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Solity GEA-1000BK & Solity GD65B: The Best Combo for Your Home

Solity GEA-1000BK & Solity GD65B: The Best Combo for Your Home
calendarJanuary 29, 2024

Digital Lock Singapore - A smart door lock is one way to protect your house from intruders.

However, consider adding a smart gate lock for maximum protection. 

If you are confused about finding the best combo for protecting your home, consider the Solity GEA-1000BK & Solity GD65B.

With the addition of a waterproof smart gate lock, the opportunity for unauthorized people to enter your house will be smaller. 

Children can play freely, and vehicles are safely parked. 

See the information below for a review of the two smart door lock solutions!

Solity GEA-1000BK

Some people feel that smart door locks are more urgent than gates. 

This statement is neither right nor wrong because each user's urgency depends on each homeowner's preferences and needs. Yes, this is subjective.

Regardless of whether you only want to use the smart door lock Solity alone or combine it with the Solity GD-65B Digital Gate Lock, let's review the detailed information about this smart lock Singapore first.


Solity GEA-1000BK digital door lock, is a brand from Korea that has long been involved in protecting house doors and gates. 

Check some important specifications in the table below:

Door thickness50 – 60 mm
Dimension85 x 395 x 57 mm
Lock methodsPasscode, fingerprint, key card, mechanical key, smart app, built-in Wi-Fi
Rated voltageDC 6V (1.5V Alkaline batteries)
Emergency powerUSB C (Power bank


Best Features

Solity Smart Lock Singapore has many advantages that can help you protect your home more optimally from internal and external dangers.

Some of the superior features of the Solity GEA-1000BK fire-rated door lock including:

1. Luxurious and Cool Design

If you prioritize the beauty of your home's interior and exterior, don't hesitate to consider the Solity GEA-1000BK. Its presence will maintain the aesthetics of your door area.

Because Solity considered its sophisticated design, it still looks elegant. 

The combination of design and dimensions will not give a stiff impression like smart doors for offices or factories,

The addition of an elegant curved design on the front and rear of the smart lock body proves this. Like a beautiful work of art, the Solity GEA-1000BK can blend into the interior and exterior of your home.

2. Many Unlock Options

As the name suggests, this smart door lock has many unlock methods, making things easier for homeowners. 

That way, each family member can use the most comfortable method.

Well, some of the lock and unlock methods provided by Solity include:

  • Fingerprints

For some people, fingerprinting is the fastest and most convenient unlock method. You press your finger on the door sensor, and within a few seconds, the door will open.
Amazingly, this fingerprinting method can not only store a few fingerprints of the homeowner but can reach up to 1,000 fingerprints!The fingerprint capability of this tool is also very impressive because it can recognize the user's fingerprint in just 0.9 seconds.
Even though this has little impact on a small family, this is a plus point if you also use it for a door security system in an office or business.

  • Passwords

Even though using a fingerprint is very easy and fast, sometimes, this method can be frustrating. One problem is that your hands are wet or sweaty, so the device cannot recognize your fingerprints.

You can use other methods, such as this password. Not just one main password, you can also add a maximum of 4 different alternative passwords to open this smart lock.

  • Application

Under certain conditions, you may allow other people to enter your house even though you are not home. These people include friends, relatives, or workers at home.
You can create a temporary password via the application for this special access. This means the password is only valid once, so access will be denied if anyone tries to enter without permission.

This is certainly more convenient than having to provide a master password and change it again at the end of the day.

  • Mechanical Key

Despite the name, this smart door lock still provides a mechanical or traditional key for access to open and close the door. One reason is to help you get in and out of the house during an emergency.
Suppose the device doesn't work because the battery is dead or for other reasons, you can open it as usual. So, there is no need to fear being locked inside or outside the house.

  • CPU Key Card

Whether because of comfort, convenience, or preference, you can open the door with this key card. The method is easy and fast because you just swipe the card into the available slot. In a matter of seconds, the door was ready to open.

  • Built-in Wi-Fi

This locking method lets you open the door for guests via the application alone. So they don't need to enter any access code again.

3. Smart Solity App

As mentioned previously, Solity also provides its applications. This application lets you easily and quickly manage your home security system. And, of course, you can use it from anywhere.

There are at least four main functions that you can do via the Smart Solity App, namely:

  • Door lock set: set OTP (One Time Password) for guests.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi: open the door remotely.
  • Real-time push notification: you can monitor all information regarding conditions inside and outside the door in real time. If someone opens the door, you will also receive an immediate notification. This can help you check who is coming in and out of the house at any time

4. Virtual Passwords

Not everyone who comes home with you has good intentions. Some people may be tempted if there is an opportunity to commit a crime. For example, they are breaking into your house because they know your password.

To prevent this, you can use the virtual or fake password feature. The goal, of course, is to trick other people who peek when you enter your password.

It works by inputting a random code before you enter the original code. That way, the person may have difficulty remembering because of the large number of numbers.

5. Fire Sensor Detection

If there is a fire in the house or abnormally hot temperatures, the alarm on the door will warn all house residents.

Then, to make evacuation easier, the door automatically opens without you having to unlock it using any method.

6. Smart Door Bell

If guests come to the house, they must press the bell embedded in this smart door lock. 

Later, you can hear it from inside the house or notifications from the application.

7. Anti-thief

An alarm will sound if someone tries to enter the wrong entry code five times on this device. 

Apart from that, your key will also stop operating for one minute.

Likewise, when someone tries to break the house lock or does other suspicious things, this lock can detect it. 

After the detection, a warning alarm will sound immediately.

8. Battery Alarm

This best digital door lock has eight batteries to make the operation run smoothly. 

When the battery is almost empty, the device can still function. 

However, you will hear a notification or warning alarm to replace the battery immediately.


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Solity GD65B

To maximize protection for your home, you can add a Solity GD-65B smart gate lock to the gate area. 

Its compact shape allows you to use it on various types of gates. 

This means you can also install it on an HDB gate, which is mini-sized.

You can check some important information regarding the Solity GD-65B gate smart lock in Singapore at the points below:


You can check the complete specifications of the Solity GD65B in the table below:


Front body: 78.3 x 190.3 x 19 mm

Main body: 76 x 196 x 40 mm

Suitable gate thicknessThickness 22 – 30 mm
Unlock methods

Front: smart app, passcode, fingerprint, RFID card

Back: mechanical key, remote control, and fingerprint

Rated VoltageDC 6V (1,5 V Alkaline Batteries)
Emergency PowerDC 9 V Alkaline batteries


Best Features


While using the Solity GD65B, you can enjoy several excellent features below:

1. Smart Identification Systems

Smart Identification Systems are one of the newest solutions, enabling owners to open and lock doors easily and quickly. Some options are:

  • Manual Lock
    If there are problems opening the door with other systems, you can still gain entry by inserting the standard key. So, there is no longer any reason that access to the home page is difficult.
  • Fingerprints
    You can immediately enter the house by pressing your registered finger on the smart lock system. This method is considered the fastest and most effective, especially when carrying many items.
    This lock also has dual fingerprints, which can recognize your fingerprints from the front and back of the lock in just 0.9 seconds.
  • RFID Cards
    This access card is the same as the card you usually use when staying at a hotel. Because it is pretty easy to use, this card should be held by an adult owner to avoid unwanted incidents.
  • Smart Solity
    Like the smart lock for the main door, you can also set the security system on the gate using the application. You can open the door from the app or use a special access code for guests.
  • Passcode
    You can create one main passcode as access for all family members. 

Try to make a code that no one else can guess so that the security system remains optimal and you don't need to change the code frequently.

2. Dual Unlocking Technology

With this feature, you can open the gate and main door simultaneously. 

So, there's no need to be afraid of having to enter a code or place your fingerprint repeatedly.

3. Mindful Design

Apart from its compact shape, the slim design is something that is emphasized by this Solity product. 

The aim is to help homeowners with HDB gates with narrow gates and main door gaps.

With a narrow distance, this gate lock still fits, even if your house type is an old HDB flat.

Apart from that, the color choices are also more diverse to help you find the right style. Two color choices are Black and Champagne Gold.

Even though it is compact, the front of this key is deliberately designed to be wider so that each code is not spaced close together. The goal is to reduce your potential to enter the wrong code.

4. Useful Smart Solity

You can manage various commands and settings from one Smart Solity application compatible with Android and iOS. 

From this application, you can do multiple things, such as:

  • Smart Key Sharing
    Suppose you want to avoid providing permanent entry access to incoming guests. In that case, you can use this feature to create a temporary passcode. The code is only valid once, so they cannot use the access another time.
  • Real-Time Notification Service
    You can track various activities outside the gate from the application, so you know who is always coming in and out of the gate.
  • Various Door Settings
    You can adjust the security system on the gate lock yourself according to your preferences and needs. Just set it via smartphone, and everything can change in an instant.

5. Compatible with Samsung SmartThings and Amazon Alexa

It can be set using Smart Solity, and the gate can be unlocked with various IoT services at home, such as Samsung SmartThings and Amazon Alexa. You give a command via voice, and then the gate opens automatically.

6. Security Features

Apart from making it easier to open and lock the door, Solity has also included several important security features, namely:

  • Fake Passcode
    You don't need to worry about being spied on when entering the passcode with other people. Just enter some random code followed by the original code. It will be difficult for the person to remember.
  • Security alarm
    If someone tries to break your gate by damaging it, the security system will automatically set an alarm. That way, you can know what the right steps to take are.
  • Anti-thief
    If someone enters the entry code incorrectly five times, the lock will stop operating for one minute while the alarm sounds.

Solity GEA-1000BK & GD65B Digital Lock Bundle

Looking at the explanations above, combining the two is the right solution for looking after the house.

Both are integrated, so you only need to enter the entrance once at the gate. 

With the dual unlocking technology system, you can open the smart lock and smart gate in just one step. 

This certainly shows that Solity still prioritizes the effectiveness aspect.

If you want to use the Solity GEA-1000BK & GD65B Digital Lock Bundle combo, please check your product via this link.





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