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Securing Your Home: Top Home Theft Prevention Tips

Securing Your Home: Top Home Theft Prevention Tips
calendarSeptember 14, 2023

Best Digital Lock - Better safe than sorry! Acts of crime can happen without any warning and can happen to anyone.

In order to avoid the risk of theft at home, it is important to pay attention to these home theft prevention tips.

According to Singapore's home burglary statistics, there were three incidents of burglary and related crimes per 100,000 people in 2021. This data indicates that home burglary rates in Singapore are relatively low, but it is still important to remain vigilant.

Don't wait for trouble to knock – secure your home round the clock.

Criminality can come out of the blue and attack anyone. To avoid this, you can follow the following anti theft tips:


1. Make Sure that Your Windows and Doors are Locked Perfectly

How can I protect my house from thieves? A simple solution would be to ensure that your doors and windows are securely locked.
According to a survey conducted by KGW TV of 86 convicted house burglars, doors and windows were the entry points used. 

Therefore, you should pay closer attention to the locking status of your doors and windows.

This habit applies not only when you leave the house but also when going to bed or alone at home. Always double-check to make sure the doors and windows are perfectly locked.


2. Do not Overshare on Social Media

The following burglary prevention tips are to avoid oversharing on social media and the internet, especially if your social media is not private. Oversharing personal information on social media increases the risk of theft. 

It is important to realize that criminals can plan their acts using publicly shared data.

This oversharing includes sharing vacation plans, daily schedules, home addresses, valuable items, or expensive purchases. Before posting on social media, think of how others, including thieves, can use the information you share.


3. Install Anti Burglar Alarm

What really deters burglars from breaking into your house? A Burglar alarm system that people often install near the door may be the answer.

A security alarm near the entrance, such as an anti-burglar alarm,  can be a psychological deterrent for thieves. They would think twice before trying to enter, knowing that their actions could result in a loud bang.

This loud sound could prompt a quick response from the homeowner, neighbors, or security, which is why thieves fear it.


4. Keep Your Home Privacy from the Outside

Theft often begins with burglars inspecting the front of a property. If your windows provide a clear view of your private areas, they may assume your security is weak. This may encourage burglars to believe your home is an easy target due to inadequate security measures.

Installing blinds on windows and glass doors is a great way to increase your privacy as a preventative measure. 

This way, you can prevent people or outsiders from seeing what's inside your house. Moreover, installing a curtain barrier deters potential burglars who lack information about what to steal.


5. Install Exterior Lighting

How to prevent break-ins at night? The easy answer is to enhance your outdoor lighting using exterior lighting. Install exterior lighting in places where thieves are prone to access, such as balconies, doorways, and yard gates.

Does leaving a light on at night deter burglars? Yes! Leaving the lights on, especially in vulnerable areas, can prevent theft.

At night, a bright light in the doorway or balcony area can make thieves feel uncomfortable. The reason is that their presence becomes more visible to anyone who might pass by or neighbors.

In another case, bright lights at night can give the illusion that someone is in the house, even if there isn't. This trick can make burglars feel uneasy and prevent them from getting closer to your home.

This strategy may have unintended consequences, such as higher electricity consumption. To overcome this issue, you can utilize a special sensor light that only lights up when it detects motion to prevent increased electricity bills.


6. Avoid Storing Items That are Easy to Cash at Home

How do burglars choose their target? Well, aside from the low security of the house, thieves choose their target homes based on how many valuables they can quickly cash out.

A common strategy thieves use to minimize risk and maximize profit targets valuable items like jewelry, antiques, and electronics. These kinds of objects are quickly sold on the black market by thieves.

To avoid this, you can store valuables like jewelry in a safer place such as a safe. For electronic devices or antiques, you can put them in a place where they may not be visible from the outside. 

For example, please don't put it near a window where strangers can see it.


7. Don't Keep Spare Keys Outside the Residence

Do you habitually leave your spare keys in conspicuous places, like under a doormat, flower pot, or door trim? It's crucial to break this habit immediately.

A spare key can be very helpful if you lose your master key outside your home. However, keeping a spare key outside the house is a hazardous habit.

Thieves typically are aware of common spots where individuals store their spare keys. Therefore, hiding keys in such places can be highly dangerous.

If you need to keep a spare key outside your home, it's a good idea to give it to a trusted neighbor or friend. Place your keys in safe hands!


8. Installing Fences and Trellis

Next home security tips are to install fences and  trellises to maximize your security. The installation of fences and trellises creates a physical barrier that can deter burglars from accessing the windows or doors of the house directly.

Reliable fences and trellises make thieves believe they have to work twice as hard psychologically. They may choose an easier target if they see that your home is well protected.


9. Invest in the Installation of Surveillance Cameras or CCTV

If you are wondering what is the best burglary prevention, then the answer is to install CCTV. Why is that? Well, based on research, the installation of CCTV has successfully reduced crime rates in places where CCTV is installed.

Psychologically speaking, thieves and criminals avoid targets with visual security, such as CCTV cameras. Why is that? 

Thieves and other criminals are aware that with CCTV around, their acts will be recorded. They understand that the presence of CCTV cameras makes it more likely that they will be caught and prosecuted.


10. Installing a Pet Dog Presence Sign

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What puts burglars off the most? 

The existence of pets, especially dogs, is one of them.

Thieves usually avoid high-risk situations where they are likely to get caught. If they see any signs of pets in the house, they may think twice before deciding to move into your home.

They are concerned that the pet may be distracting or create noise that could attract the attention of neighbors or security guards.
What happens if you don't have a dog of your own? You may fool people into thinking you have a dog by putting up a sign that says "pet in the house."


11. Make It Seem Like Someone is Home Even When You're Away

How to protect your home from thieves when you are away? One fantastic method is to give the impression that your house has people in it despite the fact you are away. 

How is this even possible? 

Have you watched Home Alone? 

The main character Kevin scares off thieves with his TV’s sound. 

By employing the same strategy, you can lessen your chance of getting robbed while away. Leaving the radio or TV on in the house will make a burglar assume someone is inside.

Apart from sound, lighting can also be a signal of presence. Use a light timer to turn the lights in your home on and off automatically. You can ask a neighbor or relative to set your TV, radio, or light if you are away for a relatively long period.


12. Added Gravel in the Entrance Area of the House

Spreading gravel in key locations also enhances your property's security. Putting gravel at entry locations, such as doors and windows, can aid in the prevention of theft. 

How come?

You can hear a distinctive friction sound when people walk or move on gravel. These sounds will be louder on quiet nights, so they can be a sign that someone is outside your residence. 

This sound can serve as a warning sign for homeowners or neighbors about someone trying to approach your house.


13. Installing a Peephole at the Entrance

In some cases of theft, criminals may pose as guests to enter a house or apartment. So, how to prevent break-ins in apartments or homes like this?

You can avoid this issue by installing a peephole in your Entrance. 

A peephole lets you see who is at the door before opening it. Using a peephole to see who's at your door before you open it is an excellent idea to help you identify visitors and stay safe.


14. Have Someone to Look After Your House While You are Traveling

If you have plans to travel for a long time, one of the holiday theft prevention tips you can apply is having someone look after your house. In this case, it could be a close relative, close friend, or neighbor.

Apart from the house secured by trusted fellas, this also brings several other benefits. You can ask your housekeeper to perform various tasks while you are away, including collecting mail and packages. 

Plus, someone is ready to act quickly and protect your property in an emergency situation, such as a fire.


15. Replacing Your Lock with The New One If You Lose Your Key

Replacing your lock with a new one if you lose your key is essential for maintaining home security. Your home is a personal sanctuary that demands protection. Losing your house keys can pose a risk, as unauthorized individuals might exploit them.

Opting to change your lock following the loss of your old keys is a precautionary measure to guarantee your safety. By doing this, you ensure that solely you and authorized individuals can enter your residence. 

This step reinforces your home's security and safeguards your privacy.


16. Using Additional Locks on Vulnerable Doors and Windows

Vulnerable points in a home, such as doors and windows that are easily accessible, can be enticing entry points for thieves. By adding extra locks to these areas, you are physically reinforcing the barriers that potential intruders need to overcome. 

This extra layer of security can act as a strong deterrent.


17. Replacing The Home Security System with a Smart Door Lock

What is the best deterrent in preventing robberies? Generally speaking, improving your home security system is the best deterrent to avoid theft. 

So, how can I improve my home security?

The best way to increase your home security is to replace traditional door locks with smart door locks.

The smart door lock has advanced security systems such as fingerprint recognition, facial recognition, or PIN code. This security system makes it more difficult for thieves to break into the door.

Apart from that, some smart door locks also have an auto-lock feature that ensures the door is locked after a certain amount of time. 

For those of you who often forget to lock your door, this feature will, of course, be useful to you.

More than that, several types of smart door locks also have a system that can notify you through your smartphone when the door is opened or closed. Unquestionably, this system allows you to quickly respond to situations if something suspicious happens.

Are you considering elevating your security system to a more advanced smart door lock? If you're in search of top-notch digital locks, your search ends here with Hoz. 

We are your ultimate destination for superior choices. Our extensive collection includes a wide range of smart door locks tailored to meet all your home security needs.

Don't have an idea of what smart door lock is best for the security of your home? Don't worry! Our team is ready to provide you with home theft prevention tips and help you choose the best smart door lock to keep your home safe.





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