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Philips Digital Lock 5100K

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Philips Digital Lock 5100K

The Philip Easykey 5100k was designed to secure your home's gate and make it easier to enter your house. If you are looking for a gate lock that looks modern, simple, and gets the job done, continue reading because the Philip Easykey 5100k might just be the digital gate lock you need for your home. With a door and a gate, it might be inconvenient to carry two pairs of keys. With the Philips Easykey 5100k, you can ensure that your gate lock provides you with the convenience you and your family needs.

Philip Easykey 5100k compact design makes it simple to use but also retaining the durability of Philip lock products. Philip Digital Gate Lock 5100k is the perfect gate lock for you if you prefer a lock that is convenient for your family. Our Philip Digital gate Lock is the best gate lock to last a long time for your home.

The Philip Easykey 5100k is in a variety of ways. Philip Easykey 5100k has these access modes:

- Fingerprint
- PIN code
- Bluetooth/WiFi Gateway
- Card
- Mechanical key
- Remote Controller

Here are a few reasons why the Philip Easykey 5100k is suitable for you :

Firstly, do you find digital locks too noisy for your Singapore HDB or Condominium gate? This gate lock comes a silent operation function, as a result, you will not bother your family if you return home late at night.

Secondly, are you worried that your Philip Digital Gate Lock 5100k will look too bulky? Philip Digital Gate Lock 5100k compact and slim design is made by a unique panel cutting process. This allows it to have a modern design to suit your house.

Thirdly, it has a fake PIN code function which helps to keep out people trying to peep at your passcode. Ensure that your family is safe with this feature.

Fourthly, and most importantly, the Philip Digital Gate Lock 5100k assures that it has been developed to have high speed but not compromising security for your family. This falls in line with its design to allow more convenience for your family when opening the house gate.

In conclusion, if you are someone who places convenience as your utmost priority but still wants an HDB and Condominium digital gate lock with modern designs, you will definitely prefer this gate lock because it is simple yet suits the design of many homes. Protect your HDB Door and Condominium Door with a Digital Gate Lock in Singapore.


Hoz's Pro Tip to protect your Digital Lock 

1) Do not mix old and new batteries together 
2) Change batteries once every 6 months to prevent battery leakage
3) Use only alkaline batteries (Duracell, Panasonic and GP Ultra are recommended)
4) Install door closer to protect your digital lock from door slamming; warranty will be voided as a result of door slamming


Product Dimensions (L * W * D)

  • Outside Body (172mm * 71mm * 14mm)
  • Inside Body (200mm * 77mm * 70mm)
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