The Future of Smart Digital Lock Technology

June 14, 2022

For decades, individuals who’ve wanted to increase the security of their homes or offices have resorted to padlocks. Then came single-coded mechanical locks that efficiently controlled the access in and out of a property without the need to deal with physical keys. But thanks to technological advancements, battery-operated electronic door locks have become increasingly common and capable. Making impressive progress over the years, it seems like smart lock technology holds a profitable future as we slowly steer clear of the usual deadbolt smart lock. Through the evolution of this technology, it is guaranteed that users will realise the full potential of smart digital locks beyond their mere use on front doors and gates. Will smart lock technology bring forth an idea that was once made for sci-fi flicks to reality or have we reached the apex of digital locks with RFID card reader door locks? Let’s find out what the future of entry security might have in store for us.

1. Smarter Access

Smart locks from major brands like SamsungKaiser+ and Philips already come equipped with loads of innovative features. Be it through ensuring solid security with the choice of dual verification and Bluetooth cloud unlock or the integration of fingerprint sensors for fast and convenient door opening experiences, such capabilities have played a huge role in what the modern lock looks like today. But with newer advancements, we can expect to see a shift in the very purpose of smart locks. Rather than merely mitigating security risks, smart digital locks will move more towards intelligent access control. 

One way this will be made possible is through the means of e-keys on mobile apps. Taking things beyond accessing these locks remotely or creating one-time passcodes for temporary access, the future of smart lock technology means transcending through digital keys. This “e-key” functionality will not only give homeowners a keyless front door experience but also grant e-keys to other smartphone users through an app. Whether for a family member or a contractor, you will be able to send limited-time or permanent access options right from your smartphone. 

2. Increased Security

While HDB flat owners are not allowed to install CCTV cameras at their main doors to protect the privacy of their neighbours, it might just be a matter of time before smart locks address this security issue. With many homeowners installing security cameras within their homes to track movements and ensure safety, smart locks will push boundaries by combining other security devices into one. From PIR motion detectors and night vision capabilities to wide-angle HD cameras and two-way audio for remote communication, the opportunities are endless. Ridding homeowners of the need to purchase multiple security devices, smart digital locks will evolve to become an all-encompassing package deal and a must-have for anyone taking their first steps into smart home technology. 

3. Convergence with 5G

Islandwide outdoor 5G coverage in Singapore is drawing closer each day. Set to envelope the whole country by the end of 2025, 5G is bound to bring about drastic changes to the technology we use on a daily basis – smart locks included. With digital locks like the Solity Digital Lock GP-2000BK coming with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi unlock capabilities, 5G will soon converge with smart lock technology too. This means that your doors can easily be part of your smart home’s connected access control ecosystem. From your exterior smart locks to your smart cabinets, 5G will allow all your smart devices to communicate with each other effortlessly and even fulfil orchestrated commands in a simultaneous manner. Imagine being able to lock both interior and exterior doors all at once when you leave your home!

Looking Beyond the Deadbolt with Hoz

Smart technology is constantly evolving, and its ripple effects are sure to impact smart lock technology positively. Slowly revealing the hidden values of digital locks and bringing accessibility right to your fingertips, it is always a smart move for homeowners to jump on the smart tech bandwagon. To get started on your digital lock journey in Singapore, check out the extensive collection at Hoz. For more guidance, check out our guide on the best digital locks to consider in 2022, and shop online with us today.

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