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Philips Smart Safe Box SBX301

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Philips Smart Box SBX301, a furniture design that helps to lighten up your living space, making it a great replacement for your bedside table.


Features of SBX301:

1. More than a safe and secure storage:

Wireless charging can be done by placing your phone on top of the wireless charging area. For more charging option, there will also be a USB charging port at the top left corner of the safe box.

2. Slide drawer with organizer:

Keep your valuables stored in order. The soft fabric interior of the drawer helps to protect stored items from bumps and scrapes, giving assuring storage experience.

3. Ample space:

More valuables can be stored in the downside cabinet, which can be unlocked with fingerprints or PIN code.

4. Intelligent for safer and easier unlocking:

The unlocking panel is designed hidden inside the drawer upside for more security. The matte panel is scratch resistant and unlikely to leave fingerprints, making each unlocking (by fingerprint or PIN code) worry-free.

5. Back Up System:

To avoid having your items permanently locked in times of a security crash, SBX301 is designed with 2 independent unlocking systems. The backup system will ensure normal unlocking in case the primary system is down.

6. Craftsmanship ensures security:

SBX301 has a one-piece cabinet with minimized gap between door and frame, making it secure and solid.

7. Gloss bacteria-resistant painting:

Nano-antimicrobial coating gives the safe high resistance to corrosion, stain and bacterial, and protects it from moisture and mildew, ensuring long-term durability.

8. 30mm diameter bolts:

The cabinet's door and walls are constructed with high-quality low-carbon alloy steel. With the combination of its 30mm diameter solid steel bolts, SBX301is made to provide safe protection.

9. Abnormal alert:

It supports 4 types of alerts such as shock alert, false alert, low battery alert and door left open alert. During these situations, it will respond with a high-pitch sound, giving your valuables all-day protection.

10. Attention to details:

- Hooks for keys and small items for better convenience

- Built-in LED light to ease the use of SBX301 at night

- 3 layer structure that is antioxidant and resistant to stain, ensuring it remain as new and radiant as ever 

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