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Loghome Digital Lock

When it comes to keeping your loved ones and home safe, nothing is more important than a secure and reliable lock. Instead of using traditional physical keys and mechanical locks that can be easily broken into, why not take advantage of the technological advancements and upgrade your doors with Loghome digital locks? 

The wide range of Loghome digital locks available at Hoz makes securing your home and the main door more convenient and safer than ever. From HDBs and landed homes to offices in Singapore, the top-notch digital locks from Loghome will ensure security and support easy management.

Key Features of Loghome Digital Locks

Our collection of Loghome digital locks can not only be installed on various types of doors but are also sure to satisfy your every need and preference. Be it wooden doors, aluminium and iron doors or glass doors, these revolutionary security solutions from South Korea are equipped with multiple unlock methods such as fingerprint, PIN Code and RFID card. Built with additional features such as Bluetooth function for smart living and fire detection sensors, you’ll never have to worry about losing your keys or not being aware of any anomalies in your home.

The Loghome LH300, for instance, has received rave reviews. A deadbolt digital door lock, the Loghome LH300 is the simplest way to upgrade your manual lock. All other Loghome digital door locks are recognised and proven to be trusted by users globally. Other Loghome digital locks include the Loghome LH5000RM, Loghome LH600F-SKN, Loghome LH600GCS digital glass door lock, Loghome LH-310MG gate lock and Loghome LH-5000F digital door lock, all of which are designed for the utmost peace of mind, with their various safety features. 

Shop Loghome Digital Locks at Hoz Today

Aiming to build the next cutting-edge digital door lock, Loghome has been disrupting the smart home technology field since its inception. Offering some of the most affordable yet feature-rich digital locks, find the top Loghome digital locks here at Hoz. Besides Loghome digital locks, you can also find digital locks from major brands such as Igloohome and Solity, in our online catalogue. Be happier with Hoz and secure your home today. For more information, feel free to get in touch with us – our friendly staff will get back to you as soon as possible.      

Frequently Asked Questions About Loghome Digital Locks 

How to reset Loghome digital lock?

To reset your Loghome digital lock in the case of a temporary error, simply press the Reset Button with a sharp object like a ballpoint pen. You can refer to the Loghome digital lock manual for more product-specific information. 

How to use Loghome digital lock?

Whether you have gotten the Loghome LH-5000F digital door lock or Loghome LH-310MG gate lock, all of Loghome’s products are designed to be user-friendly. And when you shop at Hoz, our team will provide the necessary details after installation to help you with the use of your new Loghome digital lock. 

If there is a power outage, can I still use the Loghome digital lock?

Yes! Most Loghome digital locks operate standalone on batteries themselves therefore a power failure will not affect it. If your battery is running out of charge, you can also use the 9V emergency power supply to unlock the digital lock. 

Where do Loghome digital locks come from?

Loghome is one of the leading digital door lock manufacturers in Korea. Founded in 2006, Loghome has been leveraging its strong technical expertise and abundant experience in digital door locks to add safety and comfort to your life.

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The Fastest Digital Lock Provider in Singapore, free same day installation or less than 24 hours!

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