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Philips Smart Drying Rack SDR703
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Philips Smart Drying Rack SDR703

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Philips Smart Drying Rack SDR703

Clothes drying made smarter with voice control.

1. Voice controlling

2. Air drying and heat drying

3. Disinfection and mite removal

4. App control



--> 35kg Load Capacity

It has 30 hanging holes and a load capacity of 35kg, allowing for more clothes to dry at one time. If the clothing weigh more than 35kg, the motor will stop automatically and initiate an alert to warn you.

--> Ensure Safe Clothes Drying

Triangle-shaped scissor frames gives the drying rack greater stability and balance. Together with the strengthened stress points of upper frames, the drying rack is made highly resistant to deformation and strong wind. The aluminium-alloy body and stainless rivets and screws that are conform to international standard 304# make the rack exquisite and rustproof, providing you a safe and stable clothes drying experience.

--> Adjustable Rods

With it's 1.6 + 0.8m adjustable rods, 2 rods for clothes and 2 rods for bed sheets, you are allowed to extend the rack to dry more clothes and retract it to save balcony space. Together with 4 rods with clips for mom and babies and 6 cross bars for objects such as shoes, pillow and toys, this drying rack is capable of metting various family needs.

--> Allow Smart Life with App Control

After connecting your drying rack to APP, you can remote control various actions such as rack rising and descending, lighting, disinfection and mite removal. The APP also supports log review, so that you can control clothes drying situation at home even when you are away. 

--> To stop and lift rack with least effort

Gently hold the descending rack to stop it. After hanging your clothes up, slightly push the rack with your hands and it will go up automatically. No need to turn around to look for your remote control, making clothes drying much easier.

--> Ensure Fast Clothes Drying

Two cross flow fans of SDR601 UBO can efficiently remove moisture from clothes with strong airflow, making drying of clothes faster than ever.

--> Smart Heat Drying

With two cross flow fans and a temperature-controlled heater, the drying rack can keep venting 40-50 iaC warm air, creating a dry space within the rack area. This means that even during rainy season, your clothes can still dry fast.

--> Disinfection and Mite Removal

Equipped with 2 UVC lamps, SDR703 is capable of highly effective clothes disinfection. When disinfection function is turned on, the drying rack will automatically rise to the top and start clearing harmful bacteria with UV lights. There are also two mite repellers to help reduce mites on your clothes.

--> DC Motor

SDR703 is equipped with a highly capable DC motor, allowing the rack to run quieter and faster. The rack can run with noise lower than 55 dB when loaded with 35kg load and it takes only 20s for the rack to rise or descend.

--> For All The Family

Wake up the voice control program with "Xiaofe Xiaofe", then you are free to control your drying rack with simple voice commands in Chinese such as: "turn on lights", "rack up", "pause running" etc. No need to look for remote control or mobile phone, the operation becomes simpler and more convenient, allowing both adults and children to use it with ease.



Colour scheme: Space Gray

Dimensions of product (Fully extended): 2,420 (L) x 578 (W) x 200 (H) mm

Net weight of product: 17kg

Drop distance: 0-1,100mm

Maximum load: 35kg

Power Consumption:1,061 W

Power Supply:

Input voltage - 220 V, Rated power of product - 712 W, Rated power of heat drying - 350 W*2,

Rated power of air drying - 12 W*2, Rated power of UVC lamps - 7 W*2,

Rated power of mite repeller - 5 W, Rated power of LED lamp - 12 W


Price includes:

- Installation

- 5 Years Warranty: Motor | 3 Years Warranty: Parts

- GST Absorbed


Without Installation: $999

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