Top Branded Digital Door Locks in Singapore

September 19, 2022

Consumer needs are constantly changing, and this means that brands have to constantly adapt their services and products to stay ahead of the competition – and the same applies to manufacturers of smart digital locks. This means that as consumer demands change with time, more advanced digital door locks are pushed out into the market, providing more options that will effectively cater to these growing needs. However, an abundance of choices is not always a good thing. With terms like choice overload and choice paralysis being used to describe how consumers these days are getting overwhelmed by the sheer abundance of options for them to choose from, the perception of quality often gets blurred. But there is one aspect of a product that is almost immediately associated with quality, and that is the brand of the product. Having established a specific perception of quality over the years of being in an industry, a brand has a huge influence on modern, empowered consumers. But do brands still matter when it comes to digital door locks? 

Does Brand Matter?

As much as the digital door lock landscape has evolved into a competitive and rapidly changing one, and new brands and products are continuously being churned out, the truth of the matter is that brands still do matter. Especially when it comes to a product that promises to elevate the safety and security of one’s home, the market share position of a brand in a particular category is more than sufficient in establishing customer loyalty. While factors like product cost, personal preferences, and accessibility do matter, a brand that has managed to stand the test of time by disrupting the industry with innovative solutions and refreshing its catalogue to stay ahead of the times is more likely to garner more advocates who share a common positive brand experience.   

4 Digital Door Lock Brands to Consider 

Since renowned digital door lock brands have the power, knowledge, ability, and resources to add value to daily life, which of the many brands should you place your trust in? To give you peace of mind when buying a digital door lock in Singapore, we’ve put together a list of the top four brands that are revered for their advanced smart digital locks. 

1. Samsung

Founded back in 1938, Samsung is a South Korean brand that is, today, one of the world’s largest producers of electronic devices. Understanding that security is a major concern amongst homeowners, Samsung’s range of digital security locks pushes the limit of home security to address modern-day concerns. Making safe and convenient lives accessible, Samsung digital door locks boast features such as intrusion prevention and PIN code randomiser. Paving the way for a more secure lifestyle, Samsung digital locks like the Samsung Digital Lock SHP-DR708 and Samsung Digital Lock SHP-DP609 not only have a sleek design but also come with multiple access modes and leverage smart IoT to provide users with the freedom to remotely control their door with their smartphones. 

2. Kaiser+ 

Driven by the promise to treat customers with trust and honesty and provide them with the best quality digital locks at reasonable prices, Kaiser+ has a range of smart lock models that bring a lot to the table. Offering a variety of simple designs and features that check all the boxes when it comes to basic functions, Kaiser+ digital locks are a great option for homeowners who are just getting their foot into the ‘smart’’ world. The Kaiser+ Mortise Plus, for example, may come with six access modes but it has features like Quick Pass and a Panic Release Handle that make it a digital door lock that has it all.  

3. Philips 

Philips, like Samsung, is another multinational company that has been around for years, and for a good reason. Founded in 1891 in the Netherlands, Philips has continuously pushed out ground-breaking innovations that improve people’s lives. Back in the 1910s, Philips recognised the value of scientific research to product innovation and has since embarked on visionary projects that not only meet the highest industry standards but also deliver a unique user experience. Philips digital door locks like the Philips Digital Lock 7300 are part of the brand’s EasyKey collection. Labelled with the motto “unlock in one go”, smart digital locks like these are all about delivering the ultimate levels of convenience to their users. Showcasing a high-tech ergonomic design and streamlined body, its multiple access modes only add to its appeal. 

4. Kaadas 

Born in Germany, Kaadas has more than 30 years in the lock industry. Known as one of the leading manufacturers of high-end smart digital locks, Kaadas has several state-of-the-art research facilities all over the world, where the brand continues to produce innovative digital locks that make everyday life more convenient and secure for its consumers. Moreover, Kaadas was the first in the world to release digital locks that featured the design of Lamborghini – the Kaadas Digital Lock the Legend. With top-notch Kaadas digital locks like the Kaadas Digital Lock L7 and Kaadas Digital Lock K9, homeowners can now experience the precision, reliability, and safety that this German brand is revered for. 

Buy Branded Digital Locks in Singapore at Hoz

If you are looking to get your hands on any of these above-mentioned branded smart digital locks in Singapore, look no further than Hoz for the best selection. Buy digital door locks produced by these trusted and reliable brands and experience safety, security, and convenience unlike any other. To get started, check out our extensive collection and guide on how to choose a digital door lock for your home and shop online with us today.

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