who wants to visit or has entered the house. You can position this screen inside the house, near the door.

Philips Digital Lock Easykey Alpha camera can allow you to see people captured by the 4-inch IPS screen. 

You can see a clear image of those people because of a wide-angle camera in the best lock. When everything looks clear, it’s easy to observe the situation outside.

If you no longer need this screen, just click one of the menus on the screen to make the screen turn off.

The owner can also set a sleep mode time limit and screen brightness for all the family members' convenience. 

These settings can be done in apps compatible with your smart lock.

3. Real Time Connection

This feature really helps when nobody is at home. Everything that happens outside your house is easy to monitor anytime and anywhere. 

It can happen because of the Wi-Fi. But make sure that the Wi-Fi is connected to the app, Philips EasyKey, to make the monitoring process work.

Any command and monitor are easy as long as the Philips EasyKey and your Wi-Fi are on at home. 

These include checking entry and exit access history, sending a temporary PIN code, and checking the situation around the door.

4. Two-Way Talk Mode

You can still communicate with people outside the door even if you are not at home. This way of communication is effortless.

Guests who come can press the doorbell on the lock first. 

Automatically, this smart bell will turn on recording mode. Not long after, you will receive a notification in the application that someone is waiting.

To start two-way communication, you can select the message box menu. 

After that, you and the guests outside the door can communicate directly. 

You can provide a temporary PIN from this communication so guests can enter or communicate from this smart door lock.

5. Many Unlock Modes

You can use six unlock modes for comfort and security when opening your house door. The six modes are:

  • Fingerprint
    For some people, fingerprinting is the fastest and most convenient unlock method. You simply press your finger on the door sensor, and within a few seconds, the door will open.
    You can register the fingerprints of all family members into this lock. One user can register several fingerprints to make entering the house easier.


  • PIN Code
    If you can't use the fingerprint unlock method, then a PIN could be an alternative. Some obstacles that make it difficult to use a PIN are when fingerprints are damaged, or your hands are too sweaty. It will make the login access frequently denied.
    Using a PIN, you can create several number codes that are difficult for others to guess. The purpose is to avoid the risk of strangers trying to enter the house using a PIN.


  • RFID Tag
    This method is also relatively easy because you only need to stick or tap the card in a special slot. After a few moments, the access door will open automatically.


  • Wi-Fi
    You can access your house quickly if you are connected to Wi-Fi. Make sure the Wi-Fi connection is sufficient for you to use this method.


  • App
    As mentioned, you can use the application as a "key" to enter the house. Select the menu to open the door, and access will be open in seconds.


  • Mechanical Key
    Even though the Philips Easykey Alpha smart digital lock prioritizes technology for accessing the house, traditional key services are still maintained.
    The reason is simple: for protection when you can't do all the methods for whatever reason. You can still get in and out of the house quickly and safely using a manual key. No longer need to be afraid of access difficulties.

6. PIR (Passive Infrared Motion) Sensor

This feature is one of the highlights of the Philips smart video door lock. If there is someone's movement within a three-meter radius, the device will detect it as abnormal. 

The device will automatically record or photograph the object's movement from the PIR sensor and AI analysis.

You can check the recordings and photos via the application. After seeing the results,  you can analyze whether the movement is dangerous or not. The next step depends on your decision.

7. Optimal Security Features

Throughout the day and night, you can get protection through several security features on the Philips VP 5HWS, namely:

  • Emergency Rotary Knob
    Inside the smart lock component, there is a rotary knob. The aim is to ensure the safety of house residents when an emergency occurs. If this smart lock doesn't work because of a problem in an area of the house, you can use the knob.
    It doesn't take long; the door can open, so you and your family can immediately save yourselves.


  • Random PIN Code
    This feature is very useful to help you protect your PIN from the prying eyes of other people who come with you. You can enter up to 20 digits of random code to save the original PIN.
    The position of the original and random PIN is up to you. The lock will remain open when you insert the original PIN sequentially between the random codes.
    Considering that this hidden PIN can contain up to 20 digits, the potential for other people to remember it will be very difficult.


  • Multiple Alerting
    You can get many notifications when there are problems with the smart lock system. Some notifications are abnormal bolts, system locking, anti-dismantling, and lock status.
    With multiple alerts, you can feel safer and more comfortable whether you are at home or not.

8. No Extra Effort Required

Even though this smart door lock still uses a handle to operate, the owner won't have any hassle or less effort. 

After the smart key lock receives your entry verification, the door will automatically get a push to open. That way, you pull the handle without extra effort.

Then, if you forget to close the door after entering the house, you will get a warning that the lock is still not properly locked.

9. Quiet Mode

If you don't want your arrival to disturb other residents at night, you can use the "0" key to switch to silent mode. With this mode, no annoying sounds will appear.

You must press the "0" button for two seconds to activate it. After that, the mute mode will immediately start. That way, you can enter the house relaxed and calm.

10. Infrared Sensors in the House

If you want to open the door from inside the room, press your hand against the infrared sensor on the door handle.

Automatically, the sensor will detect and allow the door to be opened easily and quickly.


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Philips EasyKey, Easy Way to Control Your Smart Door

As previously explained, you can use Philips EasyKey to manage the smart door lock easily and quickly. 

You can change your PIN, provide a temporary PIN, communicate with guests, and various other essential functions.

Interestingly, the Philips Digital lock EasyKey Alpha VP is compatible with smart door locks and other Philips smart devices.

You can pair it with smart safes and smart drying racks. So you can do all the smart device management from your smartphone.

To get this application, you can download and install it via Google Play Store or App Store. 

Just follow the instructions in the manual for pairing the application with your device.

Installation is easy, so you don't need to worry about hiring professional services to help integrate the two.

Philips Alpha VP 5HWS Suitable for Various Situations and Conditions

As a brand with experience creating multiple electronic products, Philips already understands their target market. 

That way, consumers who use it will be on target. Some criteria that are suitable for using this smart lock door are:

1. Renter

Even though you don't have a home, you also have the right to get security and comfort from this smart door lock service. The solution could be to ask permission to install this lock in your rental house.

If this is not possible, you can look for a house that already uses this Philips security system. That way, the money you spend on rent will feel commensurate with the facilities.

2. Home Owners

If renters can choose to use this smart lock, then you can too!

You can install it in various houses, from traditional homes to modern ones like apartments. Apart from installing it for protection in private homes, you can also install this Philips product in rental properties. This is safer and makes it easier to provide key access to tenants.

3. Smart Home Lover

Fans of high-tech products should take advantage of this opportunity to protect their home. With embedded technology, you no longer need to worry about leaving your keys or forgetting to close the door.

If the locks in your house are still old, then now is the right time to replace them, right?

4. Office
Installing it in the office secures assets and limits entry, making monitoring absences and activities in and out of the office easier.

Reasons You Should Use Philips Alpha VP 5HWS


Some of the reasons below can strengthen your desire to upgrade to a smart door lock:

1. New Design Concept

The Philips Alpha VP 5HWS or other series are always designed to follow developing trends, prioritizing modern and simple aspects. The material is also of high quality, so its durability is guaranteed.

So, it is not surprising that Philips often wins several awards related to product design.

2. High Reputation

If you hear the name Philips, you know and associate it with the best quality products. 

This is right because Philips continues to try to maintain its good reputation. So you don't need to be afraid about the product quality you will get.

3. Fun Experience

Using this device is sure to be enjoyable. You will no longer be bothered with manual keys because there are many entry access options. 

Because it is connected to the application, the key management process can be easier and faster!

Based on all the explanations above, it is clear that this product is very worthy for you to consider to secure your home.

You can check the Philips Alpha VP 5HWS product via this page if interested. You will also get a guarantee of up to three years apart from free installations.


Come on, order now!




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