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10 Apartment Laundry Room Ideas Design Hacks for Your Limited Space

10 Apartment Laundry Room Ideas Design Hacks for Your Limited Space
calendarDecember 27, 2023

Best Laundry Rack - Setting the right and proper apartment laundry room ideas is crucial because it enables you to do tedious tasks efficiently.


Thus, you need to consider designing and organizing a purposeful apartment laundry room for a more convenient way in doing the household tasks.

However, some people tend to omit this amenity due to the inadequate room and other considerations. In fact, there are numerous small apartment laundry room ideas you can choose to fit your home best. Give a thought on some factors such as its function, its ability to save some space, energy, and money efficiently, offer easy access, etc., for your washroom area.

In the following passage, let’s dig deeper into the concepts for such a facility and their advantages.

Things to Consider before Establishing Apartment Laundry Room

Whether you have a 4 x 6 laundry room or a 5 x 5 laundry room layout, this facility is essential because it can assist you in handling the most bothersome household tasks: laundry. However, some people prefer to omit it due to their inadequate space. 

The truth is, there are some potential ways you can opt to establish such a facility even though there is not enough space within your cramped apartment. 

Do your research on some very small laundry room ideas so you can determine which idea might work well for you. All you need to do is maximizing the existing space capacity and be creative in arranging and establishing it.

However, you must also take the following things into account before establishing one:

1. Storage

Storage would be among the highest priorities to consider because it assists you in putting all the clothes, washing essentials and appliances in place. Aside from that, you will also need space to fold and arrange the laundry for a more acceptable house chores management.
Usually, a washing area is equipped with extra storage for storing accessories and products for cleaning, such as soaps, detergents, mops, buckets, brooms, and more. Thus, you need to adopt the obtainable room capacity and be creative in catering to those needs within such a tiny space.     

2. Settlement

The right location for a washing area is important because it can help homeowners perform their chores more effectively. Some people choose a room near the bedroom because they tend to stockpile their clothes in the bedroom. However, some laundry machines can also be found in the bathroom, kitchen, or powder room.

3. Water and Energy Efficiency

Another consideration when establishing a washing area would be water and energy efficiency. This is crucial because it will affect your overall monthly bills aside from considering the environmentally friendly factor. Thus, carefully choose the products and layout that support both efficiency in water and energy.

Pros and Cons of Having an In-House Laundry Room

You should also learn about the pros and cons of having in-house laundry in your apartment so you can anticipate the matter. Check out the following information on the particular subject:

Pros of Having an In-house Laundry

Having your own washing area will grant you numerous benefits, such as easy access whenever you want to wash your clothes, adjust the capacity, and more. 
Some people may have their washing area ideas with 2 washers and dryers due to their vast living space, while others only own a small room capacity, so they have to adapt the area with the existing space for their desired laundry area.

Either way, the washing area offers more benefits for the owner, such as follows:

1. It Supports Privacy

In-house laundry gives you privacy, so you do not have to show off your underwear to others while folding and sorting them in the communal one. Imagine how awkward it is to fold your underwear so everyone can view them easily. 
Not to mention that there is the possibility that you left some of your underwear in the communal laundry, causing your acquaintances to find them. Say goodbye to such embarrassment with your in-house laundry given that all the chores can be performed right within your home.

2. Convenient and Easy

It is more convenient to do the chores from your tiny apartment than in the communal one. The reason is that you do not have to bring your laundry to the shared facility because you complete the chores in your living space. 
You can reach both washer and dryer machines within one step of movement from your dirty clothes basket. Thus, you can wash any dirty clothes at any time convenient to you. Sorting out the clothes you want to wash or making a weekly plan to manage the chore perfectly is highly doable.

3. Save Budget

Going to a laundromat will cost you extra money due to the service charges from the landlord who provides washing appliances. Establishing your own laundry room ideas for apartment buildings will cost you, too, but the cost per load is usually lower than at the laundromat.

4. Provide More Secure

Owning an in-house laundry is not only more secure than the shared facility due to some reasons. When using the shared facility, you may leave your laundry unattended and might lose it due to some theft. Moreover, your clothes are prone to damage due to the possible negligence of other users who empty their pockets recklessly. 
Thus, they may leave some items in the machine that could harm the clothes. However, you can do the chores easily and at peace with your own laundry machine since you take good care of the washing machines.  

5. It Saves Your Time

You can save more time by doing your laundry at home because you can avoid the hassle of going to the laundromat, waiting for a ready-to-use machine, and completing the chores before going home.


Cons of Having an In-house Laundry

Surely, in-house laundry will benefit the owners and renters, as explained above. However, it also comes with some disadvantages, such as follows:

1. Higher Rent

Since in-house laundry is one of the most sought-after amenities, landlords will charge more for every unit with such an amenity. However, renters will gladly pay for the rent because they need the amenity and want to have their own washing area.

2. Damage Threat

Having laundry machines in your living space means that you have to prepare for dealing with any potential damage such as flooding, water damage, or fire hazards. Thus, you must wisely place your machines in a safe area and regularly check them for your best benefits.

3. Increasing Utility Bill

The in-house laundry is indeed easy to operate and comfortable, but there is a potential increase in your bill due to machine usage. Thus, you need to carefully plan your chores because comprehensive laundry planning can help you reduce the bills while still completing the laundry activity well.

4. Require Maintenance and Repairs

Some machines may last longer than others. Thus, you must be prepared if your laundry machine requires repairs and maintenance.

5. Occupy Your Apartment Space

Since in-house laundry usually consists of two washing units, they will occupy some space. However, you can contemplate the following hacks to afford to set up your dream washing area within your small living area. 


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Design Hacks to Establish Apartment Laundry Room Ideas with a Limited Space

Effectively establishing a washing room in your small living space is highly possible if you understand your particular requirements and room capacity well. Modifying the space for an apartment laundry room size could be daunting; thus, learning some tricks and ideas to support your decision in establishing the perfect one is highly recommended.

The following are some apartment laundry hacks as a means to assist you in making the right decision on the best washing space for your apartment:

1. Invest in Technology

You can choose a unit that offers easy operations and an all-in service to speed up your house chores. High technology and smart machines may come at a high price, but they are a decent investment to benefit time, energy, and space. 


2. Hide The Room with a Curtain or Door

Hiding your tiny washing area behind a curtain or the door is worth doing so others will not see the mess inside. Hanging a curtain may benefit you more because it is not only more impressive than a mere door but you can also install it yourself easily . 

Should you not place your machines in a closet or in a hidden place, putting a  curtain on them will do. Moreover, you can match the curtain with the whole room, so it is an aesthetic add-up to your home décor.


3. Choose the Right Location

The settlement of your washroom is subject to the vacant space within your tiny apartment. However, you can choose a spot where home residents can easily access the machine and hang the laundry dry. The recommended placement of the laundry machine would be vertical because it can save up space. 
However, if there is only a very small space available, you can opt for an all-in-one machine or simply choose a washer only. This option will take up less space while still helping  you complete  the chores properly.


4. Reconsider a Spot Unusable in Your Apartment

If you are unsure the exact location for the washing area, you can simply turn your underused powder room into a double-duty room. Put the washing units and the necessary racks against your big mirror and add some décor touch to turn it into a more attractive and convenient space.


5. Put in a Cabinet

A cabinet is the perfect place to hide your front load machine so guests don’t have to know where your washing space is. Rather than leaving the machine on an open floor or in a visible space, putting it in a cabinet will grant you more aesthetic and provide you more space.


6. Hide It in the Bathroom

The alcove or wet room is the right place for a tiny apartment washing area because you can camouflage your washer-dryer machine in a vertical or stacking mode. This will not only make your bathroom well-arranged but look great as well.


7. Keep It Exposed

It is possible to bring beauty to your petit apartment by exposing your laundry units, especially when you place it in the hallway. Add some necessary features, such as a storage cabinet aloft, a slab as an area to fold the clothes, and a dresser with a basket to place the dirty clothes.


8. The Double Duty Room

Consider making custom cabinetry to have a cohesive shared area for your washing room and mudroom. Another alternative to do this is by positioning your laundry machines under the kitchen sinks.


9. A Washer or an All-in-one Washer Dryer

Choosing an all-in-one washer-dryer machine is beneficial because it requires less space than the combo one. This option is practical because you can do the laundry on just one device. Moreover, it offers more room and enables you to tuck it into the tiny space you have.

Another alternative to choose for saving some space is buying only a washer. Thus, you have to embrace the air-drying method for your clothes. However, no need to worry because has the precise solution i.e. smart drying racks to suit your needs. 

Such an appliance will dry the laundry effectively while keeping your room chic and purposeful. 


10. Hang a Drying Rack


When your washing area is small, then every available space counts. Putting on a drying rack is worth doing because it enables you to optimize your space in regards to hanging dry the clothes properly. 

However, you must carefully think about the drying rack types to install. Smart drying racks come with excellent features such as mite removal, air and heat drying options, remote control, voice control, and more.

Best Conclusion

Considering some apartment building laundry room ideas is necessary because it can assist you in choosing the right layout for your washing area. Using a drying rack is among the many hacks to implement in setting up a laundry room within a narrow space. This appliance not only offers efficiency but also practicality. offers drying rack products that are easy to use, chic, and simple to store. The rack comes with adjustable rods so it can fit any space in your apartment, like the balconies or kitchen. They are also equipped with termite and disinfectant removal features, so it preserves the cleanliness and health of your laundry.

Click here for more information on drying rack product options and apartment laundry room ideas. Our Customer Service will gladly help answer your questions and guide you in choosing the right products.





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