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Philips Digital Lock 702V

$1,249 $1,380
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Philips Digital Lock 702V

View the real-time situation at the door via the Wi-Fi connection.

Functions: Door lock can be unlocked by 5 modes

  • Fingerprint,
  • PIN code,
  • Physical Key,
  • WIFI (Optional Upgrade) and
  • Mobile App


Installation Method: Replace Current Door Handle



1. Two-way audio talk:

When the doorbell is pressed, a message will be sent to the APP instantly no matter where you are. You could start a two-way intercom with the visitor and remotely check the front door situation where you could then distribute a 30-minute valid temporary pin code to visitors.

2. Built-in electronic doorbell:

When the doorbell rings, the video lock will automatically 10-60 seconds outdoor video so no visitor information will be missed if you are not at home.

3. Wide angle coverage: 

Panoramic images in one view. Equipped with a 2 MP wide-angle camera, the door lock supports a viewing angle of 120 degrees and 1080P high-definition imaging which can easily capture front door situation.

4. PIR Human detection with 24 hours smart protection: 

Adopted with the PIR, when someone moves around front door within 3 meters, the AI humanoid detection algorithm will identify abnormal dynamics by instantly shooting a video, and simultaneously pushing a message to the APP through the encrypted cloud server, allowing you to keep managing the dynamics at the front door.

5. Built-in wifi module: 

The smart video lock makes real-time online via the Wi-Fi connection. After linking with the Philips Easykey App, you can view the lock history and encrypted information, remotely send temporary PIN codes, and view the real-time situation at the door by clicking the video button.

6. Indoor infrared sensor unlock: 

With a touch sensor and an infrared sensor on the handle, the door could be opened much easier. Once the hand touches the touch sensor and the infrared sensor detects the obstruction, the lock will open.

7. Intuitive fingerprint: Unlock swiftly in one motion: 

The fingerprint sensor is integrated in the handle so that when you hold it, your finger will naturally fall on the sensor. The single-step unlocking feature will definitely bring you a fast and convenient door opening experience.

8. Multiple alert function:

Anti-dismantling alert, abnormal bolt alert, system lock-up alert and low-battery alert.


Price includes:

  • 3 Years Onsite Warranty
  • Free Installations
  • GST Absorbed


Hoz's Pro Tip to protect your Digital Lock 

1) Do not mix old and new batteries together 
2) Change batteries once every 6 months to prevent battery leakage
3) Use only alkaline batteries (Duracell, Panasonic and GP Ultra are recommended)
4) Install door closer to protect your digital lock from door slamming; warranty will be voided as a result of door slamming


Product Dimensions (L * W * D)

  • Outside body (412mm * 75mm * 55mm)
  • Inside Body (412mm * 78mm * 67mm)
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