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Unveiling the Hafele GL5600: A Multifunction Digital Lock for Home Security

Unveiling the Hafele GL5600: A Multifunction Digital Lock for Home Security
calendarApril 28, 2024

Best Digital Lock Singapore 2024 - Are you looking for a smart digital lock to keep your home safe? 

If so, you have come to the right place, and we will introduce you to the best digital door lock called Hafele GL5600.

This device goes beyond traditional door locks, providing advanced security features for your home.

From random security coding to burglary alarms, the features offered will ensure peace of mind while leaving your home.  Curious to see what this device has to offer? Let’s delve into all the details for a detailed Hafele digital lock GL5600 review!

Hafele GL5600: A Smart Home Security Solution

At the forefront of innovative gate locks, the GL5600 is one of the best Hafele digital lock products. The elegant style and premium features showcase its refinement. 

Despite its high-end classification, this product remains reasonably priced. The features will ensure that the investment is commensurate with the quality received.

This device is also designed to prioritize user comfort and enhance quality of life by offering advanced features and functionality. Some enhanced security features of the lock include an auto-lock function, random security coding, dual verification, burglary alert, and low battery alarm.

Besides, accessing and securing your home will be both convenient and safe with its multiple unlocking methods. You can easily unlock your door using a fingerprint, PIN code, RFID card, mechanical key, and remote controller.

Overall, this device prioritizes quality and high functionality, which aligns with the brand’s reputation as a leading mark. Explore all its features and functionalities in the following section.

Hafele GL5600 Specification

Know for its superior quality, the GL5600 boasts a range of impressive specifications, as showcased in the table provided.

MaterialsZinc Alloy
DimensionOuter Part (172mmX71mmX13mm)
Inner Part (200 mmX77mmX73mm)
Battery4 pcs AA alkaline batteries with a voltage of 6V
Door thickness40 - 50mm
Unlocking methodsFingerprint, PIN code, RFID tag, mechanical key, and remote control
Compatible doorGate
Battery durationOne year with an average of 10 times use per day.


Hafele GL5600: 5 Ways to Unlock the Door

With the GL5600 unlock methods, entering your home will always be a pleasure. You can choose five methods: fingerprint, PIN code, RFID card, key, and remote control. Here are the intricacies:

1. Fingerprint

One of the unlocking methods that GL5600 offers is the fingerprint. This feature enables the users to open the door effortlessly by simply scanning their fingerprints. 

With a generous capacity to store up to 100 unique fingerprints, this feature also ensures flexibility for multiple users. 

The fingerprint feature will maintain top-notch security. The method will guarantee a highly secure entry process by leveraging biometric technology.

Each time access is requested, the lock will meticulously verifies the user’s fingerprint. That ability will provide a convenient yet robust authentication process.

2. PIN Code

Another method is the PIN code feature, which is reliable and secure for accessing the gate. This feature requires users to input their unique PIN codes for entry.

The passcode feature ensures that only authorized individuals can gain entry to the gate. Each user is assigned a personalized PIN code. This enhances security and provides a tailored experience.

This feature allows users to enjoy effortless access to the gate while maintaining stringent control over who can enter. Overall, the PIN code feature ensures easy and safe access for all authorized users, family members, visitors, or service providers.

3. RFID Tags & Stickers

The next method is using RFID tags and stickers. Using radio frequency identification technology, users can get access without complex authentication procedures.

Furthermore, the GL5600 also can store up to 100 distinct RFID tags for access. This ensures flexibility for multiple users.

Besides convenience and flexibility, the RFID card can also ensure robust security. The reason is that an RFID tag or sticker is usually encoded and registered within the lock’s system. 

Therefore, it will grant authorized users instant access when they are presented with the gate lock.

Additionally, these tags and stickers can be easily attached to keychains. So, you can bring them anywhere without any hassle.

4. Physical Key

You can also choose the Hafele gl5600 manual unlocking method using a key. Each lock is equipped with two mechanical keys. This option ensures users have a reliable means of entry in various situations. 

It is advantageous during power outages or when the lock’s batteries require replacement.

5. Remote Control

The last method you can choose is the Hafele gl5600 remote control feature. The remote control serves as a handy tool for unlocking the gate from a distance. This functionality is especially useful when the user cannot physically reach the lock.

By utilizing the remote control, users can effortlessly unlock the gate without manually operating the lock. This enhances convenience and ease of use from the comfort of their vehicle or home.


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Hafele GL5600 Advantages

As we already know, this device is a standout choice for gate security. 

All of the features and quality offered by this device will surely indulge you. Some of the advantages you can enjoy through this device include:

1. The Product of a Leading Brand in German

Hafele brand is one of the renowned German brands. This brand was established in 1923 with a diverse product range from furniture, kitchenware, and now digital locks.

One of Hafele’s most distinguished characteristics is its exceptional design and durability. The standout feature of Hafele’s locks is their multifunctionality. Therefore, you can enjoy multiple features with the highest quality at quite an affordable price.

2. English and Chinese Voice Guide Function

This gate lock introduces a helpful voice guidance feature that is available in both English and Chinese. This innovative feature enables users to receive clear instructions in their chosen language.

From programming the lock to adjusting settings and executing different operations, the voice guide serves as a valuable tool. 

Overall, the feature provides step-by-step assistance tailored to user preferences.

Additionally, the steps to switch the language are relatively simple. 

To switch the language of the voice guide feature’s language, follow these easy steps:

  1. Switch into Master Mode by pressing the + button on the keypad.
  2. Access the settings menu by entering the Master Password.
  3. Look into the settings for the Language Setting option.
  4. Select English or Chinese as your desired language from the list of choices.

Remember that based on your particular model, there may be differences in the procedures for changing the language. 

We recommend you refer to the user manual or contact the manufacturer directly for comprehensive instructions.

3. Burglary Alarm System

This device also has a built-in burglary alarm feature, enhancing its security capabilities. In the event of forced entry attempts like tampering or break-ins, the lock triggers an alarm. 

It can suspend the operation and alert the user to the intrusion.
Overall, this additional security measure serves as a deterrent to potential burglars. This feature safeguards the property and provides users with peace of mind.

4. Adaptable Locking Mode

This device also presents flexible locking options with both auto and manual modes. The locking options are accessible from within the property.
The accessibility of locking options from within the property enhances convenience and ease of use. This allows users to adjust settings without needing external tools or technical expertise.

By empowering them to tailor the lock’s operation to their liking, this feature not only enhances your experience. However, this feature also ensures that security measures align closely with individual security needs and habits. 
This ultimately contributes to the users' greater sense of control and peace of mind.

5. Fake Passcodes Feature

Another feature of this device is a unique fake passcode feature. With this feature, you can access your property by entering the master password followed by the fake passcode.

This function effectively limits access to all user PIN codes, fingerprints, and cards, except for the master PIN code and the APP. By requiring both the master password and the fake passcode to be entered correctly, you will get a robust safeguard. This is especially useful in the case of unauthorized entry attempts.

Users have the option to deactivate this feature by doing several actions:

  1. Inputting the master PIN code.
  2. Utilizing the APP access from outside.
  3. Unlocking the unit using the thumb turn.

All in all, this additional feature will guarantee the user a high security for their property.

6. Alert for Low Battery

Another feature incorporated is the low Hafele GL5600 battery warning. 

This feature ensures users stay informed about the battery status. 

The lock emits an audible alert when the batteries reach a low level. The sounds signaling the need for replacement to maintain optimal functionality and security.

To customize this feature, users can follow simple steps to disable the low battery alert:

  1. Access Master mode by hitting the + button on the keypad.
  2. View the settings menu by entering the Master Password.
  3. Go to the settings and find the Silent Mode option.
  4. Enable the Silent Mode function by turning off the low battery warning sound.

Remember that the methods for turning off the low battery alert may vary depending on your specific model. Users are advised to check out the manual or consult the manufacturer for precise instructions.


Pro Tips for Maintaining Hafele GL5600 

As you understand this device more deeply, let’s learn several tips to keep the GL5600 in tip-top shape. 

From simple maintenance routines to troubleshooting common issues, we will show you how to keep the device reliable and secure for years. 

So, let’s dive in and ensure your device always works its best!

1. Avoid Combining Old and New Batteries

To maintain optimal performance and prevent damage to your device, it is crucial to avoid combining old and new batteries. 

We recommend replacing all batteries with a fresh set every half year.

This can mitigate the risk of battery leakage, leading to malfunction and potential lock damage. Mixing old and new batteries or using different brand types may result in leaks not covered by warranty. 

Complying with our recommendation will ensure the lock functions smoothly over time. Therefore, you should never risk combining old and new batteries for your own good.

2. Always Use Alkaline Batteries

It is essential to adhere to the manual’s recommendation of using only alkaline batteries for optimal maintenance. Alkaline batteries are specifically suggested because they offer a longer lifespan and greater resistance to leakage than other types. 

Some recommended alkaline battery brands are Duracell, Panasonic, and GP Ultra.
Overall, this proactive approach will help safeguard the integrity and functionality of your device over time. 

Therefore, you should always make sure to use alkaline batteries. It is also best to use the brands recommended above.

3. Install a Door Closer to Safeguard the Digital Lock

To safeguard your GL5600 and maintain its warranty, it is advisable to install a door closer. Door slamming risks damaging the lock, potentially voiding its warranty.

By installing a door closer, you can prevent the door from slamming shut. Thus, it will protect the lock’s components and ensure its proper functioning. 

This proactive measure safeguards the lock from potential damage and helps maintain its warranty coverage intact.

If a door slams on the GL5600, you may have to face some potential consequences. Door slamming can exert stress on the lock’s components. This will lead to malfunctions and void the lock’s warranty.


By preventing the door from slamming shut, a door closer helps maintain the integrity of the lock and preserves its warranty coverage. 

All in all, this simple yet effective solution ensures your device's continued reliability and functionality.

In conclusion, with its advanced features and robust security measures, the GL5600 promises to be an invaluable asset in safeguarding your property. 

To ensure you receive an authentic and top-quality product, purchasing from reputable and experienced suppliers like Hoz Digital Lock is essential.

You can click on this link for further details and inquiries. Purchase right now to get enhanced security and peace of mind with your Hafele GL5600 lock! 


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