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Pros and Cons of Smart Door Locks: Is It Worth It to Use?

 Pros and Cons of Smart Door Locks: Is It Worth It to Use?
calendarAugust 31, 2023

Best Digital Lock - In recent years, the use of smart locks has continued to increase.

By 2030, its global market is expected to reach USD 8.13 billion. The reason is because people are starting to be aware to maximize security at home. However, you might still be pondering about the pros and cons of smart door locks. 

Are smart door locks worth it? Obviously, most people will question it before they are sure to buy the locks. Knowing its pros and cons definitely will help you to consider whether it is worth buying or not. 

So, here are the advantages and the disadvantages of smart locks that you need to know! 

The Pros of Using Smart Locks

After there is a development in digital technology, the use of smart door locks has increased rapidly and drastically. 

In some countries, more than half of the population already uses this technology. For example in South Korea, where almost 70% of the population already uses this kind of lock. 

Then, what are the advantages of a smart door lock system? Why are there so many people who migrate from traditional keys to the smart one?

Here are the lists:
1. Offering Extra Security 

This might be shocking news for some of you that most burglary cases are occuring during day time.  It mostly happens when your home is empty. 

In almost all cases, the burglar will break into your home by damaging the doorknob. 

Whether it is by using a crowbar, drill, hammer, etc. 

Then, are electronic door locks safe? 

Especially the one that uses smart locks, whether it is WiFi based or bluetooth based. Interestingly, an electronic or digital lock is harder to break than the manual ones.
Some locks are even equipped with an alarm system when someone forces their way to break into your home. 

There is also a feature that lets you receive an alert on your phone when there is someone who tries to unlock the door. 

It makes most burglars avoid robbing a home that has a smart door lock.


2. You Do Not Have to Worry about Forgetting The Key

Aside from being safer, the usage of WiFi or bluetooth smart locks is also simpler. 

It is because all of the controls regarding the locks exist on your phone. So, you do not have to worry about forgetting the key. You can lock, unlock, and share the lock by using your phone.
Usually, you need to install an app on your phone when installing the smart door locks on your home. Then, you can connect those two devices for an easier life. 

Because, you can control the door lock by your phone through WiFi or bluetooth connection. So, you will no longer need traditional keys anymore.
Aside from that, you can also use a PIN, password, or fingerprint in case you forget to bring your phone when leaving. That saves you from having to wait for friends, family, or a landlord to come and bring you a spare key in case you forget or lose it.

3. Can Integrate with More Than One Device

Another reason why you should buy a smart door lock is because you can integrate it with more than one device. So, when you lose your phone, you still can control the key by using another one. 

However, if that happens to you, you need to change the PIN or password to login into the lock's app as soon as possible. You also need to change all the settings. So, you can regain authority and prevent a stranger from gaining the same authorization regarding the lock.

4. Can Integrate with Other Security Systems

Then, for extra protection, you can integrate the lock with other security systems. For example, an alarm and security camera. An alarm can make your neighbors know that there is an intruder. 

Meanwhile a CCTV or a security camera can recognize the perpetrator's face if there is a case of trespassing.

5. Can Lock and Unlock The Door Remotely 

Beside that, smart door locks, especially the WiFi ones have a feature to lock and unlock the door remotely. So, by using WiFi smart locks, you can control it even if you are not at home.
If you forget to lock the door? You can open the application and lock it there. However, some of the smart locks have an automatic lock feature, so you do not have to worry about leaving your home unlocked.
If there is a friend or family member who needs to enter your home? You can open it for them even if you are out of town. It definitely will make your life easier.

6. Receiving Alert on Real Time When Someone Unlock The Door

Then, when there is someone who unlocked or is trying to unlock the door, you will immediately receive an alert on your phone. So, are smart locks better than traditional locks? The answer is definitely yes. 

The reason is because, if there is an unusual activity, you will immediately know it in real time even though you are not present at your home. Then, you can take an action, either to ask for help from your neighbor to check it or immediately calling the police. 

It is impossible to do if you still use a traditional key.

7. Saving History Record about When The Door Unlocked

Not only receiving an alert in real time, some locks also have a feature to see a history record about when the door unlocked. 

If you have a teen, it would be easy for you to check whether they are coming home past the curfew or not.

8. You Can Make an Extra eKey Easily
Aside from that, you can also make an extra eKey easily for someone who lives at home with you. You can give the eKey to your parents, wife, husband, kids, siblings, roommates, etc. So, they can open the door without waiting for you to unlock it for them.
Interestingly, you can also give the eKey for someone who will enter your home at limited times. When the time is over, the eKey will no longer be used to unlock the door. 

It will expire when that person has finished doing what they have to do in your home.

9. Give an Impression That Your Home Is Modern 

Then, you can use the smart door lock to show that you are part of a modern society. This is because the lock is closely related to modernity. 

It uses digital technology and is already integrated with your phone. In general, it will give an impression that your home is modern.

10. Gives More Selling Value When You Want to Sell The Home

When your home looks modern, it will immediately give more selling value. 

As you might already know, homes that use a smart door lock are more expensive than homes that still use a traditional key. The higher price obviously comes with higher security, simplicity, sophisticaticacy, and modernity.

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The Cons of Using Smart Locks

Unfortunately, aside from some pros, smart door locks also have some cons as well. 

Then, what are the issues with smart locks? Even with those weaknesses, is it worth it to buy the locks? For answering all of those questions, here are some disadvantages of the locks that you need to know! 


1. There Is Still Room for Hackers, So It Is Not 100% Safe

If you are curious about, are smart locks easier to break into? Then, the answer is no. 

In general, it is harder to break into a home that uses a smart door lock than a traditional key. 
It would deter a burglar as well. However, it does not mean that you will be 100% free from burglary and illegal trespassing.

There is still room for them to hack the system and break into your home. This is because you are controlling the lock by using WiFi or bluetooth, which can be hacked. It would get worse if you bought the lock from some shady company that is untrustworthy.
So, can you trust smart locks? The answer is yes, you can. 

But, before buying a smart door lock, make sure to do some research about the product first. 

Is it secure? What are the things that you should do to maximize its security? What are the lock's features that can give you extra protection? 

However, you have to know that you need an extra effort to hack a smart lock system. And most burglars definitely did not want to waste time by doing it. So, it is still safer than when you are still using a traditional key.

2. For Some Smart Locks, You Need an Internet Connection 

Then, do smart door locks need WiFi? For your information, you definitely need WiFi's connection to control some locks. Without it, you cannot use all the features that exist in the application. 

Either it is to lock, unlock, or share the key with other people. 
So, when your phone dies or when you are offline, you have to use another way to get into your home. Usually, you can get in by using PIN, password, or fingerprint. 

However, if it is inconvenient for you, you can choose smart door locks that will work fine even if there is no Internet. Usually, you can control the lock by using a bluetooth connection. The door will automatically open when your phone's bluetooth is on and you are in a certain radius from your home.

3. You Need to Change The Battery Because It Can Runs Out

Then, do keyless locks work without electricity? Most of the locks are using a battery, so yes, they can work even if there is a power outage. However, you have to know that the battery will not last forever. 

Especially if you use the WiFi ones, because the battery can run out faster. 

So, how long do keyless keys last? Usually, you have to change the battery every four to six years. It will depend on how much power it has, how much the lock needs its power, and many other factors. 

Having a spare battery might help you if it runs out all of sudden.
Then, what happens if the battery dies on smart door locks? Usually, you can still enter the home by using traditional keys. 

So, you do not have to change the battery immediately if you do not have a spare battery. 

However, it would be best for you if you check the remaining battery in routine, so that the lock does not deactivate when you are not at home. Some locks even have a battery level indicator, and it will alert you when you need to change it.

4. The Price Is More Expensive Than Traditional Keys

Aside from all the disadvantages above, the price of smart door locks is also more expensive than the traditional one. 

Then, why are smart locks so expensive? 

The reason is because it has more features that you can use. It is also more secure. Especially the one who uses other security systems. 
Most of the smart locks have an auto relock function, so you do not have to worry if you forget to lock it. 

The door will lock itself immediately. You can also check whether your home is locked or not by using the app.
Aside from that, there is also a double lock function, where you can activate so the door cannot be opened from the outside. People also cannot open it by using PIN, password, or fingerprint when this mode is activated. However, they still can use an override key.
Then, there is an alarm function too in the lock. The alarm will activate when there is a person who input the wrong PIN, password, or fingerprint multiple times. 

It will also be active when there is someone who is trying to forcefully open the door, whether from the inside or the outside.
So, that was the pros and cons of smart door locks that you need to know. However, it definitely has more pros and cons, so it is worth it to buy the lock. 

If you need help choosing the lock, you can get in touch with team Hoz.


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