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10 Reasons Not to Dry Clothes Outside

10 Reasons Not to Dry Clothes Outside
calendarJanuary 12, 2024

Drying Rack Singapore - Dehumidifying your own garments open-air is a method that has been quite common in the community for a long time, especially for those who do not have a machine. 

So, instead of using a machine, they did it using sunlight. 

However, is there a reason not to dry clothes outside? 

Unfortunately, the response is yes. 

Sunbathing garments open-air to make them dehumidify is relatively cheap and does not damage your environment. 

However, this method also carries some weaknesses. In case you are wondering about what are the disadvantages of outdoor drying, find the answer here! 

Is It Bad to Dehumidify Garments In an Open Air? 

As a dehumidification method that has existed since Ancient Egypt, the Roman, and Greek Era, dehumidifying all your garments open-air carries so many benefits. 

Usually, you will use a clothesline, which costs nothing. This is because you can make it yourself by using leftover wood and rope. 

Besides, electricity is not exactly required when you are dehumidifying garments by using this method. 

It could save more power and is clearly good for the earth. 

Those are why people still do sun-drying, even until now when technology keeps advancing and evolving. 

However, in case you are asking whether it is bad to dry garments in the sun; unfortunately, the answer is yes.
Curious about what are the disadvantages of sun-drying? 

Here are the answers! 

1. Sudden Weather Change is The Biggest Enemy 

First, you shouldn't dry your garments in the open air because it is hard to keep the weather stable. 

It might be sunny in the morning, but the weather can suddenly be cloudy. That way, there is no use in dehumidifying those garments open-air because the garments will get wet again when it rains.
The form of rain might still be water. However, the acid content in it can damage the fabric. An acid can ruin them because it is capable of weakening cellulose fibers.

That is why you need to wash all those garments again if they get wet from the rain when dehumidified in the open air.
Apart from cloudy weather and rainy days, you also need to avoid dehumidifying the garments open-air when winter comes.

The weather could make your garments freeze, and it would be more difficult to melt than dry. 

It would consume all your time and your energy. 

So, in case you are wondering about whether it is better to dry garments indoors or outdoors, in those weathers, you need to keep all the garments instead. 

It is safer, more effective, and more convenient for you. Sunny weather is definitely the best condition for drying garments outside. Apart from that, you should avoid it.

2. Time Is Not on Your Side

Another reason you shouldn't dry your garments open-air is that it is hard to keep up with the time, especially because the weather is unpredictable. 

You usually need 2-6 hours for garments to dehumidify completely. And you must always keep alert because the weather can change easily.
Also, make sure to never dry your garments open-air at night. The reason why we should not dry garments at night is because the humidity level increases drastically at that time. 

However, the higher the humidity level, the higher the possibility of bacteria and fungi growing there.
So, before dehumidifying garments open-air, ensure the weather is good, done in the morning, and the time is enough to watch it before the weather changes.

3. Vulnerable to Air Pollution 

Clean air is an expensive thing in today's society. This is because smoke, dust, and dirt are almost always mixed into the air. For urban people, air pollution becomes a daily occurrence. 

So do rural residents who are no longer immune to air pollution that disrupts our lives. 

That is exactly why you shouldn't dry your garments open-air: You need to fight all that air pollution to keep your garments clean and not get dirty again. 

This is one of the disadvantages of natural air drying because all those natural air particles will be mixed with the garments.

4. Vulnerable to Strange and Strong Odor

Aside from pollution, your garments will also be vulnerable to strange and strong odors. 

That is why you should not dry the garments open-air; you clearly did not want your laundry to end up smelly.

Avoid dehumidifying garments too close to farms, restaurants, trash cans, and other odor-causing things. 

This is because these odor particles are very likely to stick to your garments. 

It is no different from when you eat barbecue, where the smell of smoke is transferred to your shirt with the help of air.
So, is drying garments outside better than a dryer? 

The situation and conditions are likely different from this.
You can only dehumidify garments open-air when you are sure that the air around your home is fresh, does not have pollution, and is not too close to the source of smells

5. Not Safe from Ultraviolet Radiation 

Do you know the reason why you need to dry garments from the inside out, especially if you dehumidify it open-air your home? 

It turns out this is because of the existence of ultraviolet radiation. 

The ultraviolet radiation could damage fabric bonds on garments and encourage color fading.

That is why if you had no choice but to dehumidify garments by sun-drying, you should do it inside out. In this way, you could prevent the colors from fading as it goes by. You can probably use them longer.

6. Not Safe from Animals

Is it safe to dry your garments outside? Aside from being safe from ultraviolet radiation, your garments are probably not safe from animals. 

You cannot easily control animals, and it is very hard to predict them. Especially in case they are living around you. 
You just had a good day, and a dog chewed your garment. You just had a peaceful day, and a bird threw their feces on your garment. 
So, all of that can happen in case you dehumidify garments in the open air. 

It can ruin your day because you have to rewash them.

7. Needing Manual Labor

Being a human is funny because you can feel energized to do all the chores at home, including doing laundry, on one day and suddenly feel lazy on the other day. 

This is probably one of the reasons why people invent things, including tumble dryers, to facilitate their laziness.
When using this machine, you only need a little manual labor. 

Usually, you just add water, garments, detergents, softeners, etc., to the tube. After that, you can leave them to do their job: wash and dehumidify. 

Then, you can remove the water and tidy the dried garments.
However, when you dehumidify garments open-air by using sunlight, you need to do more manual labor. 

You are also required to take semi-wet garments open-air, which are definitely heavier than the dried ones. After that, you need to squeeze them, hang them on the clothesline one by one, etc.

8. Take Too Much Space 

If you have a small home with a limited yard or live in an apartment, space will be your worst enemy. 

You will find it difficult to put large items there, including a clothesline or portable drying rack. 

So, open-air dehumidifying garments is definitely not the best option.

So, what are the negative effects of dry air? 

One of the reasons is you probably will not have a space for anything else. All corners of your yard might be full of garments.

9. Annoy Your Neighbor's 

In odd times, when the laundry is too much, there is a possibility that you also take up space in your neighbor's yard.

This clearly will not make them pleased. 

So, if you don't want to annoy your neighbors and make them mad, avoid dehumidifying garments open-air in this kind of situation. 

Because there are too many cases like that, people have started to ban dehumidifying garments in the open air for some time. In the USA alone, there are restrictions in about 20 States. 

For example, Hawaii, Florida, Arizona, and Nevada.

The residents usually set their own rules about clotheslines.
However, if you are wondering whether it is illegal to dry garments outside, the answer is no. 

In general, no law forbids people to sun-dry garments. But you still need to double-check the rules around your local area regarding it.

9. Ruin The Home Aesthetic 

If you care about your home aesthetic, then you probably need to avoid dehumidifying those garments in the open air. 

In fact, this is one of the reasons why some areas ban dehumidifying garments open-air, even at home. 

For example, Hawaii has this rule because the garments will ruin the town's aesthetic.

Another reason is that modern people need a modern solution. 

So, using a clothesline open-air will feel too outdated for younger generations. 

Especially with technology that has been advancing since one or two centuries ago, including tumble dry and digital dry rack.

10. Make The Value of Your Home Decreasing 

Dehumidifying your garments in a traditional way will make people assume that you are not keeping up with technology.

This is in contrast with the concept of smart living that most people in the world adopt. 

The absence of technology will definitely decrease the value of your home. 

Unfortunately, this will not only affect you but also people around you. That is why the residents in Florida, Arizona, and Nevada ban people from open-air dehumidifying garments because the area's property value will decrease.
This needs to be avoided, especially if you plan to move house. 

In order to keep the rates or even increase them, you could use more advanced technology, for example, by using a digital drying rack.


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Is It Okay to Dehumidify Garments on the Inner Side of Home?

After knowing that there are many cons of dehumidifying garments open-air, you might want to know whether it is okay to air dry garments inside. 

This method is generally better because you don't have to deal with weather, air pollution, odors, animals, and neighbors. It is more peaceful overall.
However, dehumidifying the inner side of the home is not always good. 

So, in case you are wondering about, is it bad to air-dry wet garments? 

Then the answer is also yes. Under the wrong circumstances, your garments will not dehumidify completely. It will cause them to emit a musty smell and become a hotbed of fungi and bacteria.
But, you do not have to worry because some things could prevent all of that from happening to your garments. 

So, here are the right circumstances to dehumidify garments on the inner side of your home!

1. Dehumidify It First by Using a Tumble Dryer 

All your garments smell musty and could grow mold and bacteria because they are too humid inside. 

That is why you must use a tumble dryer to dehumidify the garments first. 

This machine can remove all the water essence and make it less wet. After that, move them to a drying rack.

2. Heat-Dry The Garments by Using Digital Drying Rack 

However, in case you want a more effective and efficient way to dehumidify your garments without all those cons, you can choose a digital drying rack

This product has a heat-dry feature, so your garments will not smell musty and kill all the bacteria. 

The garments will obviously be smooth, too. 

You don't need to worry too much about this because the average capacity of these innovative racks is quite large.

Besides, a digital drying rack is easy to use, economical, needs less space, and provides fast drying technology, making clothes smell fresher and free of bacteria. 

Using the digital drying rack will also shorten the drying duration, and you don't need to worry about wasting electricity, space, or health problems.

You could also avoid the reason not to dry clothes outside with a digital drying rack because you can use them instead.


So, what are you waiting for? 

Immediately visit Hoz to check out the best digital drying rack products that can make your life easier!





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