Philips 9200 Door Digital Lock
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Philips 9200 Door Digital Lock

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Philips Digital Lock 9200

The Philip Easykey 9200 was designed heavily with security in mind. If you are looking for a lock based on convenience and security, continue reading because the Philip Easykey 9200 might just be the digital lock you need for your home.

Functions: Door lock can be unlocked by 6 modes

1. Fingerprint
2. Pin Code
3. RFID Tags
4. Mechanical Key
5. Bluetooth
6. WiFi (Optional Upgrade)



--> Dual Verification Unlock: Security Is Never Forgotten

You can use a combination of any two factors (fingerprint, password, card) as the unlocking solution to ensure doubled security for your home.

--> Wireless Network Extension: Links to Smart Life 

Connecting to the wireless network enables remote management of the door lock use and real-time monitoring of the door lock status. The usage log of the door lock can also be accessed at any time for personalised management of the smart door lock.

--> Auto Lock: Enjoy The Reassurance After You Close The Door

It utilises fully automatic mortise. Without the need for any extra action, the deadbolt will spontaneously pop out after you close the door. 

--> Fake Pin Code: Protect Your Password Security In Real Time

You will be allowed to enter random number combinations to successfully get identified as long as there is consecutive input of the real password. This feature can effectively prevent peeping and safeguard your real password.

--> Intuitive Fingerprint: Unlock Swiftly In One Motion

The fingerprint sensor is integrated in the handle so that when you hold it, your finger will naturally fall on the sensor. You can simply reach out and intuitively touch the sensor, then push to open after a successful fingerprint verification.

--> Multiple Alarming: Protect Home Security At All Times

Featured with all-around alarm functions which not only improves the anti-theft level of your home and safeguard you and your family in real time, but also reminds you of door lock status to create convenience for use

In conclusion, if you are someone who places security as your utmost priority but still wants an HDB and Condominium digital lock with the latest technology features, you will definitely prefer this lock because it comes with the latest functions a digital lock can get. Protect your HDB Door and Condominium Door with a Digital Lock in Singapore.


Price includes:

- 3 Years Onsite Warranty
- Free Installations
- GST Absorbed


Product Dimensions (L * W * D)

- Outside body (397mm * 71mm * 52mm)
- Inside Body (399mm * 71mm * 49mm)


Hoz's Pro Tip to protect your Digital Lock 

1) Do not mix old and new batteries together 
2) Change batteries once every 6 months to prevent battery leakage
3) Use only alkaline batteries (Duracell, Panasonic and GP Ultra are recommended)
4) Install door closer to protect your digital lock from door slamming; warranty will be voided as a result of door slamming

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The Fastest Digital Lock Provider in Singapore, free same day installation or less than 24 hours!

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The Fastest Digital Lock Provider in Singapore, free same day installation or less than 24 hours!

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