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Philips Digital Lock 9200

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Philips Digital Lock 9200

The Philip Easykey 9200 was designed heavily with security in mind. If you are looking for a lock based on convenience and security, continue reading because the Philip Easykey 9200 might just be the digital lock you need for your home.

Philip Push Pull 9200 has many different features and access functions. Philip Easykey 9200 has solid security ensured with the choice of dual verification and Bluetooth cloud unlock. Our Philip Digital Lock is the best security lock for your home.

The Philip Easykey 9200 is in a variety of ways. Philip Digital Lock 9200 has these access modes:

- Fingerprint
- PIN code
- Card
- Bluetooth
- Mechanical key

Here are a few reasons why the Philips Easy Key 9200 is suitable for you :

Firstly, do you find it a hassle to bring an extra key just for your Singapore HDB or Condominium Door? This lock comes with push/pull technology. In other words, you need not install an additional knob for your door.

Secondly, are you worried about getting hacked? This lock places security as its utmost priority, as a result, it has many security functions. The Philip Push Pull 9200 has functions like Dual Verification Unlock.

Thirdly, in order to prevent peeping and safeguard your real password, Philip Easykey 9200 comes with Fake PIN Code technology as an extra level of security.

Fourthly, and most importantly, this lock is featured with all-around alarm functions to alert you of any intruders trying to break into your Singapore HDB Digital Door lock or Condominium Digital Door Lock. This allows you to feel at ease even when you are outside.

In conclusion, if you are someone who places security as your utmost priority but still wants an HDB and Condominium digital lock with the latest technology features, you will definitely prefer this lock because it comes with the latest functions a digital lock can get. Protect your HDB Door and Condominium Door with a Digital Lock in Singapore.

Hoz's Pro Tip to protect your Digital Lock 

1) Do not mix old and new batteries together 
2) Change batteries once every 6 months to prevent battery leakage
3) Use only alkaline batteries (Duracell, Panasonic and GP Ultra are recommended)
4) Install door closer to protect your digital lock from door slamming; warranty will be voided as a result of door slamming


Product Dimensions (L * W * D)

  • Outside Body (397mm * 71mm * 52mm)
  • Inside Body (399mm * 71mm * 49mm)
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