Samsung Digital Lock SHP-DP609 Silver and Gold colour, Push Pull Handle
Samsung Digital Lock SHP-DP609
Kaiser Gate Pro
Kaiser Gate Pro

Samsung SHP-DH537


Access Mode :
– Passcode
– Mobile APP-Smarthome (Optional)
– Mechanical Key
– 1 Master (PIN)
– RFID Card / PIN (up to 100)

Features :
– Security system to prevent others from guessing your PIN
– Invasion alarm system if any tampering/trespassing attempts
– Fire alarm system
– Vacation Mode

The most advanced smart lever door lock is here! The Samsung Digital Lock SHP-DH537 has won many awards just from its design, as a result, it is especially popular with the younger generation. The colors are simple yet stylish, therefore it is very popular with the modern generation.

The Samsung Digital Lock SHP-DH537 can be accessed in a variety of ways. Lever Mortise Lock 537 access ways:
1. RFID Card
2. Passcode
3. Mobile APP-Smarthome
4. Mechanical Key

Here are a few reasons why the Samsung Lever Handle SHP-DH537 is suitable for you :
Firstly, do you find it a hassle to bring an extra key just for your Singapore HDB or Condominium Door? The Samsung Digital Lock SHP-DH537 can be opened with its lever. You need not install an additional knob for your door.

Secondly, are you worried about getting hacked? The Samsung Lever Handle DH537 places security as its utmost priority ensures that their technology is unhackable.

Thirdly, there is a vacation mode on the digital lock. An alarm will trigger if anyone tries to open the door.

Fourthly, there is a high-temperature alarm in the Samsung SHP-DH537. The door will automatically be unlocked

Fifthly, and most importantly, This lock has a break-in alarm to alert you of any intruders trying to break into your Singapore HDB Digital Door lock or Condominium Digital Door Lock. This allows you to feel at ease even when you are outside.

In conclusion, if you are someone who is technology savvy and places your family’s safety as a priority, you will definitely prefer the Samsung SHP-DH537 because it comes with the latest functions a digital lock can get. Protect your HDB Door and Condominium Door with a Digital Lock in Singapore.