Taking a Look into Smart Digital Locks’ Booming Success

July 18, 2022

Back in 2017, it was reported that digital locks were catching on in Singapore. Once when smart digital lock companies were only selling approximately 2,000 units annually in the early 2000s, the trend started shifting as sales multiplied by more than 10-fold as we neared closer to 2020. Today, the smart lock market is estimated to be valued at USD2.1 billion and will reach a market value of USD3.9 billion by 2027. 

Evolving from mere traditional locking devices to some of the most advanced high-tech smart digital locks in today’s marketplace, we look at some of the key drivers behind the uptake of electronic locks in Singapore and beyond. 

1. Rising Demand for Smart Homes

With an increasing demand for smart homes, alongside the rise in global urbanisation, the growth of the smart lock market comes as no surprise. Specifically, the government wishes to transform Singapore through technology. As we design the world’s smartest city and adopt smartphones and other connected devices in everyday life, it is only natural that previously overlooked issues such as door locks have become targets for innovative technology. With more homeowners seeing the convenience and high efficiency of smart technology, and their utilisation of these smart home technologies increases, having the very entrance of their homes function the same way undoubtedly seems like a feasible next step. As a matter of fact, smart door locks are one of the four smart devices recommended to achieve full home automation. Therefore, since the inception of smart digital locks, their ability to provide top-notch and user-friendly functions has appealed to the masses, leading to their booming success.

2. Increasing Security & Safety Concerns

In recent years, there has been a growing security concern. From residential to commercial spaces, property owners are always looking for solutions that boost the security of various premises. With identification and authentication having taken centre stage in delivering this much-needed security for years, the ability of digital locks to provide these functions has led to their rapid deployment. Rather than seeking security solutions that are susceptible to human error or ones that require more manpower, smart digital locks are compact solutions that serve as an all-in-one security package. Offering various modes of access through different authentication methods, the security of premises such as homes, retail stores, office buildings, and even schools naturally increases when installed.

3. Presence of Superior Features

Security systems have always played an important role in enhancing the safety and security of individuals on various premises. As electronic lock manufacturers and brands compete to usher in the next level of digital cyber security, more and more smart features and functions are built into these locks. What once may have been a mere electronic key card lock has now evolved into fingerprint scanning, voice recognising, and real-time two-way audio featuring locks that can even go virtual. As more of these fantastic features pop up in digital locks manufactured by renowned brands like Samsung and Philips, home and property owners become more inclined to have these feature-packed locks installed. 

The Future of Smart Digital Lock Technology

Whether the industrial revolution propelled the design of traditional locks forward or simply due to the increased need for ground-breaking technology to boost security, there is much to look forward to when it comes to the future of smart digital lock technology. From smarter access with e-key functionality to the convergence with 5G for the effortless fulfilment of multiple commands simultaneously, it is only a matter of time before electronic door locks take over. 

Jump on the Digital Lock Bandwagon with Hoz

As the urban population grows, there is an increasing need for better infrastructure equipped with robust security systems to keep individuals and the premise safe – and digital locks can do just that. With electronic locks designed with innovative features such as anti-prying and anti-theft alarms, as well as Wi-Fi real-time monitoring of lock statuses, it’s high time the durability and effective protection offered by these gadgets be recognised. To ensure you don’t get left behind, check out the extensive collection of digital locks in Singapore at Hoz. While you’re at it, read through our cost guide to digital and smart locks in Singapore, and shop online with us today.

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