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Should We Do Laundry in Morning, Afternoon, or Evening?

Should We Do Laundry in Morning, Afternoon, or Evening?
calendarFebruary 29, 2024

Best Drying Rack Singapore - Washing garms is indeed one of the cores that you are obliged to do almost every day. 

This is in view of the fact that you are required to wear clean clothes, sleep on a clean bed sheet, use a clean towel, etc. 

However, you might be confused about what is the pinnacle or the best time to do laundry or lavage.
Is it better to do laundry in the morning, noon, night, or evening? 

Which one is cheaper and requires less power? 

Is it cheaper to do laundry on weekends or weekdays? 

How many times do you require lavage in one week? 

And, how many loads of garms are you required to clean in one section of a lavage? 

Here are the explanations! 

Pinnacle to Do Lavage 

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the best time of day to do laundry, you are only required to stay away from bottleneck traffic. 

This is since the rate of electricity price is more expensive during bottleneck traffic when the demand is high.

That is why you could do penny-pinching if you are doing lavage during off-during bottleneck traffic. 

However, it is important to note that the bottleneck traffic may vary according to your region. Some regions have bottleneck traffic in the early morning, but others have it in the late afternoon or early evening. 

Aside from region, the seasons also affect bottleneck traffic. So, bottleneck traffic during summer will be different in winter. 

In case you are unfamiliar about what is the cheapest time to utilize the automatic washer, here are more detailed explanations for you! 

1. Pinnacle to Do A Lavage in Tropical Country 

If you are living in a tropical country, then the electricity usage during bottleneck traffic will be different than in a subtropical country. 

People in tropical countries have a tendency to wake up earlier, approximately from 4 a.m. to 6 a.m. So, you could wash your garms around those times to stay away from bottleneck traffic.

When other people just wake up, you have already started doing lavage. 

So, when other people start doing lavage, you are already finished. It will definitely do penny-pinching. 

That is why in case you are unfamiliar, is 7 a.m. too early to do laundry? It is considered late if you are living in tropical countries. 

If you are a stay-at-home mom, doing lavage in the afternoon is also a good idea. 

This is in view of the fact that most people have already gone to work and school, so the electricity usage or consumption is lower than usual. That is why you could save power by doing it in the afternoon on weekdays. 

Then, how about the best time to do laundry on weekends? During weekends, almost everyone starts their day late. 

So, you could utilize an automatic washer early in the morning, like usual, to do penny-pinching. The other option is in the early evening, around 9 p.m. to 11 p.m., when people start to get ready for bed.

2. Pinnacle to Do A Lavage in a Subtropical Country 

Aside from tropical countries, most of you are also living in subtropical countries. 

However, since there are four seasons, when is the best time to do laundry in California and other subtropical countries? 

It will be slightly different from the tropical countries. 

Especially in winter, when you have more nighttime than daytime.
During summer, you could do your lavage from 5 am to 8 am, before most people wake up and start their day. 

So, is 9 a.m. too early for laundry? 

The answer is no. From 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. is considered late because the electricity usage is starting to get busy during those hours.
However, during winter, it is better to do lavage early in the evening. 

The electricity price is lower, starting from 10 pm to 5 am. So, you could utilize an automatic washer during those hours to do penny-pinching.
But make sure not to leave the machine overnight since it is dangerous. 

You could only leave it when it is finished.


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Tips to Do Penny-Pinching during Lavage 

Apart from knowing when the best time to do laundry is in the summer and winter, you could also lower the electricity usage cost by doing other things. 

You could save more power and avoid paying more money by applying these tips!

1. Utilize a Power-Efficient Automatic Washer

The first tip to lower your power cost is to utilize a power-efficient automatic washer. 

Even if the machine is only offering 25% less power, you could save 25% money every time you do lavage. 

Let's say your automatic washer will consume 1,400 Watts, and you are required to pay around $0,34 per hour.
However, if the machine offers 25% less power, it will only consume 1,050 Watts. The electricity rate that you are required to pay is around $0,25 per hour. 

So, the power-efficient automatic washer will definitely do penny-pinching.

2. Stay Away from Using Hot Water

Aside from the machine, the water that you utilize to wash the garms will also affect your electricity bill. 

This is in view of the fact that you will require more power to heat the water in the machine. That is why your bill will be higher if you are using hot water to wash it.
So, if you want the bill to be cheaper, stay away from using hot water.
If you can't wash the garments during the best time to do laundry in Florida or other countries, which is from 5 a.m. to 8 a.m., you could apply this tip. You could just wash them by using cold water and stay away from hot water. 

Especially, if the garms are just clothes that you only wear once and don't have any stains on them.
However, specifically for towels, it is better to utilize hot water to remove germs. To stay away from electricity bills that are too expensive, you could soak a towel in a bucket of hot water. 

Then, after 30-60 minutes, you could put the towel in the automatic washer and wash it with cold water like any other garms. 

3. Consider the Loads of Garments in One Section of the Lavage 

Another thing that you are obliged to consider is the loads of garments that you require to wash in one section of lavage. 

Make sure it is not too large or small. If the load is too large, the garms will surely not be cleaned thoroughly and it could damage the machine. But, if the load is too small, you will require more power.
So, if you are unfamiliar with how many times a day you should do laundry, it will depend on the loads. 

If you live alone, you could do the lavage twice or thrice a week. However, if you live with 3-6 other people, it is better to do lavage every day or four times a week so the machine will not overload.
Then, how about once a week? Is it okay to do laundry every week? 

If you are living alone and it is during winter, then it is possible. However, aside from your clothes and undergarments, wash your towels and bed linens regularly too. So, twice a week is the safest bet for you. 

4. Make Sure The Settings Are Right

You are required to wash your clothes, bed linens, and towels separately because they all have different settings.

Especially if you are using an automatic washer, some of them only require 30 minutes, and the others require 45-60 minutes to be washed.
That is the reason why you have to wash them at separate times to make sure that all of them are properly cleaned. 

You could wash the clothes and undergarments on Monday and Wednesday, bed linen and blanket on Friday, and towels on Saturday or Sunday.
Then, why not wash clothes on Thursday? 

Some people believe that doing lavage on Thursday will bring bad luck. However, this is only a belief, and there is no scientific evidence of it. 

5. Make Sure to Get Rid of Stains First

The next tip that you should note is to make sure to get rid of stains before you wash it in the automatic washer. 

This is to stay away from re-washing the garms, in view of the fact that the machine will not clean it thoroughly. So, you are required to treat the stains by rubbing it using detergent. 

You can hand-wash it and rub it gently.

6. Stay Away from Using Tumble Dryer
To save more power, another thing that you could do is to stay away from using a tumble dryer. 

This is because tumble dryers could make garms tangled, and you must iron the garments to make them look neater. So, you will require two more electronic devices aside from an automatic washer to do the lavage.
The use of more electronic devices will surely raise the electricity bill. That is why you should stay away from a tumble dryer when doing lavage if you want to do penny-pinching.

7. Hang Dry The Garms

Instead of using a tumble dryer, you could hang dry the garms after doing lavage to utilize less power. 

There are three options that you could choose between sun-dry, air-dry, and heat-dry. Each method has its own cons and pros. You could choose between them according to what you require.
If you are doing laundry at 9 a.m. during summer on the weekend, you could sun-dry the garms to stay away from wasting electricity. 

However, make sure that you will stand by at home all day long since sun-drying takes a lot of time. 

You also could not do this often in view of the fact that UV rays from the sun could damage the fabrics.
However, if you intend on doing laundry at 10 pm in the summer, you could just air-dry the garms inside the house or on the balcony. In this case, you could leave the garms to dry overnight. 
On the other hand, neither of the methods above will be effective during winter. Even though you are washing it at the best time to do laundry in the winter, the garms will not dry thoroughly. 

This is in view of the fact that the temperature is too humid, so you are required to heat-dry it. 

Then, how about drying garms in tropical countries? 

If you are living around the equatorial area, you could just sun-dry your garms on sunny days. However, the ultraviolet rays can damage the garms and make the color duller if you sun-dry it too often.
On rainy days, you could air-dry them to save more power. However, if you want the garms to dry faster, you could heat-dry them. 

8. Utilize Digital Drying Rack 

Last but not least, you could utilize a digital drying rack to save more power. 

The rack could also dry the garms faster than by using a conventional drying rack. This is because you can switch between air-dry and heat-dry easily by using a remote control.
Some of the products also offer you voice control and app control. 

So, you could turn the rack on and off even if you are not at home. This will cost less power when most people are working and going to school or university.
Aside from that, this rack is also equipped with disinfectants and mite removal technology, so the garms will be much cleaner than when drying them using air or sun. The aesthetics of the racks are also good and make your home look smarter and more modern. 

So, aside from washing garms on the best time to do laundry, you also need to apply the tips above to save more power, including using a digital drying rack. 

So, what are you waiting for? 

You can find the best digital drying racks products at Hoz with free installation and 3 installments. 





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