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10 Best Drying Racks in Each Type & How to Choose It

10 Best Drying Racks in Each Type & How to Choose It
calendarDecember 25, 2023

Best Drying Rack - Drying or dehumidifying garments, towels, and similar items might not be the most challenging thing to do in the world. 

However, it must be admitted that doing this kind of core is tiring, especially if the garments refuse to dry on time. That is why you need the best drying rack.
Interestingly, there is more than one type of rack that you could choose. In terms of its shape, there are dehumidifying racks that you can store on the floor, stick on the wall, and even hang from above. In terms of how to use it, some of them use traditional tools, and the rest use digital tech.

So, which dryer rack is best? 

Here are some product recommendations that you can choose from and tips about how to choose them!

Best Dowel Drying Rack

Are drying racks worth it? Before deciding to purchase it, you are likely wondering about it. To answer your question, the rack is definitely worth it to purchase. 

It could dehumidify your garments faster, prevent musty odors, and prevent mold and bacteria growth. It is definitely what is best for drying garments. 

Aside from that, you also cannot wear wet garments because it can increase the risk of hypothermia.

So, hang them on the rack after you wash them to prevent it. After the garments are dehumidified, you can finally wear them again.

Then, how do you choose a drying rack?

The first option is to use the classic and the most common one. It is called the dowel drying rack. The raw material usually comes from wood. However, some of the products use stainless steel as their hangers.
Here are the best racks with dowel style! 


1. Amish Portable Wooden Clothes 

The first one is Portable Wooden Clothes from Amish. There are around 12 hangers that you can use. So, you can dehumidify multiple garments while using it. The sizes also differ, so you can choose from small, medium, or big based on your necessity. You can see this size chart for reference! 

  • 14 feet 
  • 24 feet 
  • 36 feet
  • 56 feet
  • 65 feet

This product was made of soft maple wood and handcrafted by the best wood artist. 

It is also the best garments drying rack for small spaces because you can fold it. Also, as its names suggest, Portable Wooden garments Drying Racks are also portable. So, you literally could bring the racks everywhere.


2. 15 Dowel Wooden Clothes 

You could also choose the 15 Dowel Wooden Clothes. You can consider this product if you are searching for a drying rack Target. 

This product is perfect as a sweater drying rack, even though you could also use it for garments, towels, and any other similar items. 

The main material of manufacture is solid poplar woods and coated with bonded acrylic. The size is medium, around 16 x 32,5 x 51,5 inch. However, there are around 41 hangers that you can use as dehumidifying racks. 

So, it will be enough for multiple garments if you want to dehumidify them by using air.
After using it, you can fold the racks to save more space in your home. This product is included in the type of collapsible drying rack. 

It is also portable, so you can easily bring it whenever you want. You can dehumidify your garments by using air inside or even outside.


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Best Winged Drying Racks 

Besides dowel-style, you could also easily find winged-style dehumidify racks. As its name suggests, two wings are on each side of the rack. 

This makes the product seem larger, with more space for dehumidifying it by using air or heat. So, it is indeed bigger to the side than to the top. 

Speaking of its advantages, your garments will dehumidify faster than dehumidifying with dowel-style ones. This is because you hang the garments to the side and not down. However, the cons is that this rack is not friendly for small spaces unless you buy the smallest size.
But do garments drying racks work? Of course, it is worth it because the product is simple, easy to use, efficient, and relatively cheap. 

If you are interested in purchasing them, here are some product recommendations for you! 


1. InnovaGoods Folding Electric with Wings 

Did you know why your garments smell funny after drying? 
In most cases, the cause is a lack of heat. If it is a sunny day in summer, you might have no problem with laundry. 

You can hang them on the outside until they dehumidify with the help of sunlight.
However, when the weather is kind of cloudy outside or when it is winter, you definitely have to find another way to dehumidify the laundry. 

You can use Folding Electric with Wings from InnovaGoods to make them not smell funny because it has 20 hangers that are heated to 45-55 ºC.
The rack is big, 147x113x54 cm. So it has much more space for dehumidifying garments. You can hang around 15 kg of laundry by using this product. 

The price might be slightly more expensive than the dowel one. But you can dehumidify the garments by using air or heat with this one. However, you might wonder if you can leave an electric drying rack on overnight because it uses electricity. Sadly, the answer is no. You can't leave them unattended. 

But, aside from dehumidifying by using heat, you can also air-dry the garments by using this product. Just don't connect them to electricity, and you are good to go with it.

2. Bigzzia Clothes Foldable

If you are searching for a conventional one, not an electric one, then the Bigzzia drying rack could be your choice. The garments will dehumidify with the rack foldable with two large 2-level laundry collapsible ones. The size is definitely big enough to hang multiple garments because it has 33 hangers. 

Aside from that, the height is also adjustable, up to 62 inches. So, because of its tall size, the product is perfect as a dress drying rack. You can also air-dry coats, pants, and any other long garments. For the main rack's length and width, the size is 56,1 x 22,7 inch. There are also three sub racks with 16,5 x 18,8 inches.
As additional information, the main raw materials for the products' manufacture are stainless steel, so overall, the product is sturdy and durable. You can use it inside and outside your home and fold it after using it to save more space. 


Best Best Wall-Mounted Drying Rack

To save more space at your home, consider the best wall-mounted drying rack. As its name suggests, you will stick this dehumidifier on the wall and not put it on the floor. However, usually, the size is too small, and you can only hang around 4-15 small garments and towels.
Also, because it is mounted, the product is not portable. You could only use it inside the house and not on the outside. Regardless, it is a good choice if you need a dehumidifier for the bathroom. Here are some of the product recommendations for you! 


1. IKEA Grundtal

The first one on the list is definitely a Grundtal from IKEA. This is one of the best IKEA drying racks you can find, especially if you are searching for durable, stable, and sturdy wall-mounted styles. It is because the rack was made of a good stainless steel material. 

Because it is antifungal and rust, this product is perfect for mounting on the bathroom wall. 

You can use it as a hanger for towels after a shower or wet garments after washing them by hand.
The size is also relatively big for this kind of style, which is around 67-120 cm and can fit multiple garments at once.


2. CRMCR Wall Mounted Space Saving 360° Folding Clothes 

You could also try the Wall Mounted Space Saving 360° Folding Clothes from CRMCR. 

The size is bigger than the IKEA one and is perfect to be installed on the balcony. The product's shape is rectangular with 4 rods, and you can fold it 360° to all sides. 

On the first three rods, you will find holes at the bottom side of them. So, you can hang the garments by using garment hangers and hook them on the holes. Meanwhile, the fourth rod is an additional rod. 

You can stretch it to 25 cm and hang a garment or two. There are around 15 sturdy holes that you can use. 


3. WZCPCV Aluminum Clothes Folding Indoor And Outdoor Universal

If you need an extra small and extra cheap dehumidifying rack, you can consider the Aluminum Clothes Folding Indoor And Outdoor Universal from WZCPCV especially if you want to purchase a Walmart drying rack. The shape is a triangle, and you can hook some garments hangers in hangers. 

The size of the product is around 12,8 x 15,75 x 11,81 inch. 

You can hang the hangers on the bottom side, which are around 11,8 inches. Usually, you can hang around 5-7 garments by using the rack. You can install it in the bathroom, bedroom, balcony, or hotel room. 


Best Digital Drying Rack

However, the best one amongst all types of drying racks is the digital one, especially if your home carries the concept of smart living. 

Because it can be integrated with a smartphone application, you can give commands directly from the app if you are not home. 

Here are some recommendations for digital drying racks! 


1. Philips Smart Drying Rack SDR703

The first one on the list is definitely the Smart Drying Rack SDR703 from Philips. This product supports both air-dry and heat-dry so that you can choose amongst them according to the weather or situation. There are two rods with 1,6 m and additional ones with 800 cm. Apart from that, there are also 30 hanging holes.
So, because it is long and has many holes, you can hang many garments in one go. The main materials used in manufacturing are aluminum alloy and stainless rivets. 

So, the dehumidifier is sturdy enough to hold around 35 kg of garments at once. There are also two cross-flow fans, which make them dehumidify faster.
Not only that, the rack is also antifungal, and antibacterial, and actively removes all the mites on the garments. 

You can also use them easily by using voice commands, so you don't need to search for remote control all the time.

2. Philips Smart Drying Rack SDR601 ABO

The next one is Smart Drying Rack SDR601 ABO from Philips. In general, the maximum capacity of the racks is not different from the other one. You can hang around 35 kg of garments. However, this one has shorter rods and fewer holes. The size is around 1,2 m with additional rods around 1 m and 20 holes.
So, even though it can bear around the same weight, you definitely can hang fewer garments by using this product. Aside from that, you can only control it by using a remote. There is no app and no voice command. But it still has unique features, such as automatic lifting and LED lighting.

3. Philips Smart Drying Rack SDR601 UBO 

Last but not least, you can also consider Smart Drying Rack SDR601 UBO by Philips. In general, the materials are not that different from the two peers. 

So, you can hang around 35 kg of garments there. The size of this one is 1,2 m with an adjustable rod of 1 m. 

You can dehumidify your garments by using a remote control; there is no voice command or integrated app yet. However, this one has two dehumidifying modes, air, and heat, so you can choose according to what is necessary. An LED light feature also makes the dehumidifier look more beautiful. 

So, which product is the best drying rack for you? Definitely, the digital one still has the best features. You can find all of that at Hoz, which has the best prices and free installation!





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